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Finally Alexis and I meet

I've booked the Smugglers Rest hotel in Ferndown for the night and as soon as we get into the room I hang the do not disturb sign on the door and lock it. We undress each other and I see straight away that your nipples are erect and my cock is standing to attention. I start by binding your tits like the last photo you sent me and pull the twist ties really tight. I love how it makes your nipples even larger and harder. Then I part your legs and push your panties inside your very wet cunt with just a little bit poking out. Then it’s my turn. I want you to bind my cock and balls the same as I have bound your tits. It makes my balls huge. I already know I've a huge amount of spunk in them as I haven't wanked for two weeks in anticipation of our meeting.

We them fix clamps to each other’s nipples, obviously yours are bigger than mine. The clamps hurt both of us but we love the pain. We both want to cum. I lay you down on the bed, your legs are wide apart and I can see your panties poking out of your cunt. I get them between my teeth and pull them out and smell them deeply. I slowly lick all the way up and down your wet slit. I push your legs wider apart and slide two fingers inside you and then a third and a fourth. You are so wide open and so wet I squeeze my fingers together and push them all inside. You groan and moan as slowly my whole fist disappears inside you and suddenly all I can see is my wrist. I can feel your wetness and I start fisting you. You cum almost instantly but I'm not content to let you only cum once. With my fist still inside I lean down and suck your clit. Your second and third climax are huge and the noises you make are bound to heard all over the hotel.

I let you recover before I lay down on the bed with my legs apart. I take your panties and hold them against my nose and inhale your wonderful cunt smell. I start licking them at the same time as I feel you clamp your lips tightly round my cock. I hold your panties tight against my nose and smell your cunt juices as you frantically suck me. I feel a finger easing into my arse and as you finger fuck my back passage and inhale the aroma from your cunt I suddenly explode in your mouth. You carry on sucking and licking until my huge balls have been emptied. You slide up my body and we kiss and you transfer my cum from your mouth into mine. Soon both our mouths and lips are coated in a very sticky cummy mess.

We relax and recover for the next session.

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