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My name is Jason and I am 15 years old.

I don't know what's gotten into my mom lately, but she's been acting really
strange. Though I suppose she's always been a bit eccentric. She and my
father got divorced when I was 6. My father's still around, but I don't see
him that often. He's the type of father who forgets his son's birthday and
then buys him a big expensive gift a week too late, thinking it'll make up
for it. I'm used to it now so it doesn't bother me too much, but I can't
tell you how many birthday parties ended in tears because he never showed

Maybe it's because my dad was neglectful that me and my mom became so close
emotionally. Or maybe that's just the type of person she is. When I was
little, especially those first few years after the divorce, whenever my dad
found some new way to disappoint me and make me cry, mom would let me sl**p
in her bed and she'd hold me in her arms comforting me and whispering that
she loved me as I cried myself to sl**p.

I loved being in my mom's bed at night. She always slept in the nude and it
didn't seem to bother her to have me close to her naked body under the
covers. See, that's part of what I was talking about when I said she's a
bit of an eccentric. She was never shy about her body or about sex. Seeing
her naked was nothing unusual for me and normally there was no shame
between us. But whenever she let me get in bed with her, I think I was
vaguely aware that there was something forbidden very close to me. As I got
older, around 9 or 10, the thought of it sometimes made me hard, and then I
would get really nervous about her accidentally brushing against my penis
and noticing my erection. She never did notice, as far as I know.

She did catch me with an erection one time, but it didn't happen in her
bed. Since I was never circumcised, when I was very young my mother would
check once in a while to make sure that my foreskin was retracting
properly. She would either pull back the foreskin herself or ask me to do
it and show her. I never thought there was anything sexual about it and I
don't think she did either. But one time when I was 10, I was taking a bath
and for whatever reason my penis got hard. (This had started happening
quite often around that age.) I was just trying to ignore it and waiting
for it to go down again (I hadn't quite figured out how to masturbate yet,
though I did often play with my penis at night), when suddenly my mother
came in the bathroom. Of course, I didn't want her to see my erection, so I
was covering it with my hands. When she said she hadn't checked my foreskin
in a long time and asked me to show it to her, I almost died. I didn't want
to show her while I was hard, but I also didn't want her to know I was
hard, so I was trying to come up with an excuse to delay it. Unfortunately,
nothing came to mind, so I just kept saying I would show her later. Of
course, she thought I was being silly and f***ed me to remove my hands.

When she saw my little dick sticking up, she immediately understood why I
didn't want to show her. And here's where my mom's eccentric side kicked
in. Some mothers might have been embarrassed to see their young son in such
a state and left the bathroom. Others might have tried to make sure they
understood that there was nothing wrong with it and they shouldn't be
embarrassed. But my mom just laughed and started teasing me. It wasn't mean
spirited at all and after a while I couldn't help but laugh a little,
too. But I was still mortified by it. Especially when she insisted that I
let her pull the foreskin back in spite of the state I was in.

At that age, my foreskin was still very tight when my penis was erect, so
as my mother started pulling on it, it wouldn't go all the way back. I told
her I usually didn't have this problem when it was soft and she said that I
had to keep pulling on it gently whenever it got hard and that eventually
it would loosen up. She showed me how to do it, pulling the foreskin back
as far as it would go, then moving it back up and starting over. She did
this a few times, and the stroking felt really good.

I don't know how sexual this moment was for her, but I think she was
definitely fascinated by my little erection. She kept saying how cute it
was. Although she never touched it again after that, she would sometimes
jokingly tease me about it.

As I said, my mother was never shy about sex. She talked about it very
openly and part of what made her eccentric in that regard is that she
wasn't at all ashamed to admit that she found young males attractive, even
teenagers and p*****ns. She probably didn't speak openly about it with
everyone, but I remember overhearing her making comments to some of her
friends that were pretty revealing. It's hard to explain, but somehow she
managed to put it in a way that didn't sound totally perverted or creepy,
like she was just admiring the boys' beauty and youthfulness, without
sounding like she wanted to m***** them.

By the time I reached my early teens, it was starting to become clear to me
that I was either gay or bi, because I was also becoming increasingly
attracted to boys around my age. As open as my mother was about it, I still
kept most of my feelings about sex to myself, but eventually I did open up
to her and we had a frank conversation about my budding homosexual
desires. That was last year when I was 14.

And now, after that rather long preamble, we get to the interesting part of
the story, which is the change I've noticed in my mother's behaviour that
I've alluded to at the beginning. When my mom found out I was attracted to
guys, she was thrilled about it. I know that's not the kind of reaction
you'd expect from a mother, but it was like she saw it as something we
shared. From that point on, she became even more open about her attraction
to young guys. She would often ask about my friends or classmates, curious
to know which ones I found attractive and what I'd like to do with
them. Sometimes I got the impression that she was even more turned on by
them than I was.

I turned 15 a few months ago, and while I'm mostly focused on guys my own
age, my mother's interest seems to keep moving toward younger and younger
boys. She keeps pointing out boys that she thinks are sexy, either on TV or
in magazines or sometimes around us in real life. A lot of them look like
they haven't even reached puberty yet.

