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Adam and Mike (Part 1)

Adam was alone, living in the of London. He walked the streets with eyes constantly searching the crowds, picking on guys with handsome faces, fantasising about what it could be if he could just have them.

At the age of 30 Adam, failed to get any relationship. He was handsome himself. With a mediterranean look, black hair, brown eyes and sun kissed skin, he had a body fairly well shaped with his work, his long walks roaming the city and his frequent incursions to the gym.

But Adam didnt feel confortable with himself. With 5'5 and a cock with 6.5 in he thought he was not good enough. At the gym he would check on the other guys, far taller them in and with bigger cocks. Sights of monsters of 9 and even 10 inches were not uncommon. He witnessed the cruising between the gay ones but himself would not draw atention of anybody.

He tried a few times the gay saunas but the only guys that would come to him would be either too young or too old, usually the type that did not look after themselves, probably as desperate for sex and even for love and atention as himself. The quick fortuitous encounters would serve to release tension and satisfy the hormones call.

Another consolation would come from online pornography and cam2cam sessions. With all the diseases Adam found it a safer way to have sex but at the same time more unpersonal. He would meet a nice guy and have a couple of chats and wanking sessions and then they would go offline permanently and leave him again in the dark. Adam even tried the dating sites but would bump only into time wasters. They would only be looking for a one night stand or even to chat their life away for weeks or even months and then also disappear from the face of the Earth.

One day Adam was window shopping downtown when he came across a SPA for men. He had seen it before and pondered walking in and book a massage. But with a low wage and the price of the sessions he had always dismissed the idea.

Yet today was different, it was already end of the month and he had saved a bit so he thought he deserved a treat. He walked in and looked at the posters with information on the ther****ts working there. "Gay men undoubtedly" he thought "and of the pretentious kind too". But one of the pictures caught his attention. A black and white picture that he tought was to hide any possible imperfection and give way to costumer imagination, showed what seemed to be a gorgeous face with a truly honest smile, named Mike. Along the usual CV in all ITEC diplomas, travels and influences from the most exotic locations a final sentence promised a unique blissful experience. No mistakes, the small print reminder stated it was a strictly non-sexual service.

Adam walked towards the counter where the receptionist (a nice specimen of big muscled black guy) was now free to attend him. Luckily he learned Mike had a slot free at 3 pm and so he booked 2 hours.

After leaving the building he went for lunch in a italian restaurant. Through all meal he imagined one thousand things that could happen during his massage. Having had developed a special fetish for massage videos he have seen all kinds from the instrutional Youtube ones to the erotic and even pornographic ones. For Adam, massage was the most intime way to be touched and was like the ultimate preliminar to a perfect steamy night. He asked himself why he never tried it before. Today he would finnally.

Closing in 3 o'clock Adam returned to the SPA, filled in the usual questionnaire for a first timer in the house and signed the consent form. Asked to have a seat while waiting, Adam was starting to feel nervous like a virgin about to engage on his first sexual experience. He was a virgin in what concerned to massage after all and all his fantasies and expectations were building up.

The time came. Adam heard his name called out by a beautiful, deep voice that yet sounded as soft as velvet. He looked on it direction. His eyes met towering 6'2 broad shouldered blonde guy, with hazel eyes and a tanned skin. Adam fell instantly in love. His jaws momentaneously parted and Adam froze on his seat.

"Its the gentleman over there" he heard the receptionist say while pointing to him.

Mike walked in his direction and Adam started feeling a bit embarassed for his perplexe look and even more when the almost 1 foot diference in height between him and Mike came to his attention when he stood.

"Hello! I am Mike! Are you alright!" said Mike while offering his hand to shake Adams'.

"Ah... I am fine... ahhh... Thanks!.." Replied Adam already feeling the bl**d flush on his face while shaking Mike's hand (something that aleardy gave him a pleasant feeling).

"Nice to meet you! Shall we make our way to the therapy room?" said Mike, guiding Adam through the corridor into a dimed light cubicle. Pointed the place of the hangers and the towels and instructed Adam to strip nude and position himself covered on the table. Mike then left the room and Adam followed the instructions positioning himself belly down with his face on the table head gap. In one minute Mike was back, asked Adam if he was ready and slided in the player the Classic Music CD that Adam choose as preference.

At the sound of an Adaggio of Bach Mike started. First straighted up the towels one over the legs and another over back and butt. He placed a hand behind Adams neck and another over the sacrum just above the butt. Adam was feeling tense, nervous, excited, but has Mike slowed his breathing so did Adam. The music, the fragrances in the air (Mike had opened a couple of aromatic oils) and Mike magic touching were making Adam sl**p into a state of trance. His body getting deeply relaxed and his mind diving on a sea of tranquility, where there was only him and Mike. When his breath was as deep and slow as it could get Mike rolled down the top towel exposing Adams back and butt. His left hand stayed on Adam's back and his right hand reached for the massage oil and poured it down on Adam.

Adam felt goosebumps as Mike started sliding his hands along the spine. The feeling of having what he thought already was the most beautiful and most sexy man on the face of the earth touching him in such an intimate manner was starting to make him extremely happy and extremely horny. But despite his cock starting to pulse and giving signs of erection, the rest of the body and Adams mind were too relaxed for him to feel any awkwardness. He left himself drawn in the moment and enjoy.

Mike manipulated his spine, making Adam go through pain and pleasure at same time. As mike pressed key points in Adams body, Adam felt like electric shocks propagating towards hands or feet.

