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A night with my co-worker

This is a story about a night out i had this summer with a friend / co-worker named Ann and her husband. Her and i had hung out many of times in the past, but the conversations had never been as flirty or as interesting as they were tonight. I had no idea she was into women, or that her and Steve were into the things they are, but i found out this night.
Ann and I were meeting up with a few other co-worker for dinner and drinks. I wore a skin tight little black dress with knee high boots. Ann had on a similar short black dress,it was tight and low cut in the front. Now Ann is probably six foot tall,thin,small perky tits,and an ass that everyone guy or girl drools over. As we drove to dinner i noticed that i could see in the top of Ann's low cut dress. So i told her i can see your boob when you lean forward. She said that she knew, but she cant help that her small tits didn't fill out her dress. She said that knowing people could see tits her was a turn on too her anyway. During dinner i could see her tits every time she leaned forward. The couple times she caught me looking she would smile and wink at me. After dinner Ann ask if id like to stop for more drinks on our way to her place (my car was there). I replied yes, and Ann said but you have to do me a favor. What is it I ask?She ask that i take my bra off so she can enjoy viewing my tits as much as i was enjoying hers. So when we pulled in to the parking lot i pulled down the top of my dress and snapped my bra off. i could see Ann was checking out my tits before i pulled my top back up. As we sat in the bar Ann stared at my long nipples poking out of my skin tight dress, and i kept my eyes on her tits as well. We talked and flirted back and forth over a couple of more drinks and then headed for her house to call it a night. I was felling pretty horny from the drinks our conversations, and looking at Ann's tits. Plus knowing she was looking at my rock hard nipples was turning me on. On the way to her house she ask if id like to come in and have some wine. I told her if i have wine ill need to stay over, no problem Steve is out of town anyway she replied. Even though we had never looked at one another like we had tonight, or had the conversations we had tonight.I really was not expecting anything to happen. WOW was i wrong.
When we got to her house she ask if i wanted some different clothes. I told her ya and she went in to the bedroom to get get me some. She came out and handed me the clothes and said that i could get changed in the bathroom .So i wen't in to get changed, I pulled my dress off and i stood in the mirror looking at myself. I could not believe how hard my nipples were I gave them a pinch and could feel the excitement in my pussy. I was a little nervice that i was this turned on and not really knowing what she was thinking. She had given me a white tank top that would fit tighter than my dress and it was as thin as possible.(i think that was planed) and a pair of shorts that the bottom of my ass hung out of. I walked out of the bathroom and was completely at ease. Ann was sitting on the couch in the same tank top i had on Skin tight and see-through, her nipples looked to be as hard as mine were. She had on a pair of boy shorts type underwear. They were White like the tank top and she looked so sexy her long legs and pointy nipples. She had two glasses of wine on the table, I pick one up as i sat down. We made some small talk while we drank our wine, but we both kept looking each other up and down. The conversation quickly turned to our nipples, she said she had never met anyone with nipples longer than hers till she had seen mine tonight. I told her that hers looked pretty long from what i could see. ya she replied but my tits are not as big as your ether, can i see yours again she said. i said ya and lifted up the skin tight shirt(like it was hiding anything). She slid right over next to me and reached out, grabbed my tit and gave it a squeeze. She slid her fingers over my nipple and gave it a little tug. It felt so good i instantly reached up and put my hand on the side of her ass/hip area and squeezed. Ann smiled at me and then pulled my shirt off over my head.(compleatly unexpected) Ann leaned in and put my hard nipple in her mouth flicking her tough back and forth over my nipple. She kissed her way over to my other nipple and sucked on it a bit. As she went to my second nipple I reached up and was rubbing her tits and nipples. She sat back and took her shirt off, she leaned in and put her nipple in my face for my to suck on. I had never played with long nipples like hers( other than my own but i cant suck on mine). she was breathing hard and rubbing on both my tits while i was licking,sucking,biting and pinching her nipples. she slid down and kissed me her tough went deep in my mouth. I could feel our nipples bumping together my one hand was on her ass the other on the back of her head. She was rubbing her hand up and down my inner thigh. She ask if i would like to go in to the bedroom, i nodded yes. As we walked into the bedroom i took off the shorts i had on. We climbed into her bed and we were all over each other. We were kissing she had one hand on my ass and the other playing with my nipples. I was rubbing on her tits with one hand and moving my other hand over her whole body her ass,legs,arms,and back. When my hand came up her inner thigh i slowly slid my fingers up over her pussy being sure to pause and rub on her clit for a brief second. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy through her panties She arched her back and took in a deep breath i could tell she liked it. I moved my hand up and had one of her small tits in each hand her nipples were between two of my fingers so i could pinch them while i squeezed her tits. We were still kissing heavily, when I moved my hand back toward her pussy she moved her hand from my ass to my pussy. I know she could feel how wet i was, i was so horny at this point. She rubbed my pussy while i did the same to her. I slid my finger in the side of her panties so i could feel her wetness on my fingers.I was stroking her clit softly with my finger and i was so focused on her that i had not realized she had her hand in my panties until she slid a finger into my pussy. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her harder, she slowly slid her finger in and out of my pussy. I did the same sliding my finger in to her tight pussy, one finger then two. still fingering each others pussy she pulled off my panties and i pulled hers off too. We were going at it pretty hot and heavy when she began to kiss my chest,then my nipples and down my stomach. I could not wait to feel her licking my pussy.But Just as she got below my bellybutton i had an idea. I grabbed her shoulder and she looked up at me, I said 69. Ann smiled and swung her ass around to put her pussy in my face. As she dropped her pussy closer i could smell her sweet juice and could not wait to get it in my mouth. But before she got close enough for me to taste her she hit my pussy with a big swipe of her tongue. She was soft and gentle at first then more pressure, it was like she had licked a few pussies in her time. I reached up and put a hand on each of her firm ass cheeks and pulled her down to me so i could taste her pussy .Her ass was so firm and her pussy was so tight, i plunged my tongue deep in to her pussy and then up to her clit for some gentle licking. We continued to 69 for a while, i know she tasted my cum twice. I could taste her cum in my mouth so i know she was satisfied.We kissed and played with each others tits and nipples late into the night till we fell asl**p.