At first I was weirded out when she pointed out boys I thought were way too
young for me. When I told her they were too young, she'd look disappointed
and drop it. But lately, she's had her eye on Tim, a cute 11-year-old boy
who lives across the street from us. Mom and Tim's mother are not super
close friends or anything, but they know each other well enough that
they'll sometimes have tea together or whatever, and sometimes Tim comes
along with his mother. He and I get along fine, although the age difference
means we don't have much in common in terms of interests. When he comes
over with his mom, we usually just end up playing video games or watching

It was only a few months ago that Mom started mentioning how sexy little
Tim has gotten. At first, I just rolled my eyes and though, "Here we go
again." But after that, I couldn't help but notice how strikingly handsome
his features were. He's got dark hair but bright blue eyes, a rare
combination that gives him an intense look. I had to admit he was good
looking, though I still thought of him as too young for me. But Mom kept
insisting. She said I should spend more time with him and invite him over
for a sl**pover, which I thought was ridiculous.

"You don't understand, Mom," I told her. "Fifteen-year-olds and
eleven-year-olds don't really hang out together. It would be totally
inappropriate for me to invite him to a sl**pover. People would think I was
a perv or something."

"Oh, who cares what people think? I didn't raise you to be such a
conformist, did I?"

"Well, forget about what the other k**s would say, but what about his
parents? Don't you think they'd disapprove?"

"Of course they wouldn't. We've been neighbours for years."

I still wasn't convinced. She thought about it for a minute, then came up
with a plan.

"Louise and Henry's wedding anniversary is coming up," she said. "I'll tell
Louise that if they'd like to spend a romantic evening together we can take
Tim for the night. She won't have to hire a babysitter and he can spend the
night here, so you two can get to know each other better. Everybody wins!"

I wasn't sure what exactly she had in mind, but I have to admit my
curiosity was piqued.

"And what do you get out of it?" I asked.

"I just want you to be happy, honey. If you're happy, I'm happy." She
grinned a mischievous smile. "And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll accidentally
catch you two doing something you're not supposed to."

"Mom! You're unbelievable."

II. sl**pOVER

I was half excited, half horrified when I got home from school the next day
and she told me she'd gone ahead with her devious plan. Tim was coming over
after dinner to spend not just the night, but the whole weekend.

When Tim showed up we spent a few hours just hanging out the way we
normally did, playing video games and stuff like that. Mom was busy doing
house chores, but whenever she got a chance and Tim wasn't within ear shot,
she would comment about things like how cute his little butt was. I guess I
was getting into it, too, but I still didn't really believe that anything
would happen.

After we got tired of playing video games, Tim asked if we could hang out
in my room. We have a small game room where the X-box is set up, so he'd
never actually been to my room before. There wasn't really much for him to
play with there, since most of my old toys have been put away in boxes in
the attic for a while now, but he was really curious about all my stuff and
that kept him entertained for a while. When I ran out of things to show
him, there was an awkward pause. He saw my laptop and asked if we could
look at some videos on YouTube.

We both sat on my bed side by side with our backs against the wall. I had
the computer on my lap and we started looking for funny videos. He was kind
of leaning into me to get a better look at the screen and for a while I was
tempted to put my arm around him, but I didn't dare to.

Some of the videos we were looking at featured teenage girls and he would
sometimes comment on their boobs or other physical attributes he liked. Our
selection of videos became increasingly based on the sexiness of the girls
in it. I realized then he was obviously interested in sex and was probably
just as horny as I'd been at his age (and still was, of course). I didn't
even have to do anything to push the conversation in that direction - he
was more than willing to go there himself.

"Do you ever look at dirty websites?" he asked.

"You mean like porn?"


"Sometimes. What about you?"

"I looked at some with my friend Simon once when I was over at his place
for a sl**pover. I don't have my own computer so I can't really look at any
dirty sites at home or my parents would find out."

"What kind of sites did you and your friend look at?"

"There was a really good one that showed a lot of naked women. I don't know
what it was called, though."

"That sounds pretty cool."

"Yeah, it was. Do you know any good ones?"

"I know a few, yeah."

"Wanna look at them now?"


I hesitated for a moment trying to decide which site to go to. From what he
had described, it didn't sound like he and his friend had looked at any
sites showing hardcore sex, which were the ones I liked the most. I didn't
know how much he knew about sex and I didn't want to freak him out. I was
trying to remember how much I'd been exposed to at that age. Finally I
decided to go to a site that had some straight hardcore action, but nothing
extreme or too weird.

As soon as the splash page loaded, I could tell that he was impressed. When
he saw the close up pics of huge cocks penetrating pussy, he got really
quiet and just starred in awe. When he noticed that the site was
advertising videos, he asked if we could look at some of those.

"We can," I said, "but it's just going to be excerpts. You have to pay to
see the full thing."

"That's okay. I just want to see what they're like. I've never seen videos
like this.

