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Playing wth a huge cock

Yesterday we had one of those experiences you never forget.

We had read on the internet about a palce North of Cardiff which has a reputation for where people have sex outdoors and where a lot of dogging takes place. According to the web sites it happens during the day as well as at night.

We decided to drive to the area to see if it was true. As we knew we were going to a woodland area Mrs V could not wear a dress. She wore jeans. Under her jeans she put on a pair of seamed, black hold ups but no pants. Her top half was naked under a short winter coat.

We followed the directions and arrived at what we thought was our destination, a car park along a country lane. However, there was only one car and no occupants in sight. We left the car park and continued along the lane. About a mile further down the road was a second car park with about 10 cars and vans parked in it. This looked more promising.

We sat in the van for a while discussing what to do. We decided to go for a walk in the woods. We set off along a path that went deep into the woods. There seemed to be nobody about. After about 15 minutes of walking Mrs V said that there was a man behind a tree 10 yards to the left of the path. We continued walking and looked back. There was indeed a man behind the tree and he appeared to be looking around for someone or something.

We carried on walking and then doubled back making sure that we walked the other side of the tree to see what the man was doing. As we approached we could see the man hidden behind a huge tree trunk facing the path. His trousers were around his ankles. We were behind him and he did not know we were there. We got about 10 yards away before the man realised he had been caught.

The man span around. What a sight greeted us. He was a youth of no more than 20 but he had a huge cock. It was a good 9 or 10 inches and very thick. The youth started to panic and tried to pull up his trousers. Mrs V told him not to worry and to carry on.

We walked towards the youth and stopped about 2 yards from him. Mrs V undid her coat to reveal her tits. The Youth's cock started to twitch. Then Mrs V undid her jeans and pulled them down to reveal her gorgeous pussy and seamed hold ups. Mrs V and the youth were two yards apart and both were wanking whilst looking at each others private parts. It was so horny.

Mrs V then did something that surprised Mr V. She told the youth to turn and face the tree and to open his legs. Mrs V walked towards the youth and put her left hand between his legs and cupped his swollen balls. With her right hand she grabbed his engorged cock and expertly started to wank him off.

Mr V saw this as an opportunity to join in. As Mrs V wanked off the massive cock he entered Mrs V from behind and started to pound his balls against her ass. This was such a horny situation. The youth started to moan and said he was about to cum. "Not yet" Mrs V said. She told Mr V to take his cock out of her pussy and leant against the tree with her ass sticking out. She then instructed both Mr V and the youth to wank all over her. It did not take the youth long to cum. He shot his load all over Mr V's ass and he was closely followed by Mr V. There was spunk everywhere.

Mrs V then took off her coat and put it on the ground. She knelt on the coat and pushed her ass into the air. She put her hand between her legs and rubbed the spunk all over her ass and pussy. She then told the youth to get down and lick his spunk off her pussy. The youth did not know what to do but knelt down behind Mrs V and started to lick her spunk covered cunt. Mr V pushed a finger up her ass and started to finger fuck it. Mrs V writhed with pleasure. After only two minutes or so she started to shake violently as the most intense orgasm rippled right through her body. It went on for ages and could have been heard throughout the whole woods.

We all cleaned ourselves up and went our separate ways. What a day. We will definately visit there again.

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