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As a little girl, Halloween had always been one of my favorite
holidays. Aside from being my birthday, it was the only time I felt like my
creative eye for beauty was really being appreciated. I remember the
attention that was paid to every little detail that went into my costumes,
the decorations, and even the little ginger-bread witches I used to make
with my mom. Those were the most memorable days of my c***dhood. As a
little girl, I had gone trick or treating as Disney princesses, angels, and
fairies. As I grew up, and started high school, the costumes started
becoming very provocative. When I got dressed for Halloween parties as a
teen, my dad would look at my extremely short skirts, fish-net stockings
and stiletto heels in disapproval. But deep down, I think he was very
turned on by what a slut I was becoming. This was evident from the bulging
erection in his pants. At f******n, I was much more developed physically
than the other girls in my school. I remember the first time I went bra
shopping with my mom. The girls at Victoria's Secret fitting me for bras
were amazed at my curves. My breasts weren't gigantic by any means, but
very full and perky, as one of the girls there described to my mom. My
friends were all very jealous the next day when I told them about all the
sexy bras and panties I had bought the night before. In the locker room as
we changed into our gym clothes, they all glared at my lacy pink bra and
matching thong. I loved the attention. For some reason it really turned me
on when people looked at my body that way. It didn't matter who was
looking, whether it was Brad from Art class, my girlfriends in the locker
room, my gym teacher Mr. Johnson, or even my dad. I just loved the thought
of someone getting off by just looking at me.

The Halloween I turned 16 was one of the most memorable nights of my
life. My parents rented a beautiful club in the city, where my sweet
sixteen party was going to be held. I planned out a long list of things I
needed to take care of in order to make this a night to remember
forever. What was the first thing on my list? You guessed costume!
As I didn't have a license yet, my b*****r, Josh who was home from college
for a few days was nice enough to drive me to different shops to look for
costumes. Some would say Josh and I had a very strange relationship for a
b*****r and s****r. We were very close, rarely ever fought, and some people
who would meet us for the first time even thought we were boyfriend and
girlfriend. Maybe it was evident the way Josh and I felt about each other
deep down, but never brought to the surface or talked about. I remember
when he went away to college, how much we missed each other, and spoke on
the phone almost everyday. I would wait anxiously for the holidays when he
would come back home and give me one of those really big hugs where he'd
pick me up and let his hands roam down to my butt. I always just giggled
and moved his hands away, but deep down, I was wishing he'd just lift up my
skirt and fuck my ass right there. He would always make little comments
like, "wow Jenni, you're really filling up those clothes nicely now," or
something like, "you remind me of my ex-girlfriend she had the perkiest
tits ever." These comments made me wet instantly, and I could swear he
could probably smell my wet pussy as he gave me one of his devilish grins
after seeing me blush.

As Josh drove me to the mall to pick out costumes, he told me about
all the cool things he did at college and all the girls he'd slept with. I
was surprised to know his total was only six girls so far, as my b*****r
was quite the stud at his school. But he was very picky. He had a taste for
blondes, especially those with very big breasts. But like any sensible man,
he would never turn down an equally beautiful brunette girl with average
sized breasts if she were to come his way. I have to be honest, the stories
he told me about fucking those girls really turned me on! As he was an art
student majoring in photography, he even took pictures of some of them
dressed in beautiful lingerie and even completely naked. His pictures
weren't all vulgar, they were very beautiful and almost ethereal. The way
Josh was able to capture their beauty made the girls look almost like the
nymphs of some fantasy world. I remember one girl in particular, a Swiss
girl named Alessia who captured my attention the moment Josh showed me her
picture. I was just 13 at the time, and josh was 18. It was his first year
in college, and he had already become very popular, especially with the
girls. Alessia had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes, and soft pouty
lips. Her expression in the picture, made her look a lot younger than my
b*****r said she was, who knows? Maybe she was u******ed. But she had the
body of a woman, or that of Aphrodite herself. The way her luscious blonde
wavy hair fell over her beautiful, plump boobs made my pussy drool with
pure desire. Her big puffy pink nipples were clearly visible through the
white top she wore in that picture, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of
them. I guess Josh noticed how I stared at her tits, and asked me If I was
wondering how they taste. This made me blush instantly, and I looked
away. Josh always teased me with pictures and stories of gorgeous girls
like that. I guess he could tell I had a thing for blondes with big tits
too, but he never really asked me about it openly. I used to be so shy, but
now I was turning 16, and I too had a little experience under my
belt. Although I was still a virgin, I had fooled around with a few boys at
my school, and learned quite a lot about what men like. I had been sexually
active since I was 14, but for some reason I was always too shy to tell
Josh about all the wonderful experiences I had already had.

This time was different. Sitting in the car with him then, listening
to his sex-capades I was feeling a brand new sense of confidence. Josh said
he was currently dating Natasha, a Russian girl with unbelievably big tits
and the juiciest pussy he had ever fucked. He told me that she had given
him head on the first date and gotten him to cum in her mouth and all over
her boobs. I was so turned on listening to that, that I couldn't help but
comment, "Oh I love having a guy cum in my mouth, it feels so good to get
someone off like that and have them explode all over you." I looked over at
Josh as I said this, pleased with the shock in his eyes, "no way! My lil
s*s gave someone head??? Wow, I'm so happy for you, Jenni." We sat there
for a while, looking at each other, and smiling. After that we drove from
place to place looking for costumes, but nothing seemed to work with what I
had in mind. And Josh always gave me what I wanted, ever since I was
little. When we were younger, he would even save his allowance to buy me
the birthday presents I wanted. As we were driving home from the last shop,
I told him how I wanted to look really hot, so hot, the guys who looked at
me would just cum in their pants right there. He looked over at me and
said, "Really Jenni? Well I think most guys probably feel like that when
they see you anyway, whether you are dressed hot or not, its hard for such
a sexy girl like you to not look absolutely fuckable." I smiled, and with
this encouragement he continued, "well I do know this one place where they
have naughty costumes for slutty girls like you who love showing off their
bodies, why don't we give that place a try?"