I clicked on one of the videos and it showed a white woman giving a black
dude a blow job. Of course, the guy's dick was humongous.

"Whoa! Look at how big that guy's dick is," Tim said. "Is that, like,
normal size for an adult?"

"I don't think so," I said. "These guys in pornos always have bigger than
average dicks. That's what makes them porn stars."

"I wonder if I'll have a big one like that when I'm older. Mine's pretty
small now."

"Maybe," I said. "It's pretty hard to tell at your age. You still have a
lot of growing to do."

"My friend Simon's is bigger than mine," he said.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

He blushed and looked really embarrassed for a second, realizing that he'd
let something slip he hadn't intended to share.

"We compared them while we were looking at those sites on his computer," he
said. "We both got hard while looking at them and he wanted to see whose
was bigger. His as really thick and a little bit longer than mine, even
though he's only a few months older than me."

"Well, that doesn't mean anything," I said. "He might have just hit puberty
earlier than you did. You might catch up to him and ever get bigger than
him in a year or two."

"Really? Cool."

I noticed that he was fidgeting a lot and I even caught him rubbing himself
a few times. It was obvious that he was hard and horny. My own cock was
also hard, and I wasn't entirely sure if it was from the videos we were
watching or from just knowing that this cute boy next to me was getting
turned on. The fact that he and his friend had looked at each other's dicks
before made me think that I could probably convince him that we should do
the same. I wondered if they had done anything more than look that time. I
was about to ask when there was a knock on my door. I barely had time to
stop the video that was playing. Mom only waited a second before she opened
the door and came in to announce that it was time to start getting ready
for bed.

I must have lost track of time, because I hadn't realized how late it
was. Of course, being older, I didn't really have a set bedtime, especially
on weekends. We didn't have a guest room, so I figured Tim would be
sl**ping on the couch or something and I'd be able to stay up in my room
for a while, but then Mom said that Tim and I would be sharing my bed.

Tim didn't seem to mind at all. He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth
and I took the moment to talk to my mother alone.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" she said, but she had a devilish smile on her
face that suggested she knew exactly what I meant. "We can't have him sl**p
on the couch. It's not very comfortable."

"Well, maybe I should sl**p on the couch and he can take my bed."

"Oh, don't be silly, Jason. Your bed is big enough for the two of you. And
I'm sure it'll be fun. What were you watching on the computer when I came

"None of your business," I said with a smirk.

"Look," she said, more seriously this time, "I know I teased about catching
you guys in the act earlier, but don't worry. I'm not going to be spying on
you tonight. You have my word. You guys can do whatever you want tonight. I
won't get anywhere near your door unless the house is on fire."

"Whatever, Mom."

Tim had finished brushing his teeth, so I went into the bathroom to do the
same thing. When I came back to my room, he had changed into his PJs and
was sitting on the bed waiting for me. Mom came by again to say good night,
and then left us alone, closing the door on her way out.

"I hope you don't mind," I told Tim, "but I usually sl**p in my underwear."

"That's okay," he said. "I do too, sometimes, but mom says I should wear
pyjamas when I go on sl**povers."

"Well, you don't have to wear them if you don't want to," I said. "It gets
pretty hot under the covers, especially with two people in bed. If you want
to sl**p in your underwear, that's fine by me."

I had already started undressing, so Tim decided to do the same thing after
all. He took off his PJs and then we stood facing each each other, each
wearing a pair of briefs. His were white and mine were navy blue. Since Mom
had interrupted our porn session, both of our dicks had had time to
soften. I took a moment to admire his small body, which I hadn't seen
exposed like this before. He was pretty small for his age, which made me
think again that he was way too young for me. On the other hand, there was
a vulnerability and a frailty to his small frame that I found
appealing. And as much as I wanted to deny it, he really was a sexy little

He noticed that I was staring at him and I felt a bit embarrassed. I said
we should get to bed and went to turn off the light, though I had time to
catch a good glimpse of his cute little butt as he climbed into bed.

I got under the covers with him and we lied there side by side on our
backs, very close but not touching. We talked for a while, or rather he
talked and I listened. He was talking about stuff he did with his friends,
games they played and whatever. It wasn't really that interesting, but I
got the impression that he really liked talking to an older boy who would
listen to him, and in a way I was just enjoying the fact that he wanted to
talk to me, if that makes any sense.

Eventually we got back to the topic of his friend Simon, whom he'd
mentioned when we were looking at the porn sites earlier. I asked him what
else they'd done together aside from looking at porn and showing each other
their dicks.

"Well, we didn't really do anything else," he said, "although I really
wanted to touch his dick when he showed it to me, but I didn't say

"Why didn't you?"

"I was afraid he'd think I was weird."

"You know, he was probably thinking the same thing."

"Really? How do you know?"

"Well, watching porn will make any guy horny, and when they get horny they
usually want someone to touch their dicks."

"Oh." He paused, and then asked: "Did you get horny while we were watching
the porn earlier?"

