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Grinding against the lady on the train

Last Friday a car accident occurred on the major freeway in the direction of traffic travelling to the city. I usually drive to work in the city and park in the company's parking facilities. Due to the accident a major hold up eventuated. Traffic reports over the radio alerted motorists though to late for those motorists already caught up in the traffic jam. I had not left home at that point so on hearing the news of the accident i decided to drive to my nearest station and catch the train to the city instead of driving as the alternative arterial roads were now congested. On arrival at the station a notable build up of passengers was occurring in all probability with the same intention in mind as myself.

The train arrived and i got on with only standing room remaining. At the next station more passengers boarded and then on to the next station where a significant number of passengers boarded. One of the passengers was a lady about 5 feet 5 inches tall and with a portly build but not excessively so. I would estimate she would be 40 years of age. She was wearing a shiny grey and black polyester dress with a lovely cleavege. She was also evidently wearing a black full slip as the lace of the slip decorated the crevass of her cleavege beautifully. After she boarded she stood near me with her back to me holding onto a hand railing. The build up of passengers made her move closer to me as i stood in the opposite doorway corner. There was a breath between us. At the next station more passengers tried to board but only a limited number succeeded. As the passengers moved back to allow as many to board as possible this lady in the dress was pushed back against me as i faced her back. I nested as far into the corner as i could and she kept leaning closer to me as the squeeze was now tight on the train. It was nigh on impossible to avoid the body contact with her and she would have realized that to i expect. Her perfume emitted a lovely soft fragrance i could smell as she was that close to me. We were now body to body as the train rolled along the tracks with plenty of movement that trains are renowned for. My groin was aligned with the lady's bottom which was pressing into me rather firmly as a consequence of the now over crowded train. Crowded trains as we all know are not much fun but i was going to make something out of this fortuitous occurrence.

As the lady's bottom pressed against my groin i started to develop an erection. As the train swayed a little the lady's bottom pressed against my cock rather firmly and it remained there. I was very aroused now as her shiny soft dressed pressed into my groin. I was very horny and edging my cock into her bottom. She did not flinch. The lady's ass had really turned me on. The train stopped at the next station to let any passengers off but no new passengers could board if none alighted from the train. The train remained at the station for about 5 minutes and during this time my stiff cock was pressing into the lady's ass. The train door was open on the side where it picks up the passengers to allow fresh air to circulate. I pressed my hard cock into the lady's ass. She was unmoved though and i had an inclination she must be feeling its hardness through my trousers pressing into her. By now my cock was so very hard i wanted to lift her dress, pull out my cock and grind it against her slip and panties. Fantasies like this reverberated around my head as my cock relished her smooth shiny dress covered ass.

The train doors closed and the journey resumed. As the train swayed around and rocking the lady's ass pressed into my cock and when it swayed the other way i pressed my cock into her ass more. I was sexually white hot now and wanted this lady's silky ass. As the train swayed back she leaned hard against me and my cock got a real crush from her ass, so i pressed my stiff cock into her ass. She did not react in the slightest. The feeling was beautiful. As the train smoothed out she stood upright and i noticed her pout her ass into me. I took this as an enticing invitation of sorts and i thought to myself well, we have had a lot of body to body contact now so i am going to get off against the lady's ass while the train is packed. I pressed my cock hard against her ass and felt a mutual movement toward me when i did. I repeated the movement and unbelievably so did she. She obviously knew what was going on here now i deduced. So i continued pressing my cock into her ass and rubbing my cock at the same time against her ass. There was no intention i would pull my cock out of my pants and cum on her dress, so if i was going to cum it would be inside my pants. That did not bother me given the circumstances we were placed in. She would have unquestionably detected my now intentional pleasuring against her ass. I noticed her adopt a firm stance as i rubbed my cock against her to enable me to work my cock into her. I was rubbing my cock against her ass and reached a point of no return. I went for broke and placed my hands on her waist. No other passengers could see as they all had their backs to me. She felt so soft in her shiny dress as i rubbed my cock into her ass. I softly rubbed my right hand on her hip and to the top of her right thigh. She could sense the increment in my breathing. I pleasured my cock against her ass as i held her. The pleasure was was traveling through my body fueled by the public scene. I worked my cock into her as i stroked her thigh. I wanted her insatiably now. I increased the intensity of my ravenous cock grinding. After several more minutes i felt orgasm was looming large. I rubbed my cock ravenously into her ass very firmly deriving immense pleasure and began thrusting repeatedly into her ass in short sharp actions. I was on the verge of exploding and with two more thrusts erupted explosively and shot a huge load of cum into my underwear as my hand gripped her thigh. She pressed her ass hard against my cock realizing i was cumming as i continued to shoot cum. Then with two final spurts of cum my body inexorably became motionless. Her ass still pressed firmly against my cock. I caressed her right thigh and ran my hand around to her right ass cheek. I felt her panties through the double silky layers of her slip and her dress. She felt so silky smooth and i deduced the likelihood that she was wearing full bottom cover nylon panties. I was so wet but beautifully gratified. As my hand caressed her ass and then her thigh again she placed her hand on top of my hand as it caressed her thigh. The train was nearing its next stop so as we ceased our caressing i gently squeezed her ass through her dress. As passengers disembarked she turned her head around toward me with a wry smile and i whispered in her ear, ''thank you so much it was beautiful''. She smiled. I reached into my wallet and gave her my business card. The next stop wasn't far and that is where she got off the train. She disembarked as though nothing had occurred. I was very wet but i loved it and felt exhilarated.

I still cannot believe a motorway crash led me to this scintillating morning journey to work. My secretary took a message for me late on Friday while i was at a legal meeting from a woman who did not leave her name or number but said she would ring back another time. I have since clarified it was not my s****r. We will see what transpires. Meanwhile this was a rare and unforgettable sexual experience i wanted to share with you.

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