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My Husband's Story - 1

Well, when I got to my car after work one day I had had a text from my wife, but this time it was a picture text. And as soon as i saw the cock in the text I new she had to have hooked back up with one of her "friends" she used to fuck regularly several years ago! His cock is just a little longer than mine, and also a little more thick than my dick!! She had told me before that he used to pound the hell out of her pussy & always cums at least 3 or 4 times!! Anyway, after I got the pic, being somewhat of a smart ass, I sent back a text for her to tell him I said hello!! She replied back with her own LMAO and said she was hoping I would know just whose cock it was that she was about to get fucked by!! She also said she said she had a surprise for me today. I wondered what more could she give me than more awesome stories about her getting her brains fucked out, but then she told me to go home and lay on the bed and for no reason was I to even touch my cock until she said other wise!! So I drove like a mad man to get home!! When I got home I ripped of my close jumped in bed as I was told and waited for about an hour or so and got another text!! This time it was a pic of her sitting on that cock and him holding her by her wrist pulling her hard on his cock and I could just see a glimpses of her soaking wet pussy sitting on two cum filled balls!!!! My cock was just about to bust when I got a Phone call that said It was a request to Face-time on my I-Phone so i said yes and just as I hit yes her face popped on my screen with her sucking his cock clean of both of there cum! She licked it so slow taking him down to his balls then sucking his balls into her mouth to clean them as well tell me she had a big surprise for me. About that time I saw his cock start to come back to life so she looked at me with his cock right next to her face growing all thick again and said do not jack off and hung up the phone!! I was in such pain my cock was so fucking hard! So fast forward about another hour when I got a simple text and just said on my way home I LOVE YOU and Thank You! I heard the car door shut and she walked into the house and the straight to our bedroom and she started to get undressed and i could tell she had just gotten done with him. So she very slowly moved over to the bed and laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide, still wearing her skirt. I could tell her thong was soaked and it still a bit warm. She pulled the thong aside, never taking her eyes off of mine, and stuck a finger into her obviously soaked pussy. She started moving it finger softly as white, hot cum began to seep out of her freshly fucked pussy. She told me she swallowed the first load and he pumped two more loads into her hot pussy. She continued to play with the cum leaking out of her pussy, telling me how he fucked her over and over and how she loved being able to make me so horny. She began to stroke my cock and asked me if I wanted to fuck her wet pussy while it was full of cum. I begged her to let me, but she kept teasing and telling me about fucking and sucking his cock. She must have been able to tell I was about to unleash a huge load of my own cum, and she stopped touching and stopped talking. She sucked the cum from her fingers, still making eye contact with me, then told me she was going to take a shower. I was about to explode and wanted her so fucking bad, but it seemed she had no intent on fucking me on this night. I was begging for her pussy and just before she stepped into the bathroom to shower, she pulled a flash drive from her purse and tossed it to me. She said, "the whole thing is on here. Have fun!" And with a wink and an evil little grin she closed the bathroom door and left me alone with the drive, my laptop and a throbbing cock. Damn I love her and she really knows how to get me going and keep me begging for more!

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