"Sure," I said. "Didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did, too." Another pause. "I'm kind of horny again, actually."

"So am I," I said. "Does that mean you'd like me to touch your dick?"

"Yes. Only if you want to."

That was all I needed to hear. I reached over, found his crotch and
squeezed his little hard pole through his underwear. Then I slid my hand
underneath the elastic band and took it between my fingers. He lifted his
hips and pulled his underwear down to about mid-thigh to give me better

Up to this point, my only other experience with sex had been with a
classmate of mine. We'd started jerking off together once in a while after
school a year ago when we were both 14. Sometimes we did each other, but
most of the time we'd each jerk our own dicks. His was the only dick other
than my own I'd ever touched, and it was about the same size as mine.

Tim's dick felt completely different because it was so small. Wrapping my
fist around it to jerk him off didn't really work, so I had to use the tips
of my fingers and my thumb. Another difference was that my friend was
circumcised, whereas Tim (like me) was not.

I continued stroking Tim's little cock for about a minute and he never said
a word. He just lied there perfectly still, though I could hear his
breathing getting slightly heavier.

I asked if he wanted to touch mine and he said okay. I let go of his dick
and pulled my underwear off completely. I suggested he do the same and he
did. Knowing that we were now both naked and hard underneath the covers
made it more exciting.

Tim moved to his side and reached for my cock with his right hand. My cock
twitched when his small fingers found it.

"Whoa," he exclaimed. "It's huge! Feels like it's almost as big as the ones
we saw in those videos."

I chuckled. "It's not even close. It just seems huge to you because I'm
older than you."

He was stroking using his fingers and thumb, the way I'd been doing him,
but I put my hand over his and showed him how to grip it with his fist. I
let go and he continued pumping it, which felt amazing. I asked him to hold
it tighter and it felt even better!

"Can you do me at the same time?" he asked. I reached over and started
masturbating him again. After a while he said, "I wonder what it would feel
like to rub them against each other."

"Wanna try it?" I asked.


I rolled over to my side so we were facing each other. We both moved closer
until our dicks were touching, then we moved our hips around and rubbed
against each other without using our hands.

"That feels nice," he said. I agreed. I put my hand on his ass and pushed
him harder against me, while squeezing his butt cheeks at the same time. We
continued grinding into each other like this for a while. My cock was
leaking precum all over him. When he noticed, he asked why it was wet.

"It's just precum," I said. "It happens when older guys get excited."

"Is it like sperm?" he asked.

"No, this is different. Sperm only comes out when you cum. Although if we
keep rubbing each other like this, that might happen soon. I'm getting
pretty close."

"Cool. Let's keep going. I want to see what happens."

"It's gonna be pretty messy. You sure you don't mind?"

"I don't mind."

With his permission, I picked up speed and started humping into him
harder. All this grinding had pulled my foreskin back and now the raw,
sensitive head was exposed and sliding against his precum-soaked flesh. It
didn't take long for me to go over the edge.

"Here it comes," I said.

My cock exploded, shooting several warm jets of spunk in between us,
covering both our bellies. Despite my warning, the f***e and quantity of it
took him by surprise. "Oh!"

"Told you it was gonna be messy," I said after I'd caught my breath.

I pulled the covers back and turned on the bedside lamp, exposing our
nakedness to the light, then grabbed some tissues and cleaned us both
up. When I reached over to turn the lamp back off he stopped me.

"No, leave it on," he said. "I want to look at your dick some more."

He sat up to get a closer look and took my deflating dick in his hand,
moving it around and looking at it from all sides. It was funny how
fascinated he was by it.

"What do you think of it," I asked.

"I like it. It's a nice dick." He made it sound like he was an expert,
though of course this was only the second one he'd seen up close, other
than his own.

"Well, I like yours, too," I said as I started masturbating him again.

"You do?"

"Yeah. I think it's cute. And I like playing with it."

"I like when you play with it," he said. "It feels better than when I do it

"I can keep doing it until you cum if you want."


"Here, lie down again."

I continued stroking his hard little pole with my right hand while letting
my left hand caress him all over his body, from his chest and belly to his
thighs. With the lights on, I could observe his beautiful face while I
pleasured him. At first he kept his eyes open and looked at what my hand
was doing to him, then as he got into it more he closed his eyes and just
rested his head back. He looked very relaxed at first, but his expression
became more and more concentrated and he started biting his lip. Otherwise
he remained perfectly still and silent the whole time, until suddenly I
felt his whole body tense up. He breathed in sharply then let out a moan of
pleasure while his little penis spasmed in my hand, shooting blanks.

When he was done, his eyes opened and he smiled at me. Suddenly, he was
just a k** again.

"That was awesome," he said.

I turned the light off and we pulled the covers back over us and talked
some more until we both fell asl**p.


The next morning when I woke up, my cock was hard, as it is almost every
morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Tim was already awake. He jumped
out of bed, full of energy and ready to start the day, but he'd apparently
forgotten that we'd slept naked. When he realized it, he giggled and
started looking for his underwear. When he bent over to pick them up, he
gave me a perfect view of his perfect butt. My cock twitched beneath the

"Aren't you going to get up?" he asked.

