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Britneys new whore page 2

"Do you want the slut to clean you, baby?" Britney asks lifting her lips from his cock.

Jason nods his head. Deb eagerly attacks his cock licking it clean. She pushes his shaft down and licks cum from his matted pubes. Then she moves to his balls and sucks them into her mouth. Jason pulls his legs into the air. Deb buries her mouth between his ass cheeks and flicks her tongue across his cum-coated sphincter. His cock twitches.

"Oh fuck baby... she's licking my asshole."

"I told you she was a dirty whore," Britney replies. "What do you want to do next?"

"I'd like to fuck her tits," Jason replies eagerly. "Is that okay?"

"Of course baby," Britney consents kissing him on the cheek. "She's your whore."

Deb slides between his legs and opens the robe. Her huge tits bounce free. Deb pushes them up over his thighs until his cock is wedged between them. Deb realizes that both Jason and Britney are watching intently. She drools spit all over Jason's cock and pumps it with her hand. More spit oozes from her lips and slides between her tits.

Deb looks up at Jason and squeezes her huge globes around his throbbing member. She slides them up and down his shaft twisting and rolling it between the soft flesh. She can see the agony on his face as her tits torture his swollen meat. She drops her mouth over the swollen knob and uses her tongue to drive him crazy.

"Oooohhhhh fuuuuck... aaaahhhhhh..."

Deb's huge tits massage his shaft as they slide up and down his length. Her tongue tortures the sensitive skin stretched tightly across the mushroom shaped crown. Jason's moans become louder and more desperate. Deb knows she can make him cum again even though he just drained his balls but decides to slow down and make it last..

"Hey Brit," a deep voice booms as the door to the suite flies open. "This must be the dirty little whore you were telling us about."

"Hey guys," Britney greets the new arrivals enthusiastically. "Come on in and join the party. Yeah, she's a real cum-slut, for sure. You guys can fuck her if you want - just not in the ass. Not yet anyway. I'm saving that for Jason."

Deb doesn't look up. She is too busy servicing Jason's cock. She feels the back of her robe being lifted. She pushes up on her knees and tilts her pussy towards whoever is about to fuck her. Deb can't see who it is but it really doesn't matter. If Britney wants them to fuck her then she is going to let them. Besides, her pussy is dripping and needs a hard dick.

Deb gasps when she feels a cock plunge deep into her belly. Her pussy is on fire. Her moans become desperate and louder each time she feels the hard cock slam into her cunt. She keeps Jason's hard meat wrapped in her tits but is having a hard time concentrating. She lifts her mouth from his knob when she feels her pussy about to explode.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... ooohhhhh... AAAAAAHHHH... UUUUNNNGGGHHH..."

Deb cums hard. The cock fucking her continues its relentless attack on her cunt. Juices run down her thighs. She slams her mouth down Jason's shaft in an attempt to gain some semblance of control but it is of no use. Her pussy won't stop gushing.

"Honey," Britney says pleadingly to Jason. "I'm getting horny from watching Justin fuck the whore. Is it okay if Taylor fucks me?"

"Sure baby," Jason agrees. "You know I want you to be happy. Do you want to suck Ryan's cock while he fucks you?"

"Can I honey? You are so good to me baby."

Britney slides onto the floor next to Deb and gets on her knees. Ryan rips off his clothes and sits on the couch in front of her. She moves between his legs and slides her lips down his shaft. She tilts her ass in the air exposing her dripping pussy and tight asshole to Taylor's lecherous gaze. After admiring the view Taylor moves closer and guides his knob between Britney's juicy folds. He rubs it up and down her gash and over her clit.

"Put it in Taylor," Britney slurs as spit drools from her mouth. "I need your hard cock in my cunt."

Taylor plunges. Britney feels his huge knob split open her pussy. She gasps as his massive fuck tool plows deeper into her body. She feels her tight pussy stretch around his huge vein streaked shaft. He pulls out and slams it even deeper.

"Now fuck me like a whore. Punish my pussy with your big dick."

Britney slams her mouth back down the length of Ryan's shaft and holds him deep in her throat. Taylor rams his cock into her pussy and fucks her with hard deep strokes. Britney pushes back against him trying to drive his monster even deeper up her cunt. Unable to contain the pleasure surging through her body she pulls her lips from Ryan's cock.

"Oh fuck... oooohhhh... fuck me... I'm gonna cum... oh god... UUUNNGGGHHH..."

