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Hot N Cold - PART I

This is my very first attempt at storywriting so please be warned - lol

Here goes...

« Snowing again » I grumbled to myself. It snowed all evening, again, and I have an early meeting in the morning. I’m not a morning person so I can’t wait until morning to shovel the driveway – it will end up with me rushing late for work. “I had to watch Kimmel…! and now I’m stuck shoveling this late. Grr.” So be it.

I was already in my nightgown, a rather short one. It barely covers my ass but it’s my favorite one, baby blue and with a thin white lace ribbon holding the flimsy material up. The gown always makes me feel all feminine. It’s more of a summer nighty, but under my heavy robe I’m never cold, and always titillated by the roughness of the robe rubbing against my sensitive nipples through the nighty’s sheer material leaving me in a somewhat perpetual yet understated mode of arousal.

I’m never cold shoveling and want to get this over quickly, so I decide to just wear my ankle length coat over the nightgown and add some socks for my feet. I start pulling on the black leather boots that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago on an impulse. I admire the sexy way my legs look in them as they are high boots that ride over my knees, halfway up my thighs. I zip them up and look at myself in the entrance hall mirror…long black boots and a barely there lacy baby doll. I look vampy with only boots, nighty and slightly disheveled hair. You can easily see the silhouette of my full tits through the material. Even the circles of my areolas can be noticed.

“Too bad no one to witness this,” I thought saucily… my mood up and bl**d rushing a bit with sudden thoughts of being ravaged in this attire by a fantasy male… “Mmhmmm”… I look at myself in the mirror and slowly aim my fingers to my already semi-hardened nipples, pinching them to full erection and feeling all horny all of a sudden.

I slide my already damp panties down my legs and push them all the way down those sexy black boots to finally kick my underwear off. Standing in front of the mirror, I slide my index finger in my mouth, wetting it real nice and heavy, and then, lifting my nighty with my other hand, I aim my saliva’d finger towards my clean-shaven pussy and slowly start rubbing my clit. I spread my legs and push my pelvis forward for a better view. My finger twirls and twirls in circles around my hardening clit. My eyes are half-closed yet remain fixed on the image in front of me, turning me on even more.

I can now smell my arousal – a heavy sweet scent rising from my heated honey pot. I stop swirling my finger around my clit and, filled with want, I slowly slide two fingers inside my wet pussy. Eyes glued to the mirror, I see myself spread my legs even more and bend my knees. I get more turned on spying myself dipping my ass towards the floor while I stick my fingers up more in my now dripping cunt. Up and down I go, fucking my fingers. I rapidly lift my nighty for the bottom edge to be held by my chin, and start groping my tits and pulling and twisting my nipples. I suddenly realize that I now have all of my fingers in me, pushing up and as my body presses down to meet them, I cum and explode my squirt all over my hand which then drips on the hallway floor. I’m all shaky and warm and looking forward now to cool off in the cold air outside.

…. To be continued ….

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