As we pulled into the parking lot of the adult store we had always
passed on my way to school, my panties became soaked instantly at the
thought of doing something this naughty with my b*****r. Josh looked over
at me and said, "Jenni, I think it would be a good idea if we just
pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend so no one thinks we're weirdo?s,
okay?" I smiled and said with a wink, "Well, then you're going to have to
help me in and out of the costumes Josh." "With pleasure, lil s*s, with
absolute pleasure," he replied with a devilish smile that could part the
legs of a thousand big tit-ed blondes around the world. I was very excited
by this little game we were playing and was so thankful to my slutty
fashion sense for having worn one of the shortest shorts and tightest tops
I owned that day. We walked into that porn shop hand in hand, like the
lovers we were always meant to be. As this was my first time at a porn
shop, I was both shocked and thrilled by the things I saw, and had never
seen before in my young life. Josh, however was an expert and knew what
almost everything was and even knew how good some of the stuff worked as he
had bought it for a couple of his girlfriends. The costumes section was
huge, (as it was Halloween season, the sluttiest season of all) and their
selection was much more to my liking! I tried on a couple of the safer
costumes first, just to get us warmed up. I knew what I wanted to buy the
moment I had set my eyes on it, it was perfect for me, but I really loved
trying on these naughty costumes and showing my body off to Josh, and I
absolutely loved the response I got from seeing his pants bulge with an
overly erect cock that is ready to explode! Some of the guys that were
working at the shop would glance over too and run their hands over their
crotches, feeling their hard-ons. I was getting a kick out of being Josh's
girlfriend, and I loved saying things to him like, "Oh Josh I can't wait to
wear this for you at home baby, I can't wait for you to cum all over my
body." Josh was loving it too, as his replies were usually something like,
"Yea, that's a good little slut, I love you my dirty whore, and I'm gonna
eat your sweet, tight pussy and fuck it till its sore!" We had to rush at
the end as it was almost closing time for the shop, but before we left I
did try on that costume I had fell in love with for Josh...and by the look
in his eyes and the throbbing dick in his pants, I knew he loved it too!

Chapter 2

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My lil s*s Jenni was indeed
THE most beautiful fucking whore I have ever had the pleasure to pre-cum
over, and I loved every unbelievably fucking hot moment of it. The dirty
little costume she chose was to die for, especially when you consider the
fact that it barely covered that deliciously exquisite ass of hers that I
loved so damned much. Speaking of which, she barely even covered that, as
she always had the habit of wearing thongs whenever and wherever she could
in order to get some attention. I even remember a few times when our dad
saw us leaving her room together and she wore just a tiny, nearly not
there, skimpiest of mini skirts with the thong showing off her hot ass. I
swear he always got upset until she walked away. By that time he was too
far enthralled by the gorgeous spectacle that his eyes were feasting upon
to say anything further against how she was dressed. It might just have
been my imagination, but a few times I think I even saw an erection in the
old mans pants. The funny thing was that when I told Jenni about it, she
would always have such a deliciously evil grin on her face. It was a look
so evil that it took all of my strength just to stop myself from r****g her
right there and then.

The pirate costume was hotter than hot, it was the hottest shit I
had ever seen in my life! Now if you think that isn't a big deal then
consider this? I've fucked well over three dozen women in my lifetime (and
considering the fact that I'm only 21... well you get the picture ;) and
I've had all kinds of kinky, adulterated, and extremely perverted sex. I've
been into costumes/dress-up, leather/bondage and all kinds of fetishes. So
I do know what I'm talking about, believe me! The moment I saw her, she
blew all those other bitches away in a flash. Of course, every guy in the
shop and even a couple of hot girls that looked like they might be
strippers or hookers or something looked as though they were all deer
caught in the headlights of some oncoming semi. I had to keep up the facade
so I moved over to my sweet lil s*s and pulled her close. I then took a
deep and loving look into her eyes and said, "I can't wait to fuck you

Jenni looked up into my face and whispered nervously, "we are still
pretending right? I mean... it's just a game... right?"
"Of course baby, we just need to pretend a little further until
we're out of here. We wouldn't want anyone becoming suspicious would we?"
Man, I really am good! I kind of feel bad for putting one over on my lil
s*s like that, but that's what she gets for teasing my cock so damned much
since she was 13 years old. The owner of the shop is actually a friend of
mine and he knows exactly what my lil s*s looks like, because I've shown
him photos of her in the previous Halloween costumes she's worn. She's so
naive to think that just pretending like we're a couple would get us into a
place like this. It's a porn shop, for God's sakes! They normally ask for
ID even if they think the person is under 25, but we got in with no
questions asked. Like I said... damn, I'm good!

