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New years eve with strangers and my milf

We were invited to a New Years party for some of the people I was now working with. I had just started working for a new company 3 weeks prior to new years. I only new 3 of the people I worked with and I found out that night that nobody was going to be there. We arrived at 10:00 PM and found the party in full swing. There were more singles than couples and most of the people that showed up were from the programming and IT groups. Many of them were either fresh out of college or still attending evenings.
We found a Keg in the basement and while standing there drinking and meeting new people, We realized all the people downstairs were young guys and us. Peggy likes to flirt with guys especially YOUNG guys. She was strutting her shit and the guys were loving it. she wore a short short leather skirt and a form fitting glittery low cut gold lame top. Her breasts were exposed and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. The unknown factor was that she also wore no panties. Several of the guys were having a very animated discussion on how immature the young girls were and she was digging on it. I told her I was going upstairs to see if anybody I knew from work had arrived. I told her AI would probably be a while, knowing this would give the guys the go ahead if they were interested in pursuing her. I went upstairs and Overheard a few of the girls bitching about the "CUNT" downstairs that was flirting with the available young guys. I grinned inside and knew what this meant. The clock was getting close to midnight and I went down to see how things had progressed. she was kissing one of the guys when I got down there and as I got close she leaned over and kissed me. I asked how things were moving along, and she said great. I said good. I told her that it would be midnight soon and we should all go upstairs to get champagne and bring in the new year. everyone walked up the stairs and as she went up the steps, three of the guys that had been kissing her were behind her. she dropped an ear ring on purpose on the tops step and ebnt over to pick it up acting as if she couldn't find it. They got a good view of her charms and she made it obvious by doing this that she was available. I was behind them and saw their reactions. we got upstairs and 2 of the guys were whispering near the doorway so I walked around into the next room and cozied up to the same doorway in the next room and overheard them saying they both wanted to fuck her and "did you see her pussy? It was wet and looked so good." I kind of grinned and walked over to her. I gave her a glass of champagne and pretty soon all of the 3 guys were handing her a champagne. She drank each of them and left one remaining to toast with. She didn't need anything to get her loose, but they didn't know it. The clock struck midnight and everybody was kissing and toasting and drinking inn the new year. I kissed her and walked around the room kissing other young girls and I overheard one say to another there she goes again. She's a tramp. Look at her hanging on them guys. I have had enough. I am leaving. The girls all began leaving and all the couples left. Soon there was just the host. He was Ronnie,a young guy of 23,and Jerry, another 23 year old. Then there was Jim, a 19 year old and Eric,18, who was the hosts younger b*****r, and was kissing her when I went downstairs. Eric was the boldest of the 4 guys and Jim was next boldest. It turns out that Eric and Jim were best friends. I then found out that Ronnie, the host, was gay and Jerry was bisexual. Eric was Jim's best bud since grade school and the 2 of them were both bi. Eric was now working on a make-out with my wife while they were seated on the couch. I sat across from them and could see that all the guys could see her wet pussy and Eric slid a finger in to explore her wet lips. as Eric was getting hotter, so was my wife. she slid over Eric's lap and was straddling him as she removed his belt and undid his zipper and button on his jeans. Since she was straddling him her skirt rode up to her waist. Jim asked me if I was jealous. I told him just a tiny bit, but that this turned me on as much as it did her. He said you are so lucky to have a girlfriend like her. I said she is my wife. Jim said that was even cooler. Ronnie sat on Jim's lap and said are you getting horny watching her and my little baby b*****r. Jim said hell yes. He said good cause I want you hot when we go to bed.. Ronnie kissed Jim and they quickly vacated the living room. Jim was still sitting next to me and he was asking all kinds of questions. Do you do this often? To which i answered yes. Then he said do you ever get real jealous. I told him no. just very horny. He then asked do you ever join in? I told him if the situation allows it I do. He said wanna join in now? I looked at him and said sure. he told Eric let's go to your room. He said OK. she had gotten his cock out and as Eric stood up I could see his 8 inch cock sticking out 90 degrees from his body and she grabbed it and said tell me where to go as she d**g him behind her. Jim and I walked behind them and Jim was feeling my ass. as we got into Jim's room I could see he had a nice layout. His bed was a king sized bed and he had a dresser and desk and a couch in there too. Jim and I sat on the couch and watched as they stripped down nude. Jim said we should get comfortable too. I removed my clothes and so did Jim. as we sat back down he grabbed my cock and balls and was slowly stroking them. I felt his cock and did the same. Jim as equally large but thicker than Eric. Jim was also uncut and had huge nuts. Erics nuts hung lower but weren't quite as big as Jim's. peggy took Eric into her mouth and Eric slid around to a 69m position. As he did that I told Jim I loved it when she was in a 69. She was sucking Eric and he was getting ready to shoot a load. She told him to mount her from behind. He got behind her and she said come and eat me while he fucks me. I got under her and was licking her clit and his cock as she began to suck on mine. then I saw Jim get behind Eric and was sliding his cock in Eric's ass. he spread his legs wide enough for me to slide my head between them and I licked Jim's ass and Eric's balls and then went back to sucking on Peggy's clit. We were all getting double serviced. Jim began to buck and he came first as I licked his ass and he shot a load into Eric's ass, Eric was cumming next and as he shot a huge load into my wife, I felt her beginning her orgasm and she came crashing down on my face with Eric on top of her. as Eric slipped out I sucked his cock clean and then began to eat his load from her pussy. Jim asked if he could eat some of the cum too. I said sure and he got behind her and was eating her pussy as I sucked her clit. we swapped tongue a bit too, and Eric said he was ready to fuck again. Peggy said OK you two out of my way I want him to fuck me from top. She lay down and we slid aside and Eric climbed on top and began slipping his cock up and down her slit. She reached back and shoved in and he was now driving it deep into her pussy as we got into it again bu feeling her tits and Eric's balls. Jim knelt next to Peggy and fed her a salami that was so big that she almost choked. she sucked him dry and then she began a second orgasm. Shortly after she came a 2nd time, Eric began to shoot another hot load of cum deep into her cunny. she set off with another orgasm and Jim laid down next to her as Eric slumped on top of her. she kissed him and thanked him as he lay there exhausted on top of her. then Jim said he needed some of that gorgeous sexy pussy and she grinned and pushed Eric off her as Jim climbed on top and slid his cock deep into her wet and sloppy pussy. I was next to them and Eric was on the other side. I kept watching as i got another erection. Eric too got hard and he climbed over them and slid his cock into my mouth and I sucked him off. he came in a torrent of cum that was too much for me to swallow. it dripped out the sides of my mouth and Peggy was soon kissing me and feeling Eric's cock as she came to another orgasm and Jim went nuts on her as he drove it deep and hard and finished with a huge set of long ropes of cum into her full petaled pussy lips. Eric got between her legs as he pushed Jim aside and he ate her pussy with a hunger of a possessed man. We finished that round and fell asl**p. I awoke later to find them asl**p and walked out tom the bathroom and saw Jerry pissing naked in the toilet with the door wide open. He saw me and I looked down at his cock and was astounded. it was over 10 inches. I asked if he was going back to Ronnie tonight. he said no, he was hoping to get into my wife. I asked if there was another room. He said yes and showed me a third bedroom. I said wait here and I will bring her back. He agreed and i went and got Peggy. I directed her to Jerry's bed and she climbed in. when he lifted the blanket and showed his big thick hard young oversize cock she went down on him. I left the 2 of them and opened Ronnie's door to hear his snoring. I went back to Eric's room and when I opened the door i saw Eric fucking Jim. I left them and went down to the f****y room with a blanket and went to sl**p.

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