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Sperm Salad

When I was an office junior in my twenties I had a female boss and I suppose I suffered sexual harrassment from her although we didn't call it that. She called me into her office soon after she'd hired me and made it quite clear in our conversation that my job depended upon pleasing her in every way.

"So," she said quite openly, "drop your pants and get your cock out."

I blushed and stammered but her gaze was commanding and so eventually I did unbuckle myself and dropped my underpants too.

"In future, forget the underpants." she told me, "you'll not wear them. They constrict your balls and affect your sperm production. No, just wank yourself for me. I want to see you erect and I want to judge your sperm capacity."

I took myself in hand. It wasn't difficult, for the situation did excite me despite myself. Also she turned her legs towards me and the sight of her sheer nylon clad legs and her short tailored business skirt were very attractive. My erection was very firm.

"You have a nicely shaped cock, and I can see your balls are quite large." she told me. "Come over here will you?"

I approached her and she tok my balls in her hands exploring them and rolling them in her palm.

"Yes, quite big. Good. We'll soon develop them. Now, wank here. I want you to come here."

She pointed at her desk. It was lunchtime and I had not noticed until then that she had opened her lunchbox and was indicating a small pot of salad that was a part of it.

"Here. Spurt here. Aim carefully, pay attention, don't spill or waste any. This is not for your pleasure its for mine." she instructed.

I placed my cock head close to the pot and wanked delicately without losing my aim. I still couldn't resist grunting as I came though and was pleased to see that I had deposited my load quite neatly across her lettuce. It clung to the leaves like some exotic dressing.

"Good boy," she patted my aching balls, "well done. Not a bad donation. Now go back to your work and be ready tomorrow for the same. I shall expect this every day."

Every lunchtime I was called in then. I was young and could cope with a daily wank still giving a generous donation. As she told me, the regular milking would strengthen my balls. She asked if I had a girlfriend and when I said I did she told me to dump her.

"You'll have no time for girlfriends and certainly no interest in them. I am going to keep you drained of your seed every day." she advised me.

So it progressed for almost a year before she left and I can tell you that I was not the only young male in the office providing her with our seed.

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