Britney's pussy clenches around his thrusting shaft. Spit drools from her lips onto Ryan's cock. Her body twists and jerks in a series of spasms. Pussy juice streams down her thighs. Taylor continues to pound her gushing fuck hole while Ryan grabs her head and f***es his cock back between her lips.

Next to her Justin's cock relentlessly pounds Deb's cunt again and again. Juices are streaming down her thighs. Her tits are wrapped tightly around Jason's cock and her lips are clamped onto his swollen knob muffling her moans and gasps. Justin can no longer contain the churning in his balls. Deb feels him swell inside her. He grunts and drives his cock deep into her cunt. A jet of thick cum spews into her body mingling with the juices leaking from her pussy.

"Uuuunnnggghhhh... aaaaahhhhhh," Deb screams lifting her mouth from Jason's cock when she feels Justin's hot seed pumping into her cunt.

"Do you want to fuck the whore's ass honey?" Britney asks lifting her drooling lips from Ryan's cock. "I bet she has a really tight asshole."

"Sure baby," he concurs, "But what about you? I know how much you like having a cock up your ass."

"I do," Britney agrees enthusiastically. "Ryan can fuck my ass while you fuck the whore in the ass, okay? That way we can do it together."

Deb stands. She feels Justin's cum streaming down her thighs. She turns around. Her eyes grow big when she realizes who has just filled her pussy with cum. She is even more astonished when she sees the other two visitors. These are some of the hottest stars in the country. Deb is still gawking when Jason pulls her onto his lap, guides his cock against her tight sphincter and rams it deep into her bowels.

Britney stands and lowers her ass to Ryan's hard cock. She guides it between her creamy cheeks until his spit-drenches knob pushes against her tight rosebud. Britney squirms against him until her asshole opens around the mushroom shaped head. She gasps when it plunges into her bowels. It goes deeper and deeper until it is completely buried.

"Taylor, you can fuck the whore's pussy while Jason fucks her ass," Britney instructs as she grinds her asshole against Ryan's hard meat. "She needs another cock."

Taylor lifts Deb's legs and steps between them. His huge cock brushes against her pussy lips until it slots in the opening. He pushes. Deb squeals when she feels his massive tool stretch her cunt and plunge deep into her body. Jason and Taylor find the perfect rhythm and hammer their hard cocks into her pussy and ass again and again and again. Deb explodes. A series of violent orgasms punish her body.

Next to her Britney is riding Ryan's cock hard lifting her ass up until just the knob is inside her sphincter and then slamming down on his length. Ryan's fingers are pulling on her sensitive nipples. Britney drops a hand between her legs to rub her clit and finger her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes... that's it Ryan baby. Fuck my ass. Pound it hard. He's squeezing my nipples honey, and fucking my ass. It feels so good."

"I'm glad you like it baby," Jason moans. "The whore's asshole is so tight with Taylor's cock in her pussy. I can't hold back much longer."

"Let's do it together sweetie," Britney moans. "Ryan, are you ready to cum in my asshole?"

Ryan grunts an affirmative. Britney lifts her ass and slams it down hard onto his thrusting cock driving it even deeper into her body. She does this a second and third and fourth time. She feels his thick meat swell inside her. Ryan grunts. Hot cum spews from his cock shooting jets of creamy man-seed splashing against her bowels.

"Oh god... it's happening honey... he's shooting cum into my asshole... oh fuck... UUUUNNNNGGGHHHHH..."

"Me too baby," Jason replies driving his cock deep into Deb's bowels. "Oh fuck... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH..."

Spurt after spurt of hot cum pours into Deb's asshole. Almost simultaneously Taylor pulls out of her pussy and aims his cock at her face. With Jason's cock still spewing cum into her asshole Deb wraps her feet around Taylor's cock and rubs his bulging knob between her toes. The first spurt of cum explodes like a canon and splashes across her cheek and nose. The second jet blasts her lips and chin, and drools onto her tits.

Deb rolls her toes over his spewing knob. She feels his thick cum ooze between them. With her feet still wrapped around his huge shaft Deb leans forward and takes his spitting cock between her lips. Deb swallows several more jets of cum before Taylor's pulsing member finally expels its last few drops. After he pulls out she licks the gooey mess from her feet and toes.

"Did you cum in the whore's asshole honey?" Britney asks Jason in a breathless voice.

"I did. I can still feel it twitching against my cock."

"Ryan filled my asshole with so much cum that I can feel it leaking out. And you know what honey? He's still hard. Oh god it feels so good."

