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Through the eyes of an e****t

Around 4pm

I started getting ready. I took a shower and made sure not a hair on my head was out of place. I changed into a sweater and some jeans. After I got cleaned up I packed a bag to take with me to my suite. The outfit I would change into, shampoo, body wash, a towel, cocoa butter lotion, hair dryer etc…


I check into my room and it’s a lovely suite complete with a Jacuzzi. I change into my outfit in the bathroom. For the night I would be wearing a long sleeve red v-neck with my favorite black skirt, and a strappy pair of black open toe heels. When I was all changed I made a mental note this outfit would be cute with a pair of black stockings, for this meeting I’d have to do without though. About a half past six my client sends me a text as I asked and I sent him the address and room number. I turned on the tv and waited for the knock on the door.


Right on time the knock comes. I slowly walked to the door and took a couple deep breathes before answering. I open the door and am surprised to find an fairly attractive older gentleman. I invited him in and told him he could have a seat on the couch. This guy was really interesting and sweet. He was average height, had well kept brown hair, and a nice tone to his body. I chose not to tell him he was my very first client and when asked told him I’ve only recently started. He told me he use to be an engineer in the armed f***es and that it was hard to keep a relationship even though being very successful in life. He went on to tell me he was now 37(o.o old enough to be my dad!) and settled into running a construction company. I asked him if he was ready and he said sure and handed me my donation in a white envelope.


I walked him over to the bed and he sat down on the edge and took his shoes off. I asked if he liked kissing and he was quick to say yes. I sat down next to him and I leaned in and planted my lips on his. In almost no time he gave me a little tongue and his hands started to wander. I leaned back out of it and asked if he wanted me to take off his clothes. He nodded and I leaned in for another kiss as I pulled his shirt up. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and he assisted me in getting them off. Now came the part I wasn’t quite yet sure about. I helped him out of his boxers then cautiously took him in my hand and started rubbing. I flipped my hair to the side and slid my lips over his head. He swelled to size inside of my mouth, and he was a sweetheart and held my hair back for me as I worked my lips down his shaft. After about 2 minutes I stopped to grab a condom out of my purse close-by opened it and rolled it on. I gave him a few stokes to make sure it was on good and asked him if he wanted to take my clothes off.

He started with my shirt and bra, with no assistance!, and gave my breasts a small massage and licking. I helped him with my strappy heels, he needed assistance on this one, and felt a small shiver when I felt my skirt sliding down my legs and off my feet. After a short massage the rest came off. He wanted to be on top so I laid on the bed and nervously spread my legs. He crawled on top of me and I found my self looking away as he got closer to pushing inside of me. I began to feel pressure and let out a quiet moan as he slid into me. He worked his hard cock in me for about 10 minutes and he moved me into a doggy style position and pushed back into my vagina. I rocked back and forth on him for about 20 minutes, I reached under and rub is hard balls. Then he slipped out of me and laid me on my back and pushed back into me. 10 minutes later he squeezed me and I felt him suddenly bulge up then released. He held onto me as he finished coming. He slipped out of me and fell next to me on the bed. I went to the bathroom and got him a hotel towel to clean up with.

I went to the bathroom and wiped off my stomach area and relieved myself. I changed back into my clothes but left the shoes off. When I came out he was all dressed sitting on the bed. He asked if he could get a kiss before he left and we shared a deep french one. He asked if I was always in town and I told him yes. He gave me many sincere compliments and I walked him to the door and said goodbye. I gave him another quick peck on the lips and closed the door behind me.

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