"In a minute." Despite what everything that had happened the night before,
I was kind of embarrassed about my morning wood.

"Come on," he said. "You can't spend all day in bed." He pulled the covers
away and before I could make a grab for them my hard cock was exposed.

"Hey!" I said, covering myself with my hands, while he laughed at me. Then
he sat on the edge of the bed next to me. He was still in his underwear.

"Let me see it," he said.

"You just did. And you saw plenty of it last night."

"I wanna see it again."

I moved my hands away and he grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I let
him continue, enjoying the nice feelings.

Suddenly, Mom opened the door without warning.

"Boys, I'm gonna make pancakes for breakfast... Oh!"

Tim let go of my cock and leaped to his feet while I grabbed the blankets
and tried to cover myself up.

"Mom!" I yelled. "Don't you know how to knock?"

"Sorry," she said. "Do you want pancakes or not?"

"Whatever! Just close the door, please."

"Okay, okay." She closed the door and left.

I sighed, got out of bed and started to get dressed.

"Do you think she saw anything?" Tim asked.

"Of course she saw. She probably did it on purpose, too."

"What?! Oh, man. Do you think she's gonna tell my parents?"

He looked like he was about to cry.

"Hey," I said, "don't worry about it. She's not gonna tell anyone and
you're not gonna get in trouble. Trust me, I know her. She's probably
laughing about it right now."

"Really?" He sounded relieved. "Your mom is weird."

"Tell me about it! But she's also pretty cool. Not a lot of mothers would
let us do the kind of thing we did last night and not care."

"What do you mean? You think she knows about that, too?"

"No, of course not. I mean, not exactly. But I think she let us sl**p in
the same bed knowing something like that might happen."

"Why would she do that?" The panic was gone, but he now seemed genuinely

"I don't know." I sad. "I guess she's just more open about that sort of
thing than most people are. And because she knows I like boys. And because
she thinks you're cute."

"She does? Wait, what do you mean you like boys? Are you, like, gay or

"I don't know what I am. I like both girls and boys, I guess. But I think I
like boys more."

"Do you think what we did was gay?"

"I don't know." It suddenly dawned on me that I might have said too much
and that I was starting to drive him away. "Would it bother you if it was?"

"I just didn't really think of it that way, I guess."

"You shouldn't worry about that. We were just having fun, that's all. No
one's ever going to find out, and we won't do it again if it bothers you. "

"I didn't say that. I just... I don't know."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you all that. Let's just go have
breakfast. We can talk some more later if you want."

We got dressed before leaving the room. Tim put on a pair of shorts and a
T-shirt. I put on some jeans and a T-shirt.

I was thankful that Mom behaved herself during breakfast and acted as if
nothing had happened. I was afraid she would start teasing us about what
she'd seen, which I think would have really freaked Tim out. But she had
enough sense to hold back.

Tim looked uncomfortable for a while, but soon he seemed to forget all
about it and was in good spirits again. We decided not to spend the day
cooped up inside playing video games. We played some basketball and later
went for a bike ride. I was really enjoying spending time with him. Before
this weekend, I'd always felt a bit awkward around him, as though being
four years older somehow made it impossible for us to relate to each
other. But somehow all the awkwardness had vanished after our intimate
night together. Hanging out with him was easy and fun. I didn't have to
feel self-conscious around him or try to impress him. It was kind of like
having a little b*****r or just allowing myself to be a k** again. And at
the same time, I think I was starting to develop some feelings for him. He
wasn't just a cute k** from across the street. He was sweet and intelligent
and funny. And every time he smiled at me, my heart melted a little.

Our bike ride led us to a park that has a large wooded area. We followed a
trail into the woods and found a clearing where we decided to rest for a
while. We both sat in the grass and for a moment neither of us seemed to
have anything to say. Finally, I asked if he wanted to talk more about what
happened last night and this morning.

"Not really," he said with a shrug.

"If you want, I can sl**p on the couch tonight and you can have my bed to


"I just don't want to make you uncomfortable, that's all."

"I'm not uncomfortable. I was hoping we could play with our dicks again. I
mean, only if you want to."

"Of course I want to. I just didn't think you would, because of what I said
about liking boys or because of what happened with my mom."

"I don't care about that anymore."

"Good. I'm glad you feel this way."

He smiled at me and then we both fell silent again for a while. Although I
was playing it cool, I was actually overjoyed that I hadn't completely
messed up our chance to play around again. I couldn't believe how hard I'd
fallen for him so suddenly. He was so adorable. I just wanted to cuddle
with him and kiss him.

"Is it true your mom said I was cute?" he asked.

"Yeah. She says it all the time, actually."

"And you think she knew we'd be messing around if we slept in the same

I was debating how much I should tell him. I didn't want him to think my
mom was a pervert (although to be honest I kinda thought she was one), but
because I cared for him so much I wanted to be honest with him. So I
decided to tell him the truth.

