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Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience. MMMplus, bbk

Fraisethorpe Beach Experience.

MMM, true, bbk, oral, sloppy seconds, group, outdoors.

John Kavanagh is happy to share this account with you and is happy for you to
pass it on to any friends who might appreciate the events described, all as
they occurred and if down on the beach would be happy to meet with you to
replicate the pleasures experienced. Please however note that the area where
open sexual activity occurs, both bi and hetero, is distinct from the main
naturist beach and any overt sexual display on the main beach is both a real
discourtesy to those visiting for non-sexual naturist enjoyment and a source
of ammunition (and real offence) to the non-naturist beach users who are on
the look out for reasons to prohibit naturist use on this beach.

Fraisthorpe beach was once designated as an official nude beach by the local
Council, a status long rescinded but as it has been used for naturist use sine
before the Second World War the local police are happy for continued sensible
use to continue. It is situated some five muiles south of Bridlington in the
East riring of Yorkshire, on the Hull road, clarly signed: "Fraisthorpe Beach
only" a narrow single track metalled road that leads to the car park (payment
- circa £2.50 per day with lavatories) at Auburn Farm.

Altarnatively park free at the Barmston caravan site car park and walk around
half a mile north. Some people chose to park on the back lane parralell to the
main road and walk down thw farm track but this does leave ones car isolated
and at possible risk.

The main area for social nude beach use is some 400 metres south of the Auburn
Farm car park, while the area used for sexuasl enjoyment is another four hundred metres further south where the cliff declines to a about one metre and the small stream exits. Go inland on the north bank of the stream and well back from sight by users of the coastal footpath and no offence is likely to be caused.Discretion as always ion any public place is required.


my sense of anticipatioon grew with every step that I took along the beach,
the tide was going out making walking easy on the hard, wet sand, the sun was
shining and the view northwards towards Bridlington, the tall tower of the ugly
block of flats overlooking the harbour actually looking quite good in the oddly
unseasonal September sunshine. The beach streched ahead s**ttered with occasional dog walkers and a few riders, they and their a****ls equally enjoying the warmth
of the day.

I had parked the car at the cat park adjoining the caravan park at Barmston
Village - free, safe and if a little further to walk up to the section of the
beach traditionally used by naturists, that was no hardship on a lovely day
such as this one, a real bonus for mid September. It had the further advantage
of taking one straight to the Southern end of the nude area, avoiding passing
through the busier area with the inevitable socialising and requests to join
my long term friends in the naturist community, whose company though I greatly
enjoyed; my intention today being to combine my social nudity with a more carnal dimension and I had no great desire to publicise this by so obviously heading
on towards the area well known as the discreet area favoured by my like minded

As the looming cliffs gave way to the flat area either side of Danes Dyke, the
small beck where traditionally the place for such and as such for many decades;
I caught a glimpse of a few individuals either standing or walking in the long
grass and occasional bushes of the northern bank of that small stream and I knew that the warm weather had been a similar impetus to others to seek out similar outdoor pleasures: sexual activity was rightly taboo on the main beach but here
was discreetly understood to be a normal expectation and I could feel my penis
burdegning already as I jumped the small flow of the Earls Dyke stream joining
the sea and scrambled up the small cliff and headed inland. Already in neatly
defined circles of trampled grass, offering shelter from any wind, though none
today and prying eyes from the public footpath along the cliff top, there were a s**ttering of naked bodies, mostly quietly reading but one individual proudly
displaying an impressive erection but avoiding any eye contact, clearly happy
at this stage to just show off his rigid cock. A little further inland and there were a selection of vacant flattened hollows and I gladly swung my day sack from my shoulders and staked my claim immediatly divesting myself of my polo shirt and shorts. My penis now unconstrained stiffened as I adjusted my steel cock ring, aware of the scrutiny of my neighbours; an obvious invitation and statement as to my willingness to have sex. I adjusted my beach towel and settled in with my book and various beach impedementia - one had to keep up a semblance of "normal" beach ettiquette and stepped out into the edge of the tilled field, already showing the early growth of winter wheat but by so standing, giving a greater audiance to my now firm prick protruding in unmistakable inviatation from my belly.

I was ready or almost - I remembered my little blue tablet and deftly swallowed it, this in all probability was going to be a long afternoon and I had high hopes of needing every bit of help that I could get!

Settling myself, I immediatly commenced a gentle stroking of my penis sending out a clear signal of interest. I had learned long ago that there was no point being coy or in any way subtle in this situation if I wanted to make contact with some likeminded person or persons. So far no real or obvious interest so it was back to my novel, the strocking of my prick continuing should anyone approach. Just as well, as within minutes a middle aged man, totally nude but clutching his shorts passed and looked fixedky at my now rigid prick. Barely half a minute later he returned andwithout a word dropped to his knees between my legs and leant forward to envelop my cock in his mouth. This was more like it and especially so as he sucked very well. I groaned my appreciation and settled back closing my eyes, the combination of his busy mouth and the warmth of the sun on my naked body transporting me to a state of near ecstacy. After a short while I opened my eyes and was further delighted to see that two other guys had joined us, both totally naked and erect, both appreciatively wanking as they watched, moving forward as I nodded for them to join us. This was indeed proving to be a good start: only on the beach a few minutes and already three new cocks!

Tne younger man, a guy in his early twenties or so positioned himself to my right side,kneeling so that I could reach out and wank his cock, his foreskin easing back and forth revealing the glistening purple head and the occasional globule of pre-cum as my hand flicked gently up and down the hard stem. Meanwhile the first man was still sucking my prick but had now started to insinuate a finger into my anus, I lifted my pelvis to oblige his entry and opened my legs further in invitation. There was a brief pause and I returned to concentrate upon the rampant cock in my right hand pulling it closer having an urge to lick the clear liquid liberally leaking now from the hole.

The young man obliged and as I extended my tongue pushed forward into my mouth and there was the lovely sensation of his hard eight inches filling my mouth and the subtle but unmistakable taste of a man's pre-ejaculate. I sucked greedily and noticed that the man betwen my legs was smearing a slick lube upon my anal opening. Without any preamble the round end of his bell end was centred upon my anal sphincter muscle and with a single firm thrust he was straight inside my rectum. The lack of any preparation was a surprise and as he pushed inside the clenched muscle of my anus my involuntary gasp of discomfort was soon replaced by gasps of pleasure as the muscles relaxed to the familiar rythmn of a mans cock thrusting inside me and sucking greedily upon the young man's cock I settled to the familiar delight of being impaled at both ends of my body, sucking to each thrust into my belly.

I could hardly believe my luck: literally on the beach a matter of minutes and here I was sucking a beautiful cock while being fucked energetically by a cock which if not of the largest was both doing a good job of giving pleasure and should this pattern continue, opening me up for any other cocks thay might come my way.

The prick in my rectum was now thrusting in to its full length and had steadied its pace to an easy steady motion that just tipped the centre of my prostate, always a source of deep felt pleasure and combined with the hot sun on my torso I wondered if this could get any better: it did as the third man leant over and took my own hard cock in his mouth and left me swooning with pleasure but then facing a further and urgent problem: this ecstatic combination was almost proving too good and I had no desire to give in to the building orgasm that I could feel blossoming at the centre of my pelvis - my inability to recover quickly after coming was a handicap to more enjoyment for a significant time and I wanted to prolong these experiences for much longer.

Avoiding an early orgasm was a well practised art on my part but one frought with unexpected complications resultant from my having to concentrate upon distracting thoughts that could lead my partners in such contacts to wonder iof I was now not enjoying the experience. I need not have worried as the man fucking me at least was still preoccupied in thrusting his cock in my belly and evidently enjoyiong that act as shown by his commencing a hard, deep thrusting motion accompanied by a series of groans as he emptied his balls inside my rectum. The knowledge of recieving a mans hot spunk was one I relished and again my powers of concentratiopn were tested as he collapsed over my prone form ensuring that the last of his semen was safely lodged in my body.

"Thanks for that" was his appreciative comment as he wiped his cock clear of the odd dribble of cum that dangled from his softening penis. "Well back to the wife to see how she is, I cant leave her too long or she will start to get suspicious - 'bye and have fun".

A snigger from the man who had been sucking my cock and he stood. Instead of his also departing to a possible waiting spouse he moved betwen my legs to the spot vacated by our departed companioon.

"My turn now I think" and again the unceremonious lining up of another erect penis at the recently filled hole of my anus. Again a quick thrust and he was sheathed inside me, this time much more comfortably despite his cock being considerably larger, my anus now copiously lubricated with the previos man's sperm and my anal sphincter muscle equally well streched by his cock.

"Ah yes, a lovely spunky hole - hot fresh spunk is the best lube I always say" was his only remark as he too thrust deep within my rectum a few times to dissapointingly erupt to orgasm, his semen joining that of his predecessor. An abrupt withdrawal of his cock from my sphinbcter, a muttered "thanks", the only other words that he had uttered in the entire encoiunter and he too was gone.

Well it had been nice while it lasted but at least I still had the young guys cock to suck, though with the departure of the others the spell was clearly broken and he too withdrew his cock from my mouth and scrambled to his feet.

"I have to make this last" he smiled, adding "but maybe we can get together later on" and gathering his things he too departed leaving me in a state of dazed wonderment.

I looked at my watch and realised that I had only been on the beach for half an hour and in that time had enjoyed one of the best sex sessions of the summer so far. Relaxing on my towel I felt the gurgle of two copious spendings of semen in my rectum and clenched together my anal muscles to rtetain every last drop determined to ensure that there would be more deposited there before the afternoon was out and that I would similarly empty my balls in a similar place when the time was right.

In the meantime I lay back, luxuriating in the hot sun on my naked body and delighting in the variaty of the joys of the nude lifestyle.

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