"Well in that case!" she said, with her trademark devilish
grin. "We'd better make it look real good". After that she started rubbing
my cock over my pants right in the middle of the costume sextion. I just
smiled brighter than the first light of day and moved in to kiss her on the
lips. However before doing so, I whispered to her that I loved her very
deeply and that she was my favorite of all the whorish sluts I knew. I
could tell right away that her pussy was itching from the comment. In fact
everyone in the store was so turned on by this barely-legal looking teen
who was dressed smuttier than most have ever seen a whore dressed. Even
Bob, the owner of the store, was getting so horny (easy to understand
seeing as how he was the only one in the store who knew we were really
b*****r and s****r) that he got up and walked into one of the video booths
to jerk off to the sight of loving i****t being performed live and before
his very eyes.

I kissed her more deeply and passionately than I think she'd ever
been kissed until that moment in her very young life. The truth is, I've
always wanted to do just that but wanted to wait until I thought the moment
was perfect... and it was! The erotic and fulfilled expression on her face
said it all. As for me, she was still rubbing the hell out of my dick, so
it was hard not to be as euphoric as her. Suddenly she realized that my
hands had roamed, as they usually did, onto the greatest of asses known to
gorgeous fucking whorish sluts anywhere on Earth.

She looked back towards my hands rubbing up and under her costume
and gave me the trademark smile. Maybe it was the just the fact that she
was rubbing the living hell out of my dick, or maybe it was the fact that
we were doing something so taboo right in front of about 10 people, or
maybe it was the two strippers who were so turned on themselves that they
were quietly giving each other mouth to mouth in the corner of the room by
the stalls. Whatever the reason, I was more turned on than I had ever been
in my entire life... and I wanted more.

Chapter 3

I could tell by the look in his eyes that Josh was anxious to get
into my non-existent panties, but I wasn't going to give it up that
easily. I wanted to make my b*****r pine for my pussy, I wanted him to
crave it more than any pussy he's ever had the chance to fuck. I slowly
moved my hand away from his crotch and pushed him away from me, "come on
now Josh, people are staring, I think we should finish off at home baby," I
said in between giggles. He looked at me with the cutest lost puppy-dog
look I had ever seen, like someone had taken candy away from a baby, and
with deep disappointment followed me to the front of the store where we
paid for the costume I had picked out. The owner looked at me with the
strangest smile I had ever seen, like he knew something I didn't know. I
could almost swear I saw him wink at Josh as we walked out the door.

Josh was very silent on the way back, and played his Nirvana cd a
little louder than usual so he wouldn't have to talk to me. I was very
hurt, and thought I had done something very wrong to upset him like this. I
even glanced over at him a few times, but he kept his eyes glued to the
road ahead of us. At home that night as I lay in bed, I thought about how
strange this day had been. Josh and I had really hit it off, I really
enjoyed fooling around with him, especially in public, and was blown away
by the kiss he had given me at that porn shop. But now, he was barely
talking to me. What had I done wrong? This was eating me alive. Maybe it
was wrong of me to call the shots, me being his little s****r and
all. Maybe things should have just gone his way. Maybe I should have let
him do more to me than kiss me, but this was all happening so fast for
me. I wanted my first time with Josh to be special. Ever since I had begun
thinking about sex, I had always fantasized about Josh being my first. I
felt so safe with him, he would love me no matter what, he wasn't like
those other boys at school who just wanted to fuck for a good time. I felt
that he would really make it very special for me. Thoughts of losing my
connection with Josh brought me to tears that night, and when I did finally
drift off to sl**p, I was tortured by nightmares.

The next two weeks were very busy, as I preoccupied myself with party
invitations, decorations, and menu-planning. Josh was back at college. We
still spoke on the phone almost everyday, but things were a little
different--a little less sexual. He no longer told me about the girls he
was having sex with, and we never talked about that night we went costume
shopping. The memory of that day, I thought, we would take to our
graves. He was still the same sweet Josh he had always been, but I felt a
wall had come between us now. And I blamed myself for this.

Before I knew it, it was the Halloween. This year Halloween had
fallen on a Saturday, and luckily for me it was the same Saturday that my
parents had planned their weekend trip to the Poconos. This meant that I
could party as late as I wanted to, and not have to listen to my dad's
complaints about how sleazy my costume looks. And this year, the way I was
dressed, would put Pamela Anderson herself to shame. Josh was home from
school that weekend so he could chaperone my party at my dad's request. My
dad was completely oblivious to the fact that his son was one of the
horniest, free-spirited guys this world had ever seen. Josh was more than
happy to chaperone. And with the teenage slut-fest that my party was going
to be, what warm-bl**ded 21-year old guy would refuse?

As I got dressed that night, I paid extra care to look hotter than
ever for Josh. I was going to win him back tonight! This was my night after
all, and having turned the sweet age of 16, I felt a new sense of sexual
empowerment--like I had the power to bring any man to his knees and have
him licking my cunt at the snap of my fingers. Tonight I would give my
virginity to my b*****r. Just the thought of being fucked by my b*****r's
cock made my clit throb with delight, and my pussy wetter than ever. With
that delicious thought I was dressed to kill and ready to go! As I walked
down the stairs, I was surprised to see Josh waiting for me at the
bottom. He had told me he was running late and would just meet me at the
club. I was more than pleased of course to see him waiting there for
me. And to my surprise he had decided to dress up as a vampire! I
remembered telling him once about how hot I thought vampires are. That was
the night we went to see Interview With the Vampire. I remember telling him
that if either Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise ever wanted to feed on me, I'd
welcome them with open arms. I couldn't believe Josh had remembered!
"Surprised Jenni? I've been dying to feed on you so welcome me with open
arms little s*s!" he said with that devilishly sexy smile as he once again
gave me one of those hugs I've always loved him for. "Wow Jenni, you look
sexier than I have ever seen you look! Goddamn it girl, you're such a
tease," he said with b*****rly approval. With that, we walked arm in arm to
the limo that was to drive us to the club, and set out for the night that
would change our lives forever.

