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My gf seducing my buddy

So while at work. My gf txt me saying a friend of mine had shown up to hang and wait for me to get off. I remeber leaving she was wearing her fav black sink nighty and a tiny pair of pink panties. I love these panties cuz they are so thin that they show her cameltoe and her wetness .

We keep chatting as her and my buddy have a beer waiting for me to get off Mind u she hasn't changed since I last saw her. I know how she is and loves to flirt so I ask her what all they are doing. She tells me I'm kinda giving a peep show. She has always had the hots for my best buddy so this was nothing new but I love it. She begins to tell me how she is sitting on the other couch from him in her nighty that barely covers her amazing fake titts. (As u can see from my profile pics ). She then starts accidentally opening her legs giving a little pantie show but didn't take it to far. She then gets up to get them a beer bending over showing the bottom of her ass and even toward him showing her titts knowing a nipple would probly slip. I laugh and said have fun baby see ya in a bit I don't hear from her again until I get home and he still there but nervousness acting. I pull my gf to our room and asked what wrong with him. Then she tells me what happe.

As she was teasing by showing little glimps of her panties and letting her nipple show from the top of her nighty. She gets extremely wet. And tells me she was even drippin thru the thin thong material she said she was having so much fun watching him squirm on the couch and hide his cock in his board shorts. Then he got up to piss. And when he came back she noticed a couple of wet spots on his red shorts She asked him if he needed a towel because his shorts looked wet. Then he said. I'm sorry ur my buddy's girl but dam I'm so turned on and my wife doesn't dress like u and I accididentaly came a little. I really mean no disrespect but I can't help it. My wife doe st hardly play with me or wear clothes like that.

My gf then says. Oh it's ok and goes to sit next to him again letting the edge of her nighty creep up to show her barely covered lips thru the thin material. She asked do I need to change or what can I do. He said. Just keep doing what ur doing but I'm getting worse and don't want it to mess things up as friends. She then said oh absolutely not. What got u so worked up. And he said ur panties and the fact I can see a wet spot on them. My gf then said well u can take care of it if u want. Can I see how hard u are. He then pulls out his cock which she said she could already see thru his shorts. And he was throbbing. She said go to bathroom an stroke it. I feel bad doing that to u. Then he asked. Well since my wife does t dress like that can I barrow ur panties. Then my gf does what I never expect and gets up takes them off and says. If ur gnna use em I wanna watch. He sniffs them then places the wet and I mean wet wet part if the crotch on his throbbing head then begins stroking. My gf said she couldn't sit still and was even shaking at how erotic she thought that was. He goes slow then stretches the material around his 7 in shaved cock then vegans moaning My gf said omg baby the amount of cum was enormous. He stretched my panties around his cock head and I began to see wet then wetter then even the white globs as he came in my panties. It even dripped on our couch. She smiles at him saying. Better ? He then began apologizing and said he felt so bad. But my gf tells him don't worry I won't say a word to Angie his wife. It will be all three of our secret. He said 3 ? She says. Yea who do u think gnna wanna clean this up as she puts the cum soaked panties back on. She said the look on his face was priceless and reached for my hand placing it between her legs saying wanna taste baby.

I licked those panties from the outside to her ass and bak up enjoying the creamy flavor. Then I licked her slowly. We fucked over and over talking and thing about her dirty deed which began my love for creampies. Wet pantie spots and curious mind for sucking cock. This woke a sl**ping monster as for my gf and now she plays with him every time he asks and when his wife won't put out. I'd be glad to tell y'all all about that. Later.

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