Britney leans over and kisses Jason on the lips shoving her tongue into his mouth. Britney grinds her cum drenched asshole against Ryan's hard meat. Jason slides a hand between Britney's legs and finds her clit. Ryan pinches her nipples. He drives his cock deeper into her ass. Jason moves his lips to her neck and sinks his teeth into the thin skin.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh god... oh... oh... AAAAHHHHHHHH..."

Britney's body jerks. Another explosion rips through her pussy. Juices squirt from her cunt and splash onto her thighs. She twists and turns against Ryan's thrusting cock up her asshole and Jason's fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. Another explosion sends her into a higher orbit. She screams. Her fingernails dig into Jason's arm trying to gain some control.

Britney finally pulls off of Ryan's cock and presses her fingers over her anus to keep his cum from seeping out. She bends over in front of Deb who is still impaled on Jason's cock. Deb watches intently as Britney's two rounded ass cheeks move towards her face. She leans forward and buries her nose between them. Britney removes her fingers and feels Deb's tongue plunge into her cum-filled ass.

"Oh fuck honey," Britney says with a gasp. "The whore has her tongue up my butt. She's sucking cum out of my asshole."

"She's the best yet," Jason moans. "I can feel her asshole clenching my cock. What a fucking slut."

Britney squirms against Deb's mouth. Justin steps in front of Britney and slides his semi-hard cock between her lips. Britney licks and sucks his growing member until it is hard while Deb continues to lick the cum out of her asshole. Britney finally pulls away from Deb and slides the cock out of her mouth.

"Fuck the whore's mouth, Justin," Britney orders as she falls onto the couch. "I want to see how quickly she can get you off."

Justin eagerly steps in front of Deb, grabs her head and shoves his hard cock into her mouth. She opens her throat and feels it slide all the way in until her lips are pressed tightly to his pubes. Deb pushes her tongue out and licks his balls. She continues to torture him by moving back up to his knob and running her tongue across the underside.

"Oh fuck man... oh shit... god, she's driving me nuts."

Deb decides to finish him quickly to impress Britney with her cock-sucking skills. She wraps a hand around his throbbing meat and strokes it up and down while twisting and turning. Her tongue continues to stimulate the underside of his knob. She dips a finger in her pussy and then slides it between Justin's ass cheeks. She shoves it up his ass.


Hot cum explodes into her mouth splashing off the roof and flowing across her tongue. Deb pulls his cock from between her lips and aims it at her face. Spurt after spurt splatters across her forehead, between her eyes, down her cheeks and into her hair. Cum drools out of her mouth and onto her tits.

"Holy shit," Justin says pulling away. "What a fucking slut. That's the best blowjob I've ever had."

Deb is beaming with pride at his words. She feels so dirty and nasty. She squirms against Jason's cock which has grown even harder in her cum-filled asshole. Ryan steps between her legs, pushes them back by her shoulders and slams his cock deep into her cunt. Deb is unable to hold back the pressure building in her belly. Seconds later her pussy squirts cunt juice all over his cock and balls.

Ryan pounds into her like a jackhammer jerking her whole body on each thrust. At the same time she feels Jason's cock punishing her asshole. Another explosion gushes from her pussy. Ryan pulls out and aims his cock at Deb's face. A steady jet of hot cream shoots up the side of her nose and across her forehead. More cum splatters across her face and lands on her tits.

"Oh fuck baby," Jason moans. "I'm going to cum in her ass again."

"Yes sweetie," Britney tells him as she nibbles on his neck and tongues his ear. "Fill the whore's ass with cum."


Deb feels more cum pouring into her asshole. She screams. Juices spray from her cunt and splatter onto her thighs. She looks up and sees Britney standing in front of her. Deb finally lifts off Jason's cock as he squeezes out from under her. Britney slides her foot underneath Deb's cum-filled asshole. Strands of creamy white splooge drip onto her feet and toes.

Deb's pussy tingles in anticipation of what is going to happen next. Britney pulls her foot out from under Deb and guides it to her mouth. Deb wraps her hand around Britney's ankle and slides her tongue between the cum-drenched toes. She takes each one into her mouth and sucks on them like they were little cocks. She licks down the underside of Britney's foot and then back up over the top.

Britney slides her foot down to Deb's oversized tits. She rubs it against the soft flesh of each creamy white globe. She uses her toes to stimulate Deb's nipples. Deb can barely contain the pleasure coursing through her body. Britney slides her foot between Deb's legs and rubs her swollen clit with her big toe. The pressure in Deb's belly releases. An explosive orgasm gushes from her pussy and splatters across Britney's foot. Britney feeds it to Deb who licks the slimy juices from between the toes.

