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Beach Vacation 3way

My girlfriend, Sarah and I booked a vacation to a Caribbean adult only resort for a full week. We went from a Wednesday to Wednesday to take advantage of cheaper fares and room rates. We got there and went to the beach for the first time to see that the beach was clothing optional. We decided that there was no time like the present to get that all over tan. By Saturday when many new people were coming in we were looking like natives frolicking on the beach.

Needless to say we were also fucking like rabbits. Just being away from home and not having the stresses of work to worry about really loosened us up. Swimming in the ocean naked was really nice too. Looking around at all of the attractive men and women really got the juices flowing.

Sunday morning Sarah told he she had a headache. I knew it wasn't the anti-sex excuse headache. I told her to sl**p in take some medicine and see if it went away and that I would get some breakfast and head to the beach. I picked up my book, which I hadn't even opened since the plane landed, and a towel and off I went. I grabbed a chaise that was in an open area and settled down to read. I had taken my clothes off and settled in and started to read.

I must have nodded off after reading a bit and I awoke to see a stunningly beautiful woman coming out of the water. She had long black hair on her head, but none anywhere else. She started to walk up the beach and it looked like she was coming right towards me. As she got closer she veered to the side a little and settled on a chaise two away from mine. I played it cool and read my book. She dried a little and got out a book and sunglasses. But she was searching for something else.

"Excuse me?" she said to me.
I looked and her and said "Hello"
She answered hello back, got up and walked over to where I was sitting. She say on the chaise next to mine and said. "I have a small emergency. I left my sunblock in my room, which is about as far away from here as you can get and still be here."
I laughed and said "Say no more." and gave her my sunscreen. Now I could really take her in as she was busy rubbing it on her skin. She was in her late twenties, a very pretty face, she had about C cup tits with nice pink nipples. Her pussy was waxed it looked perfectly smooth and with her legs slightly spread I had a nice view of it.

We chatted as she applied the sunscreen and she told me that her name is Cheryl and that her and her husband were supposed to be here together, but that he decided to fuck a woman he worked with so she left him. She was going to cancel the vacation but a friend of hers convinced her to keep it and promised to come along, but backed out at the last minute. So now she was alone at a couple resort and really not having much fun.

I was sympathetic, but then it dawned on me that she may have thought that I was by myself. As I told her about myself I worked my girlfriend into the story and I could see her have a visible let down. I quickly told her that she could hang out with us if she wanted and that I was sure that Sarah would love some female company as she had been with me for longer than normal. I was a little worried that Sarah would be jealous of this naked beauty, but fuck it.

We both sat on the chaises for a while and soon enough Sarah came down the beach wearing a sarong around her waist and nothing else. The sarong was see through and you could see the tiny little patch of hair about her otherwise shaved pussy. She carried a little bag and was wearing sunglasses and a hat. She looked smoking hot, and decidedly not like she had a headache.

She came over and sat on the bottom of my chaise said hello and gave me a kiss. I introduced her to to Cheryl and they started chatting. Soon they were deeply into girl talk and my eyes glazed over. I decided to go for a swim and when I got back the girls were gone. My stuff was still there so I put on more sunscreen and settled back to take a nap. I woke up and and they were back. They had some food and they were eating, and offered me some. We ate and spent the day at the beach, it was really nice.

As the sunset we headed back to the rooms and Cheryl came with us. We had an ocean front suite and we just walked up the patio and into the room, we had a hot tub on our patio as well. Cheryl lamented she was in a "cheap" room and didn't even have a big bed. Sarah offered her some clothing other than the shorts and tank top she threw on and offered her to come with us to dinner. We went and had a great meal and I was really enjoying the company of two beautiful ladies.

Dinner over we all headed back to our room. Cheryl just seemed to really like having our company. When we got into the room Sarah asked her if she would like a dip in the hot tub. Again I was really surprised. We had been fucking in that hot tub every night. We all stripped down and hopped into the tub. Wine was produced and we drank while we "cooked". The girls were sitting together and I was on the opposite side.

As we drank our tongues loosened up and we started telling stories involving sex and fun in general. Soon I knew how Cheryl had lost her virginity, and she knew how Sarah and I lost ours. We shared our wildest sex stories. Sarah's and mine were the same the time we fucked on the roof of our dorm building in college. Cheryl's was the time she had a 4 way with her boyfriend and her best friend and her boyfriend. Needless to say all the talk was getting us excited. Sarah asked Cheryl if she had ever had sex with another woman, which she had, and then asked if she would like to join us for the night.

You could not have shocked me anymore. Cheryl sat there for a minute or two while my heart beat 800 times and then said she would love to. Soon we were all kissing and caressing each others bodies. My cock got about as hard as it ever had in my life and I was just loving life. I found myself sitting on the edge of the hot tub as the girls took turns sucking my cock.

Sarah had a great technique and alway could get me off, but Cheryl was about to take all of my cock in, which no one had ever been able to do. Sarah was amazed. My cock is about 8" long, and very thick and she could only ever get about halfway down when she would gag. Cheryl seemed to be an expert and soon had Sarah able to go down father then ever before. I was not able to keep it together long and soon I shot my load down Cheryl's throat.

The girls then turned to each other. They kissed a bit more, then got out of the tub and moved inside. The explored each others bodies with their hands and tongues and soon were cumming with each other. Both girls came multiple times, as I sat in a chair and watched lazily stroking my cock. They snuggled for a bit and then Sarah called me over and told me to lay down. She had Cheryl straddle my cock reverse cowgirl and settled down between my legs. I held Cheryl up by her waist and she moved up and down my cock. Her pussy was amazing, and when Sarah started licking her clit she exploded with orgasms. Each time an orgasm racked her body her pussy would constrict on my cock and threaten to rip it off my body.

Sarah stopped and we let Cheryl calm down a bit and I moved to take Sarah from behind. This is our favorite position. I fingered her ass as we fucked slowly, we did not want this to end. Cheryl recovered and came over to me and kissed me and fondled my balls as I fucked Sarah. When I started to cum I pulled out and Cheryl jacked my cock and I shot all over Sarah's back.

Cheryl spent the night and the next three. Finally it was Wednesday and we had to go. We exchanged info with her and found out she lived in the same city. Needless to say we were happy when she got home.

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