"My mom knows I like boys, so she's kinda been playing the matchmaker
lately. So when she noticed what an attractive boy you are, she got it into
her head to get us together and she knew I would find you attractive
also. And to be honest, I think it kind of turns her on to think of us
doing stuff like that together."

He didn't say anything. I could see him taking it all in and processing it.

"Does that freak you out?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "I think it's kind of hot, actually."

I had not expected him to say that.

"You do?"


We both laughed.

"Do you think she, like, touches herself while thinking about us?" he

"Eww! I don't know. I don't want to know." Although I wasn't as disgusted
as I pretended to be.

"She's kind of hot, though," Tim said.

"I guess. Not as hot as you, though."

He gave me another heart-melting smile.


Back home, Mom said she was ordering pizza for dinner. She looked like she
had dolled herself up a little. She had her hair up, put on a subtle touch
of makeup and she was wearing a nice blouse that showed some cleavage. She
didn't look sleazy, but very pretty. I asked if she was going out or

"No, why?"

"Just wondering."

Tim kept staring at her boobs. I'm sure Mom noticed, too. In fact, I
realized she had probably made herself look pretty specifically for
him. While we waited for the pizza to get delivered, she kept finding
excuses to put her hands on Tim, squeezing his arm, patting his back,
messing up his hair. I'd never really seen them interact like this
before. Tim was obviously enjoying the attention. Now that he knew my
mother thought he was sexy, he was aware of the effect he was having on
her. I could tell by the way he handle himself, acting all coy, that he was
playing it up for her. And her lust for him was getting him excited.

It was all very transparent, and kind of fascinating to observe. I
should've been jealous, and yet I wasn't. I did feel on some level that I
wanted Tim to be "mine." But what was going on before my eyes felt more
like a game than some kind of threat to that. Maybe it was because both of
them were kind of winking at me while this was going on. They were both
subtly letting me know what they were doing, without realizing that the
other was doing the same thing. Instead of getting upset at either of them,
I found myself getting turned on.

By the time the pizza was delivered, there was a palpable sexual tension in
the air. Tim sat close to me on one side of the dinner table, with my
mother on the other side. Whenever I could spare the use of my left hand, I
would let it rest on Tim's thigh, then once in a while I would creep up
toward his crotch and press gently on his stiff little cock. Mom couldn't
see what I was doing, though the fact that I had my hand underneath the
table for almost the entire meal must have given her a pretty good clue.

When we were finished eating, my mother got up to clear the plates and as
soon as she had her back turned to us, Tim pulled his shorts down and
placed my hand right on his exposed dick. I was shocked that Tim would go
that far with my mother still in the kitchen with us, but I reacted quickly
and stroked his dick really fast for about five seconds, and then he pushed
my hand away and pulled his shorts back up. He looked at me and snickered
silently. My heart was racing.

"Thanks for the pizza, Mom," I said. Then to Tim, "Wanna go hang out in my
room for a while?"


As soon as I had closed the door, Tim burst out laughing and threw himself
on the bed.

"Oh, my God, that was so cool. You should've seen your face."

"I can't believe you did that," I said. "You're really horny."

"Well, you're the one who kept playing with my dick all through dinner."

He pulled down his shorts again and started jerking off. I was about to go
lend a hand when he said:

"Maybe we should let your mom catch us again."

"Well, first of all, we didn't really 'let' her catch us. She just kinda
barged in on us. And second, are you out of your mind? You looked pretty
freaked out when she caught us this morning."

"That's because I thought I was gonna get in trouble. Now that I know she
doesn't mind, it's kind of exciting." He continued stroking himself while
we talked. I was still hovering by the door, unsure where this was going.

"What do you want me to do, leave the door open?" I asked. I was only half

"Maybe just a crack," he said.

I don't know what possessed me to go along with his plan, but I did. I left
the door ajar and walked over to the bed. He had his shorts down just below
the hips and was still tugging away at his dick. I wanted full access to
his hot little body, so I grabbed his shorts and underwear and yanked them
both off. Then I pulled his t-shirt off over his head. I loved how he was
letting me undress him without saying anything. I wondered what else he
would let me do to him as I took a moment to admire his naked body.

"Are you gonna get naked too?" he asked.

"In a minute," I said.

I was very much aware of the crack I'd left in the door. I knew that if my
mother happened to walk by (and I was sure that she would sooner or later)
she'd be able to see inside the room. This morning she'd caught a glimpse
of him jerking me off. But now this was his exhibitionist fantasy and I
thought if he wants to get caught, he might as well be the one who's
exposed. Getting him completely naked made him vulnerable and keeping my
clothes on gave me a sense of power and control. He was at my mercy now,
and if my mother should walk in at any moment, he wouldn't be able to hide
from her either.

I started stroking his dick and sense him giving himself over to me
completely. His pleasure, like his nakedness, was something he had no
control over. Last night he'd remained very still, with a concentrated look
on his face while I jerked him off. But now it was different. He'd let his
guards down and his body was reacting in ways that he wasn't even aware
of. I could feel it quivering and trembling and squirming beneath my hands.