"I think it's time for the whore to eat some pussy," Britney suggests grabbing Deb by the hair and dragging her onto her knees until her face is directly in front of her gash.

Deb stares at the swollen mound directly in front of her eyes. Juicy pink folds peek out from the gash down the middle. Britney's hard clit is throbbing in its little boat. Deb's head is spinning as she prepares to suck the cunt she has dreamed of licking so many times. She clamps her lips around Britney's swollen peach and shoves her tongue into Britney's dripping cunt.

"Oh fuck yes... ooohhhh yeeesss... aaahhhhh... someone get back here and fuck my ass while the whore is licking my pussy."

Britney feels Taylor's huge knob press against her asshole. He bends his knees and shoves. She gasps when his monster plows deep into her tight orifice. Deb's tongue and fingers are working furiously on Britney's pussy and clit. The last inch of Taylor's cock disappears into Britney's bowels. He pulls out and slams into her again and again and again.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck... Taylor's big cock is so deep in my ass. God it feels good. And our whore is licking my clit and fingering my pussy. Ohmygod... it's going to happen Jason... a big one... oh god... UUUNNNGGGHHHH..."

Cunt juice literally squirts from Britney's pussy and splashes across Deb's face. Deb clamps her mouth tightly around Britney's gushing mound. Taylor slams his cock in and out of her asshole hard and fast. Another explosion erupts from Britney's pussy and then another. Deb eagerly drinks the juicy product of her passion.

"I need another cock," Britney stammers between gasps. "Someone get over here and fuck me."

Deb moves away to make room for Justin who quickly steps forward as a volunteer. He bends his knees and slams his cock up Britney's cunt. She lets out a loud gasp as it sinks into her body. Britney wraps her arms around Justin's neck and pulls her body into the air. She wraps her legs around his waist and impales her pussy all the way onto his throbbing spear. Taylor continues to slam his cock up her asshole.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh god... yes... fuck me... fuck me like a dirty whore... ooohhhh..."

Justin and Taylor find a rhythm and relentlessly pound her pussy and ass. Britney bites down on Justin's shoulder to stifle a scream. An orgasm explodes through her pussy and then another and another. Justin and Taylor continue to hammer her pussy and ass until Britney is shaking uncontrollably and gasping for air.

Deb slides behind Taylor and spreads his muscular ass cheeks. She buries her nose between them and flicks her tongue across his sphincter. After bathing it in saliva she presses the tip against the opening and pushes until she feels it give way. Her fingers rub his scrotum and tickle his balls.

"What a fucking whore," Taylor gasps as his balls rapidly fill with cum. "She has her tongue up my asshole. Oh fuck... I'm going to shoot."

"Yes," Britney moans. "Fill my asshole with cum. I want to feel it squirting in me."


Deb feels his scrotum tighten. She quickly shoves a finger up his ass. His cock pulses as cum surges up its length. Britney screams when she feels the hot jets of cream splashing into her bowels. Justin's cock hammers her pussy again and again and again while Taylor continues to pump cum into her asshole. With one final thrust he drains his balls and pulls out of her body. Deb immediately replaces him with her tongue.

"Honey, your whore is licking cum from my asshole again," Britney tells Jason between gasps. "She is such a dirty slut."

"That she is baby," Jason concurs. "You did really good finding her."

"What do you want to do now honey?" Britney asks Jason as she slides off Justin's cock.

I think I'd like to fuck her face, okay?"

"Of course honey. She's your whore. You can do anything you want to her."

Jason grabs Deb and throws her face down on the couch with her head on the arm rest. He steps forward, yanks her head up by the hair and rams his cock deep into her mouth. He slams it into her throat again and again causing her to make loud gagging sounds on each thrust. Deb feels like her head is going to explode. She desperately needs air but Jason is not letting her have any. Streams of spit drool from her lips and chin.

"Gggghhh... gggaaaa... aaaagggghhhhh... shluuuppp..."

Jason finally pulls his cock from her mouth before she passes out. Deb coughs up a flood of spit that splatters onto the floor. She is desperate for air and gulps it down in loud gasps. Tears run down her cheeks smearing her mascara. Before she can catch her breath Jason rams his cock back into her mouth and down her throat. Britney moves to his side and shoves her tongue into his ear.

"Honey, watching you fuck the whore's mouth is making me horny," Britney whispers. "Is it okay if Ryan, Taylor and Justin fuck me at the same time?"

Jason puts his arm around Britney and kisses her hard on the lips. His tongue shoots into her mouