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well as you all read the ticket checker was in my cabin in the train

He was in his mid forties i guess and 5ft9 with a beer belly and chubby all over.

he was stared at me for a cpl of minutes and then removed his coat, shirt, pants and boxers. He had his back to me i couldnt get a view of his cock. he wore his pyjamas. I had meanwhile turned to face away from him and said "Bhanu did you lock the door?" and he replied "it is not Bhanu it is me Ramesh Sharma and I have locked the door !!". He had a gruffy voice.

I pretending to be shocked got up sat on the seat with my legs pulled up and pulled the bed sheet over me to hide my dress and said " Oh my god I am so sorry. Let me change back to normal. If you dont could you wait outside for a cpl of mins?" HE replied ' no problem dear I have already seen you and you look nice'
I said ' Thanks!! so you dont mind if i sl**p dressed as a girl? ' ( am fully passable) Sure he replied

He then asked me "were you expecting Bhanu the attendant to come ? ' I couldnt answer him and I guess he understood that me nd Bhanu had something going on. I said ' I told him he can sl**p here rather in the cramped bed space he has near exit if no one else come here' . I could see was not so convinced. He told he wanted to smoke before calling it a night and I blurted out mind if I come with you too. He said Ok and also offered to check if the exit area was clear. He checked and as it was clear he asked me to come. I wrapped the sheet around my self and got up. HE said ' no need for the sheet there is no one out there and beside you look pretty good in your nighty'( thats exactly what he said though he did in HINDI) So there I was in my D cup padded bra panty and hose and wearing the see through nighty on top. We went to the exit and lit up our smokes and then came THE question 'why you dress like this?' and i said ' it makes feel more comfortable in this kind of dress and i like wearing it'. HE said he had a similar passenger a few months back but that guy stayed in his cabin and didnt do anything else. I asked what he meant by didnt do anything else. and he said he wasnt as good looking as me but just dressed up and when he went to sl**p in that cabin he just changed to normal dress.
I said' If you are OK with me dressed liek this then I have no problem if you sl**p in my cabin. We just have to sl**p nothing else !! ' . He said " yes but i couldnt sl**p with someone so sexy near me" i said ' so what willl you do '

He then asked me " do you only dress up for self pleasure or do you IT also? " Now it was my turn to play with him " what you mean if i do IT?" he lit another one and said " You like to sex with other guys?" well now i knew he wanted to fuck me so i said yes i do occasionaly. now i lit up aother one and he asked ' wanna do with me - there is no other stop till early morning ?" "Hmmmm let see what you got" i asked. He dropped his pyjamas to his knees and out popped a semi hard shaved thick one. He held my hand and put it on his tool. It was hot and i got a tingling in my panty as well. I rubbed him a bit and he was getting harder he put his hand on my tities and rubed them ove the nighty. I rubbed him a bit more and got down on my knees and put his meat in my lips. He nearly lost his balance i sucked him for a couple of mins and i was sooo horny i told him am gonna have another smoke and then we go back to the cabin. I lit one up and till i fished his hands were all over me, on my tits. feeling my bums and he rubbed my dick .

We went to the cabin and Ramesh didnt waste a second. He locked the door and got fully naked and now he was hard. He held me from behind and again his hands were all over me he was kissing my neck and back. He sliiped the nighty off my shoulders and slid my panty down. I gave him a rubber and he put it on. I rubbed his dick for a minute and then because of his belly he couldnt get on top of me so i put one leg on the berth and bent over. He fingered my a bit and then positioned his tool on the entrance. Then he pushed hardddd . His dick was pretty thick and again i had to hold it and he pushed again and only the tip went in and i gasped. He was thick, he realised and held there till i wiggled my ass for him to proceed further. Now he pushed slowly in half strokes till he was fully in. " ohhh my god you are sooo tight " he said and started doing full strokes. He was pumping in a rhythm and i was enjoying every stroke of his thick cock. He kept pumping with my one leg on the berth for 5 minutes. The n he lay on the berth and asked me ride him reverse cowgirl. I got on top and took the meat in my hole and pumped. I was so lost i was just jumping up and down on his dick.

He then asked me to get up and turned me doggy to face the cabin window and came behind me. He then put in one/two then three fingers in my hole and pumped wildly with his hand for a minute.

The train was slowing down and i asked is it going to stop at some station he checked his watch and said "NO it is not a stop just slowing down to pass the station on the platform side i guess." I got up to close the curtains and he pulled me back saying " No one will see us , it aint stopping here it will keep moving" so i got in doggy position and he entered my hole in one stroke. The train slowed as it neared the platform which as luck would have it was on the window side which i was facing . I wanted to close curtains again but he held both my hands behind me and started pumping my ass.

As the train moved across along the platform i saw there werent many people there at the late hour. But a cpl of guys just standing there saw us ( the light was ON inside) and one of them motioned towards our window. The train was moving pretty slow and those guys started walking along our window. The TC was pumping me from behind and told him there are guys outside watching and walking along. He said let them be they cant come in and the train ainty stopping.

I just looked at the guys and smiled they must have seen my hard on dangling between my legs and the TC pumping me from behind. One them thumped the window twice. But the TC was humping me with his eyes closed. My tits were bouncing and he had my arms behind me. Finally teh train picked up speed and i got a releif but the voyeurs made even more horny now i was moaning. The fat TC had been pumping me for over 10 mins now and i was ready to cumm.

He finally pulled out and laid me on my back with my legs up in the air and he pumped fast.
he pumped with my legs in the air and me moaning and then he pulled out and removed the rubber and sprayed his load all over my belly.

I couldnt move for a cpl of mins he had pumped me numb. Then i got up and used the towel to clean up. HE also cleaned up and put on his pyjamas adn motioned for a smoke. I definitely needed one now. We both went out ( me in only padded ttites ) and smoked and came back.

HE said ' I havent enjoyed so much in a lonngg time '
Let sl**p now- i said .

we both lay on our berths and dozed off.

My desination was at about 10 AM so i set the alarm and dozed off.

Next morning I was woken by Bhanu at 7 AM and saw the TC wasnt there.

Bhanu was smiling cheekily and i asked whyhe was smiling


That my friends is the last part of the journey ( but not the trip)

PART III after your comments

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