Than the effleurage movements started and Adam enjoyed particularly as Mikes big hands would slide down from his shoulders down through his back and around each buttock with fingers sliding through the ass crack and even touching his anus. Adam was feeling great and couldnt help but notice his cock was rock hard and probably some precum drooling. After a couple fo minutes Mike stopped.

He instead started massaging from shoulders down to hands for a while and then grabbed Adam's left arm, twisted it gently and locked it with his body against Adam's elbow and the right hand holding Adam's left hand while the left hand started to work his shoulder blade. The pressure was huge and Adam felt at times tremendous pain but he thought oif it as if it was part of a rough kinky sex session. Mike let go the hand and now leaned over Adams body bringing his own right elbow into a stiff spot on Adams back. Using his all strenght and most weight, Mike grinded on it and pressed hard. Adam felt tears on his eyes as he never felt such pain before but at same time so much pleasure.

As Mikes leaned over him and f***ed it down, His head was just over Adam's and Adam could hear Mikes deep breathing and feel it on his face. Adam instinctively synchronized his breathing with Mike's and tried to hold on without shouting. he wanted to shout and ask Mike to stop but at same time wanted to push his bounderies. If this was a real BDSM session he know he had to stand it. And as Mike proceeded with both arms and shoulder blades, Adam's mind was carrying him into an imaginary dungeon where Mike would be his master and Adam the willing slave, bound and eager to comply with every request and withstand any torture.

Next step was the head. After recovering Adam's body, Mike started massaging Adam's skull and pulling his hair. The sensation was again wonderful. Adam always loved when he had his hair washed at the hairdresser and always loved when other guys pulled his hair and caressed it during sex. having Mike hands manipulating it was the ultimate extase. It was pure bliss indeed. So far Mike had given him feelings that were analogous to of a rough to tender sex session. And even without masturbating, Adam's cock had been on and off erection, with pre cum oozing into the towel between him and the table.

Mike Now uncovered Adam's right leg including exposing half butt.
His hands now massaged it up and down with localised movements and then broad movements along all lenght down up with on of the hands sliding into the inner side of the tigh, into the groin, the fingers touching Adam's balls then sliding up to the anus and through the ass crack. Adam felt well excited again, rock hard cock. the some process was repeated for the left leg.

When finished Mike askjed Adam to turn around. To the sound of one of Chopin's nocturnes Adam now felt awkward for the first time as he knew his rock hard cock would be noticed. Mike was holding the towels up in a way Adam was not exposed but after Adam positioning facing up and Mike left the towels cover him once again, his erection was obvious as a bulge under the towels. Adam was blushing now despite not noticed under the dimed lights.

Mike exposed Adam left leg up to the waits line. Adam's cock popped out as the towel was rolled to the middle but Mike just rolled the towel around it and started massaging the front side. Despite his hands rubbing against Adam's balls and cock on their way to the waist line, Mike carried with the massage without exitation. Even when moving to the calves and feet, when he made Adam's foot rotate outwards and touch what Adam felt was for sure Mike's bulge over the shorts, Mike carried on. Adam tensed his leg to keep the foot inward as he didnt want Mike to think he was doing on purpose (not that he didnt wish to do it) but Mike pulled his foot outward to make Adam relax again, while positioning himself so Adam would not touch his cock again. same process with the other leg but without incidents.

Mike than massaged Adam's feet. A pleasant feeling although Adam could not feel the sexuality in it and pondered why so many people had fetishes around it. No tickled, Mike manipulated meticulously every square inch of Adam's feet and toes.

The massage was caming to an end. Mike walked around the table sliding his left hand over Adam's body. Manipulated Adam's head to massage again shoulders and neck. His hands sliding down to Adam's chest, up the to shoulders and sides of the neck, moving Adam's head to one side and the other. The proximity of Mike's hands to his face made Adam feel protected, cared and was so great. Finally Mike finished stretching Adam's arms and then legs, with the end moment as Mike's fingers squeezed Both feet sliding from ankles to toes and finally letting go.

Mike stayed there for some seconds and than announced the treatment was over. As he walked out fo the room Adam slowly got up and dressed himself again. Mike came back in a couple of minutes. Adam had lefta tip over the table and Mike thanked. Offered a cup of tea as they still had 15 minutes left. Adam accepted.
While drinking the tea meant to purge Adam's body of toxins both men chatted about their lives and ended up finding that both lived in the same nighborhoud not far apart and Mike gave his card to Adam in case he wanted to have a treatment at Mike's isntead (although be far cheaper there and Mike would still get far more of it).

Adam left feeling so happy despite his fantasies of the non sexual massage turning into a steam sex session with that greek god like men. He thought he would definitely pay a visit to Mike's flat, not one, many. Even if he never would get to have sex with Mike, what they just lived together was far more than any unrequited love when the loved one doesn't even look back. Adam new if this was the case at least he achieved to be close to the man he loved and be touched in all possible ways. That night Adam wanked in bed to the thought fo Mike and all that happened on that massage table.

What he didnt know was that back in his flat, Mike was thinking about him, wanking like mad thinking about the short man that charmed him from the first second. Mike was a top and always fantasised about a smaller partner, kind and yet insecure enough for him to care for but also for him to master and control. But out of the SPA were he didnt want to damage his reputation he was free to set his honey trap to the unsuspecting guy. He had casted the bait and he was sure Adam would bite it...

(To be continued)

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