We both were sl**ping Ann was still naked sl**ping on her back i had put my panties on and was sl**ping on my side with one leg kicked over Ann's legs. my arm rested across her chest . Around 5 in the morning i woke up with the feeling that someone was looking at me. I was right it was Ann's husband Steve had come home early from his trip. I was startled and i jumped, which had woke Ann up too. She saw that he was standing there, she just casually said good morning your home early. I felt odd because there i am in my silk see through panties topless and the blankets are on the floor at the foot of the bed. I ve meet Steve on multiple occasions but never figured id be naked in front of him. He acted like no big deal and went out to make coffee for us. Ann gave me a kiss pinched my nipples and we got up to have coffee with Steve. We both put on the see-through tank tops from last night. Ann put on her panties and we went out to have coffee. Steve met us in the kitchen with coffee ready. Ann and i sat sat at the table and Steve stood in the kitchen, nothing was mentioned that he walked in on us naked in bed. He ask how i was and how work was going, Ann joked that work would be more interesting now. I realized that steve was standing in the kitchen where he had a perfect view of both of us. I could see he was looking at my nipples poking out of my white tank top. he continued looking me up and down, Ann noticed him looking at me also. She said Kelly has a very nice body don't she hun. I love her nipples Steve said even with that tank top i keep looking at them poking out. Plus the shirt is so thin i can see right through it. Ann reached over and grabbing my titties in her hand saying i know i keep looking at her tits wishing she didn't have this shirt on. Why don't you Take it off ,She said I glanced over at Steve and then over at Ann not really sure what to say. Ann said Steve won't mind, here i'll take mine off. She pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor, your turn she said. I felt nervous, my palms were sweaty and could feel the butterflies in my belly. I glanced at Steve then at Ann (her nipples were rock hard as i knew mine were too) then i just went with it and took my shirt off tossing it over on the floor. i was still kind off turned on from last night( i like women, but i need dick also).So, Sitting there in my panties had my nipples rock hard and my pussy instantly wet. Ann grabbed back a hold of my tit giving my nipple a good pinch. She said to Steve you should feel how firm her tits are how hard these long nipples get. Steve looked at me, the look on his face was asking if it was ok. i said sure you can come and take a feel. Steve came over and put his hand on my tit. He was squeezing one tittie while Ann had the other one in her hand. He said ya they are very firm, he then leaned down and put my nipple into his mouth. As he begun to flick his tonugh over my nipple i felt ann put her mouth around my other nipple and begin to suck on it. I'm not sure why but this felt amazing more then usual.(I think it was because it was Ann and her husband, plus it was so unexpected what a turn on) . Your long nipples are sexy and there so hard i like that Steve said. Ann had her hand on my thigh as steve walked back over to his coffee. He picked up his cup to take a drink and Ann leand in and kissed me running her hand up my thigh and started rubbing my pussy a the same time. I rubbed her tits and played with her nipples as we kissed, Steve was watching with a smile on his face. He probably knew what was to cum for him.