"Do you want to try something new?" I asked.


"You'll see. Just lie down and let me do the work."

I glanced back at the door and saw my mother peeping at us but didn't tell
Tim. I turned back toward him, leaned in, and took the tip of his little
cock in side my mouth, tasting boy cock for the first time. He gasped when
he felt my wet lips around it and lifted his hips slightly, pushing the
full length of his pole inside my mouth. Applying as much pressure as I
could with my lips and tongue, I started bobbing my head up and down.

"This feels amazing," he said.

I continued pleasuring him with my mouth for at least a full minute,
conscious of my mother's gaze on us the whole time. I couldn't believe that
I was sucking a boy's cock in front of my mother. There was a little voice
inside my head telling me that this was wrong. But then another, louder
voice told it to shut the fuck up. This was hot!

I let Tim's cock slide out of my mouth, trying to catch my breath. Tim
looked up at me, and then the look in his eyes told me that he'd seen my
mother behind me. He sat up quickly and covered his crotch with both
hands. I turned around and saw Mom walk inside the room.

"You boys look so cute together," she said. "I knew you'd make a great

"We're not a couple, Mom," I said. "We're just having a little bit of fun."

"Yes, I can see that."

She sat down on the bed next to Tim, who had turned beet red and was still
trying to cover himself up. Even though this had been his idea, it was hard
to tell what was going through his mind at this point. My best guess is he
was just waiting to see what would happen next, his heart racing with
nervous anticipation.

"Tim, you have such a beautiful body," Mom said. "Why are you trying to
cover it up? You don't have to be shy around me."

Hesitantly, Tim removed his hands from his crotch. His little prick was
still hard, sticking straight up and pulsing slightly. I heard my mother
exhale when she saw it.

"Can I touch it?" she asked.

Tim nodded slowly, giving her permission. I noticed her hand was trembling
as she reached out for his dick. She didn't stroke it so much as she
caressed it, as if she was petting a mythical creature she couldn't quite
believe was real. She looked overwhelm. Her gentle touch was making Tim's
cock twitch so much that for a moment I thought she had made him cum just
by brushing her fingers against him lightly. Time seemed to stand still. I
was mesmerized.

Then, without saying anything, my mother got up and started walking toward
the door. She seemed to take forever to reach it. She paused and took a
deep breath. When she turned around, she had regained her composure.

"I don't want to f***e you boys to do anything you don't want to," she
said. "But if you want, I thought maybe we could all sl**p together in my
bed tonight. You don't have to say anything now. But I'll be there waiting
if you decide to join me later."

And then she left us.


I felt like too much had happened too quickly, like my entire world had
changed and I hadn't been able to keep up with it. Who was this woman who
was inviting us to her bed? Mother the eccentric, mother the free spirit. I
had known her and loved her my whole life. But I had never seen her like
this. She was still my mother, but she had become a stranger, a mysterious,
exotic, voluptuous temptress. My head was spinning.

Overwhelmed, I lied down on the bed and waited for the chaos in my head to
settle down. Tim moved closer to me on the bed and I put my arms around him
and held him tightly. He was still naked and I was still wearing my jeans
and t-shirt. I kissed him on the head and breathed in the scent of his
hair. It was intoxicating. I realized then that I wasn't just infatuated
with him. I didn't just have a crush on him, or think he was cute, or enjoy
fooling around with him. I was in love with him. I put my hand on his chin
and gently moved his face up toward mine. We looked each other in the eyes
and my world started to make sense again. All the conflicting emotions and
desires and fears involving my mother fell into place. All that mattered
was him and this passion that existed between us. He was my anchor, the
centre of my world. I kissed him on the lips, a long, wet, passionate kiss,
our tongues intertwined.

"What do you want to do?" I asked after our lips parted.

"You decide," he said.

I let my my left hand slide down his body until it rested between his
legs. His cock was still hard. I squeezed it and pulled on it gently.

"I think we should go," I said. "But only if you want to."

"What do you think's gonna happen?"

"I don't know. I don't think even she knows. I guess that's part of what's
exciting about it."

I continued moving my hand on his dick slowly.

"Okay," he said. "Let's do it."

I gave him another quick kiss on the lips and started to get up.

"But first," he said, "you have to get naked, too. I don't want to go over
there and be the only one naked."

That seemed fair. I stood in front of the bed and took off my t-shirt. He
sat up and started undoing my jeans. I let him unzip me and pull my jeans
down to my knees, then I stepped out of them. Then he pulled my underwear
down and my hard cock bounced up. It was practically in his face. He
grabbed it and looked up at me and smiled.

"Kiss it," I said.

He started planting little kisses down the length of it on one side, then
underneath it, and finally on the other side, all the way back up to the
tip. He squeezed it with his hand and a drop of precum oozed out.

"Taste it," I said.