The party was well on its way by 9 pm, as most of my friends had
arrived and were already bumping and grinding like the horny teens they
were on the dance floor. Everything was just as I had wanted it to be on
this night. My pirate costume had done its job. By now, all of the guys,
and even some of the girls were enthralled by the fabric that barely
covered my ass and tits. I had of course decided to go without panties and
bra that night, undergarments would just get in the way of the fun that was
to come later on. Besides, judging by the look I was getting from the both
the guys and the girls at my party, no one seemed to mind that I was
dressed like a porn star and would shock even the likes of Jenna Jameson if
she were here. By 10:30, all of my guests had arrived and were having the
time of their lives. By this time I had grinded with almost everyone there,
including my girlfriends, which was a lot of fun as it brought looks of
lust and desire from every guy present, including my b*****r. I loved
dancing like a slut and grinding into my hot girlfriends as my b*****r
watched. Normally, I was always very guarded about my bisexuality. I hadn't
discussed it with anyone. Not even Josh. But at parties, when the music was
playing and everyone was euphoric, I felt I could let go and just enjoy my
girlfriends the way I always wanted to. It was always just girls dancing
playfully of course, and this was nothing out of the ordinary at a party,
especially a Halloween party. I can't speak for my girlfriends, but it
always got me so fired up that I'd have to come home and masturbate my
pussy to an explosive orgasm.

By 2 a.m., my guests were on their way home and Josh and I were in
the limo driving back to our own house. Although it was late, it wasn't
late by any means for me, and I still had plenty of energy left in my young
body to party for another 5 hours. Having read my mind, Josh looked at me
and said, "I dunno about you Jenni, but the party ain't over for me yet!"
Pleased with what I was hearing, I asked in my innocent little s****r
voice, "what do you want to do now Josh? It's too late to go anywhere
else." "Well," he replied, "we won't need to leave the house for what I had
in mind. Actually it's waiting for you at home Jenni. It's your birthday
gift!" Having had my hopes up for something else, I replied with a deep
sigh, "oh, I can't wait to see what it is." Many thoughts were running
through my mind at this point. Sitting there in the limo with him, I
suddenly felt so far away from him. I felt defeated. I had been sure
tonight would have gotten the ball rolling so to speak, but I was all out
of luck. Josh did not want to fuck me. I was just Jenni to him...his little
s****r. How dumb I had been to think I could win over the cock that had the
pleasure of fucking some of the most desirable girls to ever walk this
planet. And Josh's playmates had all been unbelievably drop-dead
gorgeous. Who was I to think he would ever find little old me interesting
enough to fuck?

As we walked to the door of our house, I kept thinking about how dumb
I had been to have lost my chance with Josh that night at the porn shop. I
could swear he had wanted more than just a kiss then. My confidence had
really screwed me up this time. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a
dinging sound. It was the sound of our door bell. Josh was ringing the door
bell to our own house! "Josh, mom and dad are away, remember? Besides, I
have the key," I said, pushing him aside. Just as I was about to unlock the
door, it opened almost magically and what was behind it nearly gave me a
heart attack.

"Surprise, Jenni!" said Alessia from behind the door. Words cannot
speak the shock I felt at seeing that beautiful nymph from Josh's
photographs standing before me! She looked even more beautiful in
person...and her enormous breasts had the power to move me to
tears. "What's going on?" I managed to utter after what seemed like a few
minutes of gawking at her in disbelief. Josh smiled at me wickedly and
said, "well lil s*s, I said I had a gift for you waiting at home, didn't I?
Well, here she is!"

Chapter 4

"Oh and by the way... there's another surprise waiting for you
upstairs. I hope you enjoy these little gifts I've prepared for you. I'll
see you in a little while". The look of excitement when Jenni first saw
Alessia was deeply arousing. Excited isn't exactly the right word; I think
the word horny might have been a better way to describe it. If her pussy
was aching after all the bumping and grinding she did with her friends,
guys and girls alike, then surely it was drooling with anticipation after
seeing Alessia dressed as a slutty police officer. She was utterly
dumbfounded by this hot big-titted blonde bimbo opening the door to our own
house. It took more strength than I knew I had in me to let her be taken
away after hearing me tell her that I'd see her in a little while. I don't
think she ever expected me to say those words tonight. Hopefully she'll be
so entertained by the events to cum that she won't be too distracted about
my leaving her for just a bit.
Alessia looked as hot as a gorgeous big-titted blonde whore could
look. She was even taking her role as the police officer to heart. After
telling Jenni I'd see her in a little while, Alessia took out her handcuffs
as Jenni turned around seemingly heartbroken, and slapped them on her
wrists... tightly. Oh and these were no run-of-the-mill, cheap toy
handcuffs either, they were the real deal; a little keep sake from a former
police officer and boyfriend of Alessia's. Though clearly in some
discomfort, the saddened expression on the face of my would-be-lover and
lil s*s diverted her attention enough to forget about the pain. "Don't
worry! I'll see you in just a little while... I promise!" I said, trying to
reassure her. My lil s*s knew full well that whenever I made her a promise,
it was something I truly meant to keep at all costs. And this particular
promise was more important than any before it, for this one would make us
the lovers we were always meant to be.
Alessia then told her to march right upstairs to her parent's
room. Handcuffed and in somewhat of a saddened state, Jenni did as she was
told. I was proud of my lil s*s, as she only looked back at me once before
navigating the steps towards the night's goal, her birthday present. After
coming out of her slight daze Jenni finally realized what her arresting
officer told her. "My parent's room? Are you k**ding me? I'm going to get
into so much trouble for this!" she said, starting to fear what lay behind
the French doors leading into the master bedroom.
"Don't worry bitch! You are so gonna fucking enjoy this. Your pussy
is already wet with anticipation as I can smell it from here", said
Alessia, while grabbing on to Jenni by the hair and pulling her head back
just far enough to where she had access to her mouth. Without hesitation
our soon-to-be favorite nymph kissed my lil s*s as hard as she could. What
else could Jenni do? Being handcuffed and having her hair pulled back and
then having a hot blonde stick her sweet tongue down her throat was more
than she could handle at the moment, or so she thought.

