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Good Little Cuckold Story

It was a wet rainy overcast day. I hate those days. It's cold and damp. I felt like I needed something to bring back the life in this boring dark day. I get home before my husband, Brad. I found out in addition to my being home alone, Brad was not going to be home until 8:00 this evening. I pondered my options. There was always food for a sensual experience. I wanted something more but decided to settle for a hot pizza. I needed something that was dripping hot melted cheese , a lot of extra cheese that filled my mouth so full that I would explode with delight.

L. G. Kocks pizza I decided. I called the number and ordered the meat lovers extra large, extra cheesey pizza. My body felt warm just thinking about it. This was the sensual experience I needed. 45 minutes later the doorbell rang, I peered out the window to see a young strapping black man that had a well toned, overdeveloped body with muscles that would not be gone anytime soon. It was clear that this massive hunk was a body builder. I was impressed that such a fine young man would be delivering my pizza. As I walked to the door, I could see him through the glass whisking his hair aside as if to look more presentable.

I opened the door, we just stared for a moment at each other. His piercing blue eyes seemed to penetrate to the depths of my soul. I felt naked in his presence. I stammered 'how, how much do I owe you?' With a faint smile he walked right in the doorway and I felt helpless to stop him. I was stunned, I stood there speechless as he walked right up to me, took my hand and yet said nothing. He guided me to the bedroom as if he had known all along where it was. Never missing a beat, he thrust me down on the bed with such f***e I felt powerless to say a word. He unbuckled his pants and I saw a rather large frame through his underwear where his 9 inch cock was begging for attention.

He looked down at me and started slowly removing my shoes, gently peeling away my socks and finally my jeans. I was rendered speechless as I lay on the bed helpless to defend myself. He then said I'm going to fuck your little pussy until you beg me to stop. He then removed my panties with his teeth and started to take his large cock out of his underwear and move towards me. I was a little excited yet concerned because he was so enormous in size. As he leaned over me he pulled his cock back and began to kiss my pussy along with a slight teasing of his tongue. I was getting so hot and turned on that I wanted more and more. As I was moaning for his to touch to continue I felt his large cock enter me. I felt myself expanding so he could fill his need. As he started to thrust I heard a faint noise from the garage and knew my husband was home. I was too involved with this huge penis inside me to be concerned. I was hoping Brad could understand a woman's needs. I knew he was at the doorway watching. The thrusting continued for another good twenty minutes. I was concerned but enjoying myself tremendously and didn't want it to end. Then suddenly in a final thrust, this young man cums deep inside me as I felt a final rush of excitement. I scream out in delight and the young man relaxes and suddenly collapses on the bed.

I looked up and my husband is looking at me smiling with pleasure. I beckon for him to come over next to me he does. I immediately remove his pants and starting out slowly with my tongue, I stroke him gently. He is already hard as I slide my mouth over his entire cock, making sure I get every delicious drop of his love down my throat. He is taking it slow enjoying every minute as I gaze into his eyes. During this time I didn't realize that the pizza man had left. I never even knew his name, nor did I care. I had the man I cared about on the bed with me giving him a needed release from a stressful day.

When he was satisfied we decided to see if the pizza was still hot. It was dripping melted cheese and hot meats all over our bodies. We slowly fed each other each tasty morsel of this delicious pizza until we were both stuffed.

It was another enjoyable day with the man I love more than anyone else.

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