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B*****rly love, almost getting caught!

So me and my b*****r had been fucking for a while now and our mum had no idea what was happenin, even though we had a bit of difficulty keeping quite when we were fucking each other hard at night. But by the morning of our first day on holiday she knew.
We were staying in a villa in Turkey, we each had a room to ourselfs with our own bathrooms and a private pool. We arrived late the night before so we were all having a long lie, by the time i got up my mum was already up and sunbathing. Now i've always had a thing for my mum, she is slim with nice big perky breast and a firm round ass. She likes to keep herself in shape, think that was one of the thing my dad couldn't handle as he let himself go and she was always getting attention from other men.
So she was laying there in her bikini all oiled up with bronzing oil and i just stood there watchin her from the balcony slowly getting hard when i feel my b*****rs hands on my ass. I must had made a noise because my mum looked up and asked us if we were joining her. My b*****r turned round and says that "we will be down in a couple of mins" all the while he is sliding a hand into my shorts and starts rubbing my tight little hole. I turn around and go to walk into my room thinkin that he will remove his hand and follow me but he doesn't, his hand is now on my cock and he pulls me in close to him.
"get on your knees and suck me right here and now" he say.
"but mum could see or she could come up the stairs at any minute and find us" i reply
"the danger will be hot, just for a few minutes then we can go into my room and i can see to that ass of yours and that erection."
So i got on my knee and pulled his cock out, licking the head and tasting the precum that is already forming. He grabs the back of my head and pushes his cock deep down my throat, i start to gag but we both like it like that, the harder he face fucks me the more turned on i get. I completly forget where we are and the fact we could get caught and i'm moaning and drolling all over myself and my b*****rs cock.
"come on let go to my room before you make too much noise" he says and he pulls me up and takes off his shorts.
When we get into his room he pushes the door to but doesn't close it completly and pushes me on the bed. He grabs my shorts by the waist band and yanks them down freeing my now rock hard cock. He climbs on the bed and positions us in the 69 and starts sucking my cock taking it deep into his throat as im doing the same to him. He pushes my leg apart and spits on my hole before licking it and spreadin the spit around to get is nice and wet. He then stick two fingers in and finger fucks me as he moves his mouth back to my cock. I am in complete heaven now with his cock fuckin my face, my cock down his throat and him giving me a good finger fucking at the same time. I get close to cumming when he stops.
"you aint gonna cum till i have filled you ass with my cum, then you are gonna give me your juice for my breakfast".
He flips me over and pulls me up onto all fours and start rubbing ky jelly onto my hole, then i feel it, the tip of his cock slowly push at my hole. It enters me slowly, he is teasing me cause he know how much i love him stretchin my ass open, so i push back and take his whole length in me. He lets out a groan and stays still for a while, enjoyin he tightness around his cock. Then he pull out slightly then slams it back in and i let out a loud moan not caring if im heard, so he then starts fucking me slow at first then getting faster and faster. Then out of no where we hear a noise, it sounds just like a moan so he stops, cock still in my ass we turn and look at the door which has now opened up. We hear nothing else so he starts fucking me again.
"shouldn't you close the door?" i ask
"do you really want me to take my cock out of your ass? he replies as he slowly starts to pull out.
"no" and i push back taking him all the way back in.
"good" and he pushes my face down into the bed and really starts to fuck me hard. It doesn't take long for him to start jerking and shooting a big load deep into my ass. When he is finished he pulls out and gets underneath me and starts deep throating my cock and i can feel his cum dripping out of my ass and landing on his chest, with this and the fucking of a life time i have just had it doesn't take long for me to cum and i shoot my load into his mouth. I roll onto my back and he comes up on top of me and gives me a kiss letting me taste some of my own cum and smearin his own to my chest.
"i fucking needed that" he says.
"me to" is all that i can manage.
"come on mum will be wondering where we are" he say and starts putting clothes on. I climb of the bed and pull my shorts up. We start joking around and wrestling on the bed when we here a cough. Mum was standing at the door, we were both still toppless and the cum hadn't fully dried.
"i was wondering what was taking you two so long, so i thought i would come up and see what you two were doing" she said. We didn't know how long she had been there so we just said that we were coming.
She smiled and said "good one of you has to rub oil on my back"
I could clearly see that there was a wet patch on her bikini bottoms but didn't say anything, didn't want to push my luck. I was already fucking my hot as fuck b*****r i didn't think i would be lucky enough to get to fuck my hot mum as well. (or could i?)

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