The doors opened up just as they stood there kissing. Jenni's eyes
nearly popped out of her head as another blonde with unbelievably gigantic
tits and a really hot Russian accent opened the door and told Alessia to
e****t the prisoner in. Natasha also wore a police uniform. She was the
girl I was currently dating... well let's be honest here... one of
six... currently. She was the hottest and sluttiest thing to come out of
Russia since... well ever! How can one accurately describe the way she
looked? If you remember that famous Russian actress named Yelena then you
have a really good idea of what she looks like, only her tits were about 3
times the size. She oozed sexuality regardless of the way she dressed, but
the fact was she always preferred to wear the most provocative outfits she
could get away with. I think that, more than anything is what drew me to
her. Natasha reminded me so much of my s****r, that I thought this might be
as close as I would ever really get to fucking my sweet lil Jenni. Boy was
I wrong!
Jenni was uncuffed, then pushed on the bed by Natasha and told how
hot she looked by both girls. "Oh my fucking god, I can't believe how young
you are! I don't think I've EVER seen a girl your age as hot and slutty as
you. I'm sooo glad Josh asked us to do this", said Natasha in her sexiest,
sluttiest accent ever.
"Oh yeah, she's so fucking hot! And did you see her smoking hot
fucking ass? I wish I was a guy, just so I could fuck it! You know what
though? We only have her for about an hour, so let's get started! I want to
eat her pussy so fucking bad!" said Alessia.
"An hour?" thought Jenni. Suddenly she had a renewed sense of hope
that not all was lost this evening. Of course she was incredibly thrilled
at the prospect of having these two really hot women playing with her, but
what she really wanted more than anything else was to have her b*****r's
hard dick inside of her pussy.
Both girls hopped on the bed on either side of my sweet ass lil
s*s. Each one spread a leg of the lovely pirate whore that lay before
them. To her surprise, Alessia found that Jenni was even sluttier than
either of them hoped for. "Oh my God, she's not even wearing any panties!"
"Yeah, look how her pussy juice is just drooling down her legs and
onto the bed", said Natasha, as she spread Jenni's pussy apart with two
fingers while both blondes looked down between her legs. Apparently she had
been wet for some time, as some of the stains on Jenni's legs were already
dry. It was probably due to all the hot and whorish grinding that went on
at the party earlier in the evening.
"Ok, bitch... trick or treat?? Suddenly Alessia brought out a dildo
to use on Jenni that was big enough to have been her b*****r. Jenni was
scared witless as she started to break away from the grip the two blondes
had on her legs. It wasn't until Natasha calmed Jenni's fears down by
telling her that they weren't going to penetrate her with it, that Jenni
was able to relax again. All of a sudden a loud sound emanated from the
vibrator and Jenni knew what was about to happen to her. She was thrilled
beyond words as the river that flowed from her womanhood soaked the bed her
parents fucked on, the same one that she herself was conceived on.
Alessia took great care in massaging every little corner of Jenni's
sweet pussy. While doing so, she moved down closer to it so that she could
start tasting that which she's been craving for ever since Josh first told
her how Jenni stared at the photo he took of her for photography class. As
if massaging her clit with the vibrator weren't enough, now the feeling of
Alessia's incredibly hot tongue ravishing her young pussy was driving Jenni
up the wall. As for Natasha, she opened up Jenni's costume blouse and
sucked on her tits as hard as a vampire (she even bit them like one). They
licked, sucked, kissed, massaged and even bit her just under an hour.

The look on Jenni's face was priceless. Her eyes were drawn back
into the top of their sockets as though the pleasure she was receiving was
beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Mere words can not
describe just how much her pussy and tits were loving the sensations
coursing through her sweet, whorishly slutty young body. I was having a
really hard time trying not to take out my dick and fuck it with my own
hand. I wonder what she would have done if she knew I was videotaping the
whole thing for posterity? Would she have acted the same way? Or might she
have been even more whorish, if that's at all possible?
It was such a beautiful sight. Two incredibly hot, gorgeous
bi-sexual blondes with great tits just sucking and licking the living hell
out of my u******ed s****r. My s****r's pussy was so soaked it was not
unlike that lesbian scene from the movie Caligula, when one woman's juices
dripped from the mouth of another. That was it, I couldn't take anymore. I
had to have my s****r's sweet pussy, her tits, that gorgeous ass that I
loved so dearly... I needed her right there and then.
The phone rang just once in my parent's room. Of course they knew
the signal already. Like workers on a tight schedule, our blondes helped
Jenni up from the bed and told her that I was waiting for her in her
room. After she left, Alessia and Natasha went back to doing what they were
best at... fucking each other. For them as well as for me, being kissing
cousins made it all the more erotic. As for Jenni, I don't know if she knew
what to expect from me, but one thing was for sure... this was a night she
would never forget.