Ann motioned for Steve to cum with us as she took my hand and walked me into the living room. We sat down on the couch still in just our panties. As Steve walked in he took his shirt off and walked over to Ann. She quickly undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Steve is kind of a nerdy guys, short and not too athletic looking. But he was very toned up and sexy naked. I was exspecaily surprised at how large his cock was. Id say it was 8 or 9 inches long and thick, real thick.Ann put his half hard cock into her mouth and begun to suck and strock his cock. Watching her was a huge turn-on my pussy was dripping wet and my nipples were so hard they felt like they were going to burst. I placed one hand on my throbing pussy and the other on Ann's pussy rubbing both of us. Steve had one hand on Ann's tit while the other was on mine,pinching our nipples and rubbing our tits. This went on till Ann ask me to take over on Steve's cock. He slid over and put his now rock hard dick in my face i wondered if i could get my mouth around it. i licked it from top to bottem then i licked on his balls before puting his cock in my mouth. I could only go down about half way on his cock, he was so thick. His hand were rubbing all over me, on my tits down my back and over my arms.I continued to suck him off useing one hand to strock him at the same time. Ann had moved around and was kneeling donw next to Steve she reached up and pulled my panties off. I looked up at Steve and he was looking down at my pussy. I spread my legs open and Ann buried her face into my pussy i keep sucking on his cock while she was licking my clit so soft and gentle.She had me so turned on that i leand back on the couch, Steve took his pants the rest of the way off and knelt down with Ann. i kicked one leg over his shoulder and the other up over her. They pushed my legs up so my knees were up by my ears. They began to take turns licking my pussy, first her then him trading back and forth. Before i knew it when she was licking my pussy he was licking my ass. I had to of cum with in seconds of him doing that. Ann moved up and lay on her back on the couch, she motioned for me to cum eat her out. i put my face into her pussy it smelled and tasted so good. . I was on my knees with my ass up in the air Steve was rubbing my pussy from behind sliding a finger or two in my dripping wet pussy . His thumb sliding over my asshole every so often. His other hand strocking his thick cock up and down. I felt him step up on to the couch and i knew that i was about to get his long fat cock deep in me. I glanced up at Ann (still licking her pussy) she looked down at me with a smile on her face. She winked at me and looked up at Steve right about the same time that he slowly pressed his rock hard cock into me. He entered my pussy so slow and his rock hard cock was so thick i could feel every vain in it. He slid in and out of me slow and gentle pulling out to just the head then pushing all the way back into me. Every time he went in so deep i would pull Ann's pussy tighter into my face, I could feel myself about too cum. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and rubbud his thumb around my asshole with just the right presser that i couldn't hold back. I had one of the biggest orgasms i have ever had. My body wen't limp, I moaned out loud real loud and i cum like a waterfall. Steve quickly pulled out of me and plunged his face into my pussy licking up my juices. I layed my head down on Ann, my ass still up in the air while steve finished licking me good.
I layed there for a minute till Ann Said ok my turn and slid off the couch. I sat up on my knees and looked back at steve, he was grining from ear to ear. Ann went to get some water and told me to keep him hard for her. So i slid his still rock hard cock into my mouth, i could taste my pussy on his dick. Ann came back in and began to lick on his balls, we switched places a couple of times. Ann then layed me down on the couch and took the same position that i had earlier. She licked my pussy from top to bottom, i was pinching on my nipples. Steve got behind her the way he had done to me. He fucked her slowly at first then faster and harded. She was breathing hard and still licking at my clit, i pinched my nipples that much harder. When she cum she screamed out OH GOD and fell down on top of me, he licked her cumming pussy the way he did mine. I was so turned on that i reached down and rubbed my clit, i felt steve slide a finger into my pussy. Ann said you need better than that, she then got up and straddled me, facing toward Steve. With her perfect ass sitting over my face, steve put my legs up over his shoulders. She sat her pussy down on my face and steve slid his cock into my dripping wet pussy. I was eating her pussy while steve was fucking me. In this position his cock felt even larger than before. He moved slow at first then faster and harder, him and ann were kissing and had there hands all over me and one another. They were Pinching my nipples, rubbing my legs all while he was pounding on my pussy harder and harder. I heard Ann tell Steve that when he cums she want to share it with me. He pumpd harder and then Ann got off me, he pushed my legs up further toward my head. he slid his cock out till just the head was in me then slamed that huge cock down in me over and over. My pussy was so wet that it was making sloshing noise as he continued to pound me. He said he was going to cum, and Ann got down beside me. Steve pulled out of my pussy and put his dick up in our faces letting loose a huge load of cum all over mine and Ann's face. His cum dripped down my face and onto my tits. Ann had cum all around her mouth and on her chest. We kissed and rubbed our tits together with that hot cum all over them. Ann leaned over and put Steve's cock into her mouch and slid up and down on it a couple of times. Steve went to clean up while Ann and i cuddled up naked on the couch for awhile. Ann and i then got up and took a shower together washing each others body's till we ran out of hot water. We got dressed, I put my dress on from last night. On my way out i stopped and gave steve a hug good bye (which felt kind of wierd cosidering what had just happened). Ann walked me to the door, she gave me a kiss and said see you on monday at the office. This was a night that i still can't belived happened, but i hope it happens again

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