He pull my foreskin back, then stuck out his tongue and licked a little bit
of precum off the head.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "It's kinda salty, but it doesn't taste bad." He
gave it another lick and then tentatively put his lips around the head. I
couldn't resist. I pushed into his mouth. He pulled back a little, but not
completely. I placed my hand on the back of his head and gently encouraged
him to take as much of my cock in his mouth as he could. He got more than
half of my five inches in before he started to pull back.

"We better stop or I'm gonna cum," I said.

He stood up and I took his hand and led him to my mother's bedroom. She had
left the door open and we found her on the bed, completely naked, with her
hands between her legs, masturbating.

"Whoa!" I heard Tim say. Mom heard him too, and she opened her eyes and
smiled when she us standing in her doorway, both naked, with our hard cocks
pointed at her.

"Oh, God," she said. "I'm so glad you boys decided to come. I was going
crazy here waiting for you. Come here."

I put my hand on Tim's shoulder and urged him forward. We both climbed into
bed. Tim was in the middle, with my mother and I on either side of him. He
turned to his side, facing her, and I moved in close behind him, pressing
my hard cock against his ass. Tim reached out hesitantly for my mother, and
she took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Then she started
caressing his body, feeling his smooth and soft skin, letting her hands
explore every inch of him. I followed her lead and started doing the same
to him. Then I kissed him on the neck and shoulders while mom kissed him on
the chest, gradually making her way down to his belly. He was squirming and
responding to the overwhelming stimulation as we both worshiped his young
body. He twisted his head around, grabbed my head and pulled it toward his
face. We kissed passionately.

Mom's kisses had now reached his crotch and he turned onto his back to give
her getter access. He and I stopped kissing and we both looked down to see
her put her lips around his cock. She moaned as she started sucking
him. She looked like she was trying to swallow him whole, like she had been
hungry for boy cock her whole life and couldn't get enough of it. My own
cock, which had been pressed against Tim's ass had been freed when he'd
moved to his back. It was only inches away from my mother's face, though
she seemed unaware of it.

As I watched my mother pleasuring the boy I loved, I realized that the
i****t taboo hadn't been broken. We were sharing this boy, but we'd both
focused our attention on him and had so far been careful not to touch each
other. The proximity of my exposed hard cock to her face was thrilling. It
reminded me of those times when I was younger and in bed with her, aware of
my little erection and afraid that she would accidentally touch it. I
wasn't afraid anymore.

Then Mom stopped sucking Tim's cock and looked up at us.

"I want you to fuck me, Tim," she said.

She moved onto her back and made Tim climb on top of her. She spread her
pussy lips with one hand and took Tim's little cock in the other and rubbed
the tip of it against her clit. Then she guided him inside of her, moaning
as he penetrated her. She put both hands on his ass cheeks and held him
tightly against her, moving her pelvis and grinding her cunt against
him. Then he started humping her.

"That's it, Tim," she said between moans of pleasure. "Fuck me. Fuck me

Tim was getting more and more into it, fucking her faster and harder as he
went. His beautiful young body was glistening with sweat and he had a look
of intense concentration on his face. Mom's moaning and pleading was
getting louder. It was like watching a live porno happening right in front
of me while I stroked myself slowly, trying not to cum just yet. Mom,
however, was now reaching her climax.

"Oh, God," she cried out, "I'm cumming!" I watched as a powerful orgasm
shook her entire body for what seemed like a whole minute. Finally, she put
her arms around Tim and held him tightly against her, stopping his humping
while she recovered.

I could tell that Tim hadn't cum yet, so when he slipped out of her, I got
into a position so he could get on top of me and fuck my face. I could
taste my mother's juices on his cock as it slipped inside my mouth and that
made me even hungrier for it. He basically picked up where he had left off
and started fucking my face the way he'd been fucking my mother's cunt just
a minute ago, going as fast as he could and racing toward his own climax.

I was concentrating on applying just the right amount of pressure on his
little dick to make him feel good when I felt my mother's hand squeezing my
cock. It was the time she touched it since that time five years ago when
she'd pulled my foreskin back in the tub. She did the same thing to it now,
and then she took it in her mouth and started sucking on it. I was so
excited, I knew I wouldn't last more than a few seconds.

I heard Tim grunting. He pushed hard into my face and then I felt his
little cock start to spasm inside my mouth. Then the most powerful orgasm
of my life so far hit me and my cock exploded in my mom's mouth, gushing
jets of hot cum down her throat. She gulped it all down and continued
sucking on my cock, milking every last drop until my cock head became so
sensitive I had to push her away.

Tim had slipped out of my mouth and collapsed on top of me. For a moment
the three of us remained motionless, a tangled mess on the bed, catching
our breaths. Nobody said anything. When we were ready to move again, we all
got underneath the covers and fell asl**p snuggled up against each other.

The next morning when I woke up Mom had already left the bed. I could hear
the shower running. I looked at the beautiful boy who was still asl**p
beside me. So much had happened over a single weekend. I could hardly
remember the way things had been before, but I knew that it was all changed

Tim's eyes opened and he looked at me and smiled.

"Good morning," he said.

Yes. It was good.

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