Chapter 5

Jenni walked to her door and took a deep breath. Would this be it?
Is it finally going to happen? Would she finally get to fuck her b*****r
like she's been dreaming about ever since she first started thinking about
having sex? It was time for nature to take its course. And what could be
more natural than for a b*****r and s****r to share in their love for one
another? It was the moment of truth, but what was this? There was a note on
the door for her and it read:

As poets rhyme, lovers adore.
I am yours as you are mine like never before.
What sweeter serenity can there be, than a special bath made just
for thee?
On way to the Jacuzzi make sure not to laugh, make way along the
yellow path.
If you want some when time is done, do cum back to this room for
more fun.

Needless to say, I'm a funny sort of man who plans to no end. I
placed several yellow dildos pointing in the direction of the master bath
where the Jacuzzi lay in wait for my sweetest of angels, my
princess. "Follow the yellow-brick road", she thought to herself as she
laughed. It was meant to lighten up the mood and relax her for the time
ahead. Nothing can ruin a beautiful moment like the one we were about to
share more than two incredibly wound up people.
She walked into the master bath and gasped at the sheer beauty of
what she gazed before her. No lights were needed as a plethora of candles
burned with the scent of sweet, sweet flowers in the air. The Jacuzzi was
ready with the water set to the perfect temperature for my beloved. And
there were plenty and plenty of bubbles, as she always loved bubble baths
ever since she was a c***d. Beside the bath was a tiny coffee table with a
small box on top of it with another note, it read:

To laugh is divine but to love is the power of the universe
itself. Nothing can lift its weight, nor remove its majesty, nor take from
it in any way. I think it was William Blake who said it best when he wrote:
"Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for
another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell's despair". Eat these,
your favorite chocolates, bathe in this your favorite bubble bath, and be
merry as your night has just begun.

"What a night!" Jenni thought to herself. First there was the
incredibly sexy party. Next she was brought to utter excitement with two
exceedingly beautiful young blondes. And then she was tickled pink at the
sight of so many yellow dildos pointing to the next phase of her birthday
present. "It can't possibly get any better? can it?"
She immersed herself in the soothing warmness of her special
bath. Jenni ate chocolates and contemplated over the night she's had thus
far. This truly was the night of her young life and Josh made sure to make
it the most memorable event she could ever have hoped for. How deeply she
loved him. If she ever loved her b*****r in any way before, even that of
simple b*****rly love, she truly adored him now. The mere thought of how
much Josh put into what this night has turned out to be so far, was enough
to get her juices flowing again. Jenni fingered herself feverishly as she
thought only of how much she craved for her b*****rs dick to be inside of
her young body.
A short while had passed and then a sudden noise awoke her out of
her euphoric state. Jenni never noticed the timer by the sink. She only
spent but 20 minutes in the tub and now it seemed as though her time was
up. She dried herself off with the pink towel that lay in wait for her, she
then put on the pink robe that sat in the chair next to the small coffee
table (pink was always her favorite color of course). Making her way out of
the master bath, Jenni noticed that all the yellow dildos were now facing
in the direction of her room. She couldn't help but laugh as this yet
Now at the door to her room, Jenni knew what came next. She opened
the door slowly only to have it give way to darkness. Was this a metaphor
for what was about to happen? Who knows what Josh was thinking? He always
planned things with such detail that most people just never seemed to
understand that there was method to his madness.

I purposely turned off the lights to make every second more
memorable for my sweet lil s*s. I knew it was her first time just like I
knew she liked women. You see, we both have an older cousin whom used to
take care of us when we were little. And boy did she take good care of us!
Zohal used to live with us when Jenni was about 10 or 11 and she used to
baby-sit for our parents all the time. When Jen was about that age Zohal
used to play a special game with her. She would be the teacher and Jenni
the student. Whenever Jen would act up Zohal had a special punishment for
her. She would put her in the closet where it was nice and dark, knowing
that our Jenni was afraid of the dark. Then Jen would usually start crying
and screaming, so in order to quiet her down Zohal would go in the closet
and pull down her own pants and panties. Then she would tell Jenni to be
quiet or she would have to lick her pussy. I swear sometimes I think Jen
would just keep going on purpose. That was the first time Jenni ever licked
pussy. It was with our really hot, dirty-blonde cousin. And when I say
dirty-blonde... I don't mean the hair color! Jen never knew that I knew
about what had happened in the closet. Like I said, it was a good thing our
cousin was such a dirty blonde. Who do you think really taught me so much?
It was time to end her agony. Jenni turned on the light to her own
room and was surprised by the first thing she saw. Of course the point to
turning the lights off wasn't to disorient her in any way as she was well
aware of where the light switch was (it was after all her room). It was
simply to prolong the suspense as much as possible. And it worked
beautifully. The first thing she saw was the large, 45" screen TV our
parents bought her for her birthday. As if the screams weren't enough, she
started jumping up and down as though she were 10 years old again. I always
did love seeing her this happy. She then turned to her left towards the
bed. All she could see was a bed of roses; literally, as the entire
mattress was covered in large pink roses. What she couldn't see was the
detail behind it. In order to fully cover the bed I needed to multiply 16
roses by another 16; that being of course her age today (thank goodness it
was a small enough bed!).
Tears formed in my soon-to-be lovers eyes. She looked all the more
adorable to me seeing her so utterly thrilled at my gift to her. "How do
you feel Jen?" I asked her already knowing how she felt. She was as in love
with me as I was with her. She simply looked over at me as I stood next to
the bed. I really wanted to make this evening as special as I possibly
could so I had showered and changed into a tux while she was with the
girls. As she walked over to me I presented her with a single red rose from
behind my back. She blushed as she accepted the rose and smelled its
fragrant aroma. Then I took her in my arms and looked into her eyes more
deeply than a surgeons' hand could reach within. "I love you Jenni". With
that said, I proceeded to adorn her lips with the greatest kiss ever told,
felt or even imagined.
She always used to call me Professor Josh as somewhat of a joke
because she always said I taught her so much. Judging from the wetness I
felt as I reached under the opening of the robe she wore and massaged her
clit directly and without barrier, she was more than satisfied with what
I've taught her so far tonight. With one hand I massaged her young pussy
and with the other pulled her hair back rather harshly as our lips were
tied together as far more than any b*****r and s****r probably should have
been. I let loose for just a second and said, "Now the fun really starts!"

