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First Time at the Campus

This story took place almost 10 years ago, when I was at University, and it is one of my first sexual encounters. At 21 I was still under the impression that I was straight - I hadn't quite figured out that Bi was an option and that I could enjoy girls and guys. Even though I watched gay porn I guess I was still in denial about it, and I had never acted on it. Aside from fooling around with girls a few years earlier, I was your average University virgin, not getting any and very horny and frustrated because of it!

After a couple of beers in the local Student Union Bar, I was heading back to my residence and I was feeling pretty horny. It was about midnight at this point and I knew that the computer room (yes, this was a long time ago before we had internet in our rooms!) would be dead quiet. I was right, and it was completely deserted. The restrictions were taken off the 'net at 10pm so it was always quite popular for folk going in to get their porn fixes and heading back to their rooms to wank or whatever. I was googling away looking at pictures of girls, and then I wandered to some hot free gay porn - I still remember it very clearly, it was a series of photos of 2 guys in a shower, one was on his knees sucking the plump dick of the other guy. I lingered over the pictures for a few moments, and that was when I was interrupted by the Student Rep who was an older student living in the Halls of Residence to 'keep an eye' on the younger students etc. I was totally busted and couldn't turn the screen off fast enough. He told me that I'd violated the internet policy by accessing inappropriate material, and that I would be fined and there would be some sort of follow up action. Being 21 and very naive I believed this to be true and was nothing but shame-faced and apologetic. He demanded that I follow him back to his accommodation so that he could file the paper work. I sheepishly followed him.

As soon as I walked into his room, his demeanour changed and he asked me if I liked what I has been looking at. Turns out I wasn't in trouble, and I'd been lured back to his room... only, I couldn't work that out at the time! I mumbled something about being horny and wanting to see some porn. Ah, the shame of it all! Now this guy was 4 years older than me, and even at 25 he looked like he was in his 30s. Over 6ft of broad man with thick dark hair, permanent stubble, and such sexy blue eyes. I, on the other hand, was a slender 21 year old, I still didn't have much stubble and barely any other body hair - it has since filled in! I always struggled to look my age and so I felt intimidated by this Adonis.

He grabbed me a beer and suggested that we hang out and chat for a bit. Conversation was steered towards the porn I had been looking at, and he told me that he was bisexual and had much more stuff that I could look at if I wanted to. It was at this point that he touched my thigh, I nearly jumped off the sofa in fright. Once I'd calmed down a bit, he started to rub my thigh and moved his hand up to my absolutely rock hard cock that was doing its best to break out of my boxers and jeans. All the time he was looking me in the eyes, to see how I would take it. My heart was hammering, and so when he leaned in to kiss me I was in no state to protest. I deep first kiss that tasted sweetly of beer and man, and I was kissing him back suddenly. And then more passionately with tongues. Fair to say that at this point I'd have done whatever he'd asked me.

Before long he'd masterfully taken off my jumper and t-shirt and as he took his top off I was trembling with nervous anticipation on the sofa. His chest was broad and he had a sexy covering of dark hair over his pecs and stomach - and his boxer shorts were just peeking over his jeans, showing where his hair continued. Feeling a bit bolder I explained to him that I was a virgin and this was my first time with a guy, and I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Seeming to know this (I practically had a sign on my head), he slowly undid my jeans and pulled them down, and then started to tease my cock through the fabric of my boxers. I was about to blow my load and I hadn't been directly touched at this point. Sexiest moment of my life. He didn't let me come though.

As he eased off, he undid his jeans and took them off, and stood before me. He was hard in his boxers, and he took my hand and guided it over his stiff dick. I slowly rubbed it, and as I went to take his boxers down he did it for me. And there I was, inches from my first delicious stiff dick. It was a perfect size, just over 6" and with two sweet shaved balls hanging down.

He asked if I wanted to try sucking it and I couldn't say yes fast enough! Suffice to say, the porn I'd seen to this point hadn't really prepared me for giving head, but it felt so amazing as his hard cock was in my mouth. As I began to suck like an amateur he moved himself to fit in my mouth it all seemed to fall into place and I felt like something missing was finally happening. It won't have been the best cock-sucking of his life but it was like an epiphany to me! His musk was driving me crazy and I was really doing my best to please him. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of my mouth and went back to my now painfully throbbing dick.

As he took my boxers down and I laid back to relax, he guided my stiff cock to his mouth and with a slip of his tongue, I was finally getting sucked off. Within about 40 seconds I was more than ready to come and he didn't ease off. I came into his mouth, so hard and heavy and he sucked every drop. And that was that, I was no longer a complete virgin.

I won't lie, it was a bit awkward afterwards - and completely on my part. There was a fine hard dick to be sucked but my head was spinning after finally getting what I wanted. I quickly put my clothes back on and made a slightly embarrassed exit from his flat. I must have wanked over it 6 times the next day, and it really wasn't long afterwards that I was knocking on his door again, and things progressed. But that's another cock-tale.

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