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Punter becomes sex slave

Drewan had been getting hornier and hornier for Jess ever since he had found her on the Internet via one of her naughty blogs. They had exchanged several e-mails and then he spoke to Jess on the phone. D was captivated by J's sweet soft Highland accent - he had had lots of English ladies via AW, a few Welsh fillies and even a Sheila, but never any Scots lassies. Distance was obviously a problem, but eventually they agreed on a meeting at a chain hotel near Glasgow, which they could both reach by road. Obviously it would need to be an overnighter, and Jess promised a hot one!

D became more and more excited as he drove up the motorway, especially once he was past Gretna Green and in the land of the cabertossers. He reached the hotel first, enjoyed a warm shower, then texted his room number to J. She replied immediately that she was not far off, so D relaxed on the bed, stroking his member gently in anticipation of the night's upcoming events......Soon there was a gentle knock at the hotel room door and D just knew that his night of lust was about to begin. He leaped up and opened the door for his new lover. There was Jess, looking a picture of beauty. Her hair was rolled up off her shoulders and her make up had just a hint of colour to enhance her natural loveliness and her bright brown eyes had eyeliner slicked over her eyelid and flicked up like cat's eyes to give just a hint of naughtiness. Her body was entirely cloaked in a large black coat - D immediately wondered what charms were contained underneath. D ushered J into the room and took her into his arms for a deep, lingering kiss, just as though they were old lovers. D moved his lips down to J's shapely neck, then they broke apart to allow J to remove her coat.

Wow, what a sight lay beneath! J was clad in five inch platform heels, hold-ups, a mini skirt which stopped above her stocking tops and tube top, all in black - what a gorgeous whore she looked! D gasped, then took her straight back into his arms, giving her a massive snog as his tongue pushed deep into her mouth. His hands were everywhere, feeling her ample breasts beneath her top, needing her buxom rear, and even pausing gently over the front of her mini skirt to gauge her reaction. J was enjoying herself immensely, and emits gentle sighs between
kissing D back strongly, her tongue mingling with his.....D gently pushed J back on to the bed. J confessed that she had started feeling horny driving along in in contemplation of the meet. D soon found that indeed she was hot, as when his hand strayed under her panties and on to her pussy she was already very wet down there! That spurred D on, and removing J's panties he pushed two fingers straight into her wetness. Then he was down on her pussy with his tongue and mouth, which really got J going. She writhed against D's mouth and before long came strongly, filling his mouth with her tasty pussy juice - D's first experience of a lady gushing - didn't he just love it!

That was just a taster - literally! - for the main course, so it was off with the rest of J's clothes, on with the durex for D and J impaled herself on D's now rock hard cock. She pounded away, obviously enjoying herself and eventually the lady came again. Then it was time for some doggy and a little exploration of her rear entrance. Finally they moved to missionary with D on top (his favourite position) plunging very deep into J's now sopping wet cunt. They pounded away, and at last both came more or less together for a shattering climax which will long remain in D's memory.

Both shattered with their exertions, D and J lay more for many minutes entwined together wallowing in their nakedness on the bed. Eventually, J being the younger by nearly 20 years recovered, took up a small suitcase she had brought with her and disappeared into the bathroom. When she emerged, D was astonished to see the lady in a totally different light.Jess was wearing crotch high shiny stiletto heeled leather boots, a tiny little g-string, a peepie hole rubber basque, a thick collar to lengthen her neck, hair sc****d back into a sleek high ponytail, lips as red as bl**d and eyes encased in black kajal and eyeshadow. D was struck dumb - who was this fearsome looking creature? J noticed D's amazement, and in a harsh voice announced that she was now Dom Dee, and D was to be her slave. In her hand was a leather whip, which she struck hard on the bed, instructing D to kneel on the floor before her. D knew he had no choice, so he dropped down and crouched before J in a foetal position, fearing the first blow from J's whip. It didn't come, but J thrust her right boot into D's face and told him to lick it all over to make it clean and shiny. D obliged, as J spat on the boot herself to help D out. D lapped away, quite enjoying the taste of the leather and a little turned on by his new role as a lady's slave - had he not always been a bit of a sub at heart?

J certainly seemed to appreciate D's efforts and was getting turned on herself, as she gently massaged her crotch through the silky g-string, emitting gentle moans. After a few minutes, she announced that if D were a good boy he might be spared the whip altogether and be granted some reward, but he would have to be tied up first. J tied D to the curtain rail with a cord she had with her, then she kissed him deeply, her tongue pushing hard into his mouth, his reward for cleaning her boots. Next the sexy lady trailed her tongue down his chin and throat, then she gave his neck a gentle love bite. She took a step back, massaged her ample chest and tugged on her nipples to make them bullet-hard, before she went to her bag to pull out her brand-new purple double-ended dildo. She hadn't used this awesome toy before, but she felt that D would be the ideal subject. One end was much longer than the other, so J inserted the longer end deep into her sopping wet cunt, then swivelled D round so that his aresehole was available for her unforgiving use. J had a large tube of lube to hand, and smearing a large blob on to her first two fingers, she probed gently away at D's puckered hole. D was an arsehole virgin, though a few other e****ts had given him a little anal fun, but was certainly up for it now with the gorgeous J. He did all he could to facilitate J's entry and soon she had her two fingers well in up to the knuckle.

D was moaning with the sensation of J's fingers, but then J removed them gently and swung D round again to check that his cock was hard and throbbing, which of course it was. J couldn't resist taking its full length into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, nibbling the shaft before taking the entire length in my mouth til just before D was about to climax. J swing D round again, quickly rubbed some lube on her lovely purple dildo and slipped it in D's gaping arsehole. Then pushed D over the edge and came in buckets all over the bedroom carpet.

You naughty slave, J told D at this. You weren't supposed to mess up the lovely carpet like that. Get down on your knees and lick that spunk up. She untied his arms and he sank to the floor to do his mistress' bidding. Gamely he lapped away at his own cum, taking as much as he could into his mouth. This turned J on no end and she started to pump her pussy again with the long end of the dildo. Eventually D had most of the cum in his mouth, and J took him in her arms, kissed him deeply, and sucked some of the juicy spunk into her mouth.

You've been a good boy, Drewan, Jess said to her new lover, as they sank together on to the bed for a well-deserved rest. I think we'll meet again, she added.....

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