Chapter 6

The kiss Josh gave me swept me completely off my feet, and if I
wasn't holding onto him, I would have dropped to the floor from my weakened
knees. Sure, I had kissed tons of guys before, but his kiss was so
different than any kiss I had ever experienced in my 16 years. Josh had
the fullest, softest, lips I have ever felt on a man. For me, it had the
same erotic effect as kissing a really hot girl. That is not to say that
he kissed like a girl, by any means. Josh could take it from slow and
sensual to erotic and X-rated with the blink of an eye. It was almost like
he could read my mind, and know when I wanted him to kiss soft, and when I
wanted him to be a little rougher.

Josh looked so unbelievably fucking hot in the tux he had on. His
broad shoulders and chest fit perfectly in the jacket, and gave him a hint
of princely regality. "So, did my little s****r enjoy the bath?" he asked
me, his brown eyes looking deep into mine. "Oh yes, I enjoyed myself
fully, but I could have used another hand or two", I said with a wink. "Oh
yea?" he moved closer to me, his hands wandering down between my legs
again, massaging my clit more vigorously now, "how's this for giving my lil
s*s a hand? Or better yet... how bout a finger or two?" he said as he
popped in first one, then two fingers into my already dripping cunt. "Oh
my god! Ahh," I said shocked by the pain of having my b*****r's index and
middle fingers in my virgin pussy. "Ohhh I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean
to be too rough with your sweet pussy. I almost forgot you're still a
virgin!" Josh said as he pulled his fingers out of me. "Let me make it up
to you by kissing that sweet cunt of yours lil s*s," he said as he motioned
for me lie down on the bed with my legs spread out before him. I got into
the requested position my bare pussy inches from my b*****r's face. "Oh
God, You smell divine! I've waited so long to see, smell and taste your
cunt, Jenni!" he said as he sniffed my pussy. Just then, I let out an
uncontrollable giggle. Josh looked at me with his sad, puppy dog face
again, thinking he had said or done something stupid to make me laugh at
him. "I'm sorry Josh", I said, "It's just that, my pussy is really
sensitive, you haven't even started eating me out, and I can feel so much
already just from the sensation of your breath on my cunt." I could tell
this really turned him on as he smiled one of his devilish smiles again,
and pulled me into his face to give me another one of his amazing kisses,
this time on my pussy lips. The sensation sent waves of shocks throughout
my body. Josh had an amazing technique of first softly licking and kissing
my pussy and clit, and then pecking at my entire cunt with his unbelievably
quick tongue. If you can imagine a vibrating tongue--that's pretty close
to how quick Josh's tongue was on my clit.

Josh continued to tease my pussy with his amazing tongue for about
half an hour. It was quite a challenge for him to get his mouth positioned
on my cunt, as I kept struggling. The sensations were something completely
new to me, and I kept holding back as I was afraid to squirt my juices all
over Josh's face. A third person might have thought Josh was r****g me
with his tongue, the way I struggled and fought him. But after a while I
learned to relax and surrender to Josh's incredible tongue. He fucked me
deeper and deeper with his hot tongue, pulling out only to massage my clit
with it. Faster and faster, his tongue worked, like a vibrator. As I felt
a wave of extreme pleasure overtake my entire body I pushed my pussy deeper
into Josh's face and arched my hips and came to what was the first orgasm
of my life. As I pulled back I heard Josh laughing, his face covered in my
cum, licking my juices off his hands. "Unbelievable!" he said smiling at
me, "Jenni, you just squirted your cum in my face! That's so fucking
beautiful, not many girls are able to do that!" Shocked by what I was
hearing I replied, "Really Josh? I've been holding back because I was
afraid I was gonna leak onto your face, or I could have had a lot more.
Way more". It was my first orgasm, and I had never felt anything more
spectacular in my life. Even as we lay there moments later in each other's
arms, I could still feel Josh's tongue fucking my pussy. The sensation was
so strong, it took over my whole body. The events that had just taken
place were beyond amazing, and I wanted to return the favor to my older
b*****r. "Josh?" I said, "How would you like to feel your little s****r's
mouth on your cock?"

Chapter 7

Now I ask you? what kind of a question is that? Of course I wanted
her sensual lips wrapped around my love shaft; her tongue massaging all the
sensitive nerve endings on my engorged head, the feel of her tonsils as I
would dance my cock in and out of her mouth choking her just slightly. Do I
want to feel my lil s*s's mouth on my cock? Yes please!

She slowly and seductively made her way down the front of my dress
slacks until reaching the front door to the garage that held my
mustang. Unzipping it slowly, she would massage it first through the
material of the trousers until opening it, and then continued to massage my
manhood over my briefs. My breathing could not have been more erratic if I
tried. I was truly amazed at the level of skill my sweet Jenni had within
her as she lowered both my slacks and my briefs with one quick stroke. Her
mouth could not have been more accommodating for me. Whether it was the
blowjob itself or the thought of my u******ed s****r sucking my dick, the
feeling I had while I was inside her mouth was the most erotic thing I
think I could ever have felt.
One could tell this little slut had an oral fixation unparalleled
in the annals of whordom. My lil Jen had more skill at sucking dick at only
16 years of age than most women I've known throughout most of my life,
including our hot cousin Zohal. I don't have a clue just how many dicks my
lil s*s has sucked on in her young life, but all I can say is... thank God
she sucked on each and every one of those bad boys! If not for the fact
that I have a strong libido, surely I would have cum in her mouth after
just a few short moments of sheer pleasure. And believe me, that's exactly
what it was. It was THE MOST pleasurable feeling I have ever thought or
even imagined possible.
"Jenni, I want to sixty-nine with you. I need to taste that sweet
pussy again", I said hungry for more of her sweet cunt. She immediately
tore into me like a woman possessed by ripping the buttons off of my shirt,
and sucking and licking everywhere she saw my bare skin. My dick ached, but
the feeling of sheer bliss was worth it all. As for her, her pussy was
indeed the most delectable thing I could ever have tasted. I was in
absolute heaven and so was she.

A while of licking and sucking later and we were spent. We both
orgasmed in each other's mouths like two candy machines delivering sweet
goodness to a couple of starved youngsters, which made it all the more
hot. My cum dripped from her lips as she tried desperately to suck up every
last drop. All I can say about Jenni's tasty pussy juice is that if we were
to bottle it, it would be the top selling drink in the world in just a
matter of days. The demand alone would be staggering.
We held each other tightly in our arms, and looked amorously into
one another's eyes while laying on the bed of roses. "I can't think of
anyone I would have preferred to have been my first than you Josh. I love
you", she said affectionately.
"This is the most perfect moment I could ever have shared with
another human being. You are in every way imaginable... beyond compare", I
said, in awe of her.
I thought it the best time to show her a part of what I was doing
while she was being tortured by the girls. With the remote in hand, I
quickly turned on her new TV and gave her an inside look at the master
bedroom. Our two hot blonde bitches were fucking each other feverishly with
a long double-headed dildo between both their legs. The sight was so
exquisite, that I think we both got excited enough to continue right away.
"I need to be fucked!" she said, in utter agony.
"That's my sweet little whore! I've wanted to do this with you
since you were only 13 years old. Call me a perv, but I'm sooo happy to
finally get the chance to make love to you. You have no idea how much I've
craved this", I said, slipping a finger in her hot, wet snatch yet again
and massaging it lightly. "If you need to be fucked... then I need to fuck
you. I'm going to fuck you so good that you'll still feel me inside of you
for the next couple of days at least".

I moved on top of her and began kissing her all over again. While
doing so, I began gyrating my waist and pushing my hard s****r-crazed dick
against her young pussy. The feeling alone of being on top of her, kissing
and massaging her clit with my dick was enough to drive any man insane with
lust. It was amazing how good her young slutty, virgin body felt against my
naked skin.
After some maneuvering and massaging of the clit with my hard dick,
I was finally able to push the head of my dick inside of my
beloved. "Finally!" she let out, half dazed and in a elated state. I pushed
in, slowly at first, to cries of, "it hurts so much!" and a look of
discomfort in her semi-opened eyes.
"Do you want me to stop?" I asked her lovingly.
"No!" she screamed. "Just slow down when I tell you to".
This went on for close to an hour before she felt, "numb" as she
put it. Now I could let loose a bit and rock her young world the way I was
always meant to have rocked it. If my dick could speak it would have
thanked us both for allowing us to enter the beautiful world of Jenni's
sweet pussy.
Scared to send in the troops at full blast, I opted to be only
somewhat f***eful instead. Her pussy was hurting more than any other day of
her young existence and I was the cause of it. Could anything have made it
better than this? I don't think so!... So I thought. When she said those
unbelievable words to me, "I'm on my period, you can cum inside of me", I
almost choked on my own saliva.
I began thrusting with a renewed sense of purpose. Suddenly and
without warning I thrust with all of my energy into her beautiful womanhood
and let loose all that I had deep, deep inside of her. She let out a scream
from the pain that engulfed her sweet snatch as I practically ripped open a
new hole for easier access.
"Oh my God, that was the most amazing feeling ever!" she said,
happier than I think I've ever seen her in her life.
"You're telling me! You're the most amazing lover I've ever had", I
said, being only too honest with her as I've never had another lover quite
like her.

Soon afterwards we tried every position her young and inexperienced
body could handle. We tried it cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, butterfly, with
her legs pinned back, doggy style while laying down and while standing up
leaning against the bed, and of course... anal (I loved how daring she was,
how free and full of life). All of these positions were things we tried to
do, all the while watching her new TV for signs of hot erotic life between
two hot blondes fucking each other on our parent's bed. It was the best
night ever! But as luck would have it, it wasn't our last. ;)

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