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Just another Walk in the Park

By SaraOz

As far as dogging goes, well, I have been doing that since before I knew what it was called. What I enjoy about it so much is just being free to have sex outdoors with others who want the same, plus no hang up about what we are all in the park for, etc. I have done it a lot over the years now, and most of the time it has been just great. But, like all things, sometimes things don't go as planned, but well, that is just how life is sometimes hey, but on the whole, it has always been great fun for me and the others I have been with...but I think all guys would say they loved it, lol.

Now, if you love younger girls, you will not be too shocked to know one of my favorite times was when I was a school girl. I had been doing it for a while on the way home from school, and on weekends and some nights, etc. But this time it was summer and the night was hot. I was horny (as always) and wanted to get out of the house and maybe find some fun. So I had a shower to cool off some, put on a little summer dress (it was yellow with straps over my shoulders that you tie up), so I would not be too hot when I went for my walk in the park. I did have panties on; again, I think they were light yellow/lemon. So I went off on my walk and it was nice in the night air. In no time, I was at the edge of the park and I could see the car park had some cars and a few people walking around, etc. But I also saw a group of people having a BBQ at the BBQ tables, so I did not like that. But then, I just walked go over to the other side of the park; it was more fun over there anyway.

I walked along the path until I got to the fork and then I went off onto the dirt track to go over to the fun side of the park where I could go dogging. I knew I would not run into a bunch of friends having a BBQ, etc. As I walked, I did see a few guys around, but not too many. Then, as I came out of the dirt track and into the other smaller car park, I could see a few cars and one car had 2 boys standing around it talking. I just walked by them, and over to the seats and sat down. I wanted to see if they were just hanging around talking boy stuff, or if they were here to have some fun.

Both boys looked to be about 18-19, and both looked nice from what I could see. One was a bit taller than the other. As I sat, I could see them looking over at me more than a few times. Just as I thought one was going to come over, a guy came out of the bushes behind me and said hi and sat down. I had seen him in the park before, and had done some stuff with him (sucking him and another guy off), so he asked about my day and just made small talk. Then, I looked down and he had his cock out. He put his hand on my leg and asked me if I wanted to go into the bushes and help him out. I looked around and, well, only the two boys were close by, so why not put on a show for them? It may just get them to come over and have some fun with me too. So I told him why not just do it here? He looked around and saw the boys and then at me and said 'are you sure girl, you want them to see?' I smiled, and just went to his cock and started to kiss and then lick and suck it. He sat back and I went to work, and it was not long before his hand had pulled the tie on my dress and the front fell down and my young boobs were in the air, and the man put his hand on my boob to play with my nipple as I sucked his cock.

It did not take long before the boys saw what I was doing. They looked on as I sucked the man hard and fast. I wanted him to cum so the boys could be next. It did not take him long before he tapped my head and said 'cumming baby', and I just kept at it. He put his hand on my head when he knew I was going to take his load. As he shot his load, I took it all in my mouth and kept sucking him until he was finished. As I pulled my head up from his cock, he took the top of my dress and tied it back up for me and said 'thank you girl. That was great! I hope you enjoyed it.' I smiled and said 'thank you sir' (guys love it when I say that to them).

So I sat on the seat and looked over at the boys, and then one of them opened the car door and I was thinking they had seen what they wanted and were going to leave. But instead, he got in the car and left the door open and I could only just see. It looked like he put his hand into his pants and took out his cock and started to play with it. The other boy went around to the other side of the car and got in. I could not see him but I think he did the same thing. So I got up and walked over that way and the boys did not move or close the door. I was thinking they may have been two gay boys. But as I got closer, the one I could see best smiled and turned on the inside light to show me him and his mate was playing with their cocks, so I went over to the door and watched.

I then put my hand in and touched the boy's cock. It was hard and wet from pre cum. I looked over and the other boy's cock was about the same. So I leaned into the car and touched the other boy's cock too. As I did, the first boy touched my boob. When I did not stop him, he worked my small tit some more. I moved back to the first boy's cock, and this time I bent down and took it in my mouth and started to suck him. As I was working on his cock, his hand undid my dress straps so he could move my dress down to free both my firm young breasts.

As I was sucking on his hard cock, and his hand was playing with my boobs, the other boy took my hand to work on his cock. I went from the first boy's cock to the other boy's cock and sucked him, with the first boy now moving his hand to my ass and squeezing it, as I sucked his mate's hard cock. So for the next 10 or more minutes I worked between the two hard young cocks with them running their hands all over my body. As I was sucking on the second boy, the first boy moved outside and stood behind me. He lifted my dress up and pulled my panties down. As I kept sucking his mate, he put the tip of his cock against my pussy and then pushed his hard cock in. He started to fuck my tight pussy hard, and I kept trying to suck his mate's cock, but the first boy was fucking me harder and harder. I had to move off the second boy's cock as I could not keep his cock in my mouth, because the first boy was fucking me so hard.

By this time I had been moved further into the car, so I had my knees on the seat and my hands on the other seat. The first boy was still fucking my pussy, and the other boy was standing outside of the car. He just started to fuck my mouth, and with one in each hole, mouth and pussy, and both the boys moving together it was working fine, and I was getting filled with meat front and back. Then the second boy said he wanted some of my little pussy so the boys switched places. So, as the second boy fucked my pussy while the first boy fucked my face, it did not take long until they both came in my mouth and pussy.

So after I got out of the car, I only had my dress around my belly with my boobs and pussy on display. That is when I saw that two other boys had been watching me getting fucked by the boys from the car. I looked for my panties but I could not see them. The boys said they needed to go, and I had tied my dress but still could not find my panties. As the boys drove off I saw one of them hold my panties out the window and yell something like 'thanks for the panties, girl'....

After the boys left with my panties, one of the other boys that had been watching me also drove off. The other boy (about 22yo) was looking at me, and then walked over with his cock out. When he got to me he said 'can you take one more load little girl?' I smiled at him and got to my knees. I started sucking his cock, as he put his hands on my head and then started to fuck my face. It did not take long before I was gagging, and he was shooting his big load into my mouth. Then, he pulled back and shot 3 big spurts onto my face, and then rubbed it all over my face with his cock....
He looked down and said 'you are a sexy little slut, aren't you, little girl?'...with that I just smiled at him as he put his cock away and just walked off with me still on my knees. I got up and was walking off and thinking it had been a great night in the park with guys all feeding me so much cum...But I had lost my panties again. Lucky it was not a favorite pair, and it was not the first time I had come back from the park without any panties on. So I walked back through the park thinking, as I walked past the BBQ area, if those people knew what happened on the other side of the park. And if so, if they knew the little girl walking past them was not wearing any panties, and had dry cum on her face...

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