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On Your Knees, Girl

Alex grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in front of him. He unzipped his pants and pulled himself out.

“Now you prove just how badly you want this Shannon. Suck me. Give me the best that you’ve got. But whatever you do, do not let me cum. I want you to make it last until I tell you to stop.” And without waiting for a response, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in. Shannon had a moment to wrap her hands around the shaft before her mouth reached the tip. She closed her eye, as she usually did, and started licking around and around slowly. She licked down to the base and back up again, following the vein. When her mouth reached the tip again, her lips parted and she started taking him slowly into her mouth. She didn’t use any suction at first, just moved her head closer and closer as she took more of the shaft into her mouth. She tried to stop when she gagged a bit, but Alex, his hands still on her head, f***ed her to take it until it hit her throat. Gagging and with tears in her eyes, she gave in and let him guide her. When the pressure of his grasp lessened, she moved back to a more comfortable position and started sucking. She moved her head back and forth, his now throbbing cock moving in and out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around as she sucked and moved her hands up and down the shaft at the same time. His hips were pumping a bit as she worked him harder and faster. But then, feeling he could be close, Shannon slowed things down and then removed her mouth entirely as she pressed her thumb against the vein at the base. After a few seconds, she began stroking again, this time moving one hand to the balls, cupping them, massaging them firmly. Keeping his balls in the palm of her hand she shifted so she was able to press one finger behind them at a particular point of sensitivity. The entire time she was stroking the length of him with her other hand. Once again she opened her mouth and took him in, this time all at once. She heard him gasp and was so happy to know that her technique was not only pleasing him but surprised him just a little. She continued, stroking harder and faster as she sucked.

“Oh fuck, I can’t take it anymore. Just do it. Make me cum! Now!”

Shannon sucked and stroked and massaged faster and harder. Alex pumped his hips, fucking her face, driving his cock deep into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, making her gag over and over again. She kept at it, feeling him throbbing and twitching, knowing he would explode at any moment. Never before had Shannon wanted a man to cum in her mouth, but she knew that pulling back to have Alex cum anywhere else was not an option. Harder and faster, licking, sucking, stroking. His body tensed and he stopped thrusting. She sucked hard, knowing he was about to cum. With a twitch and one last thrust, he exploded in her mouth. Shannon almost choked with the amount of his juices that hit the back of her throat so suddenly, but she held off and was able to take it, swallowing every last drop that he hit her with.

Slowly moving her mouth back up the shaft of his cock to the tip, she licked around the tip with her tongue to make sure he was cleaned off entirely. She then leaned back, lowered her head and rested her hands on her thighs, waiting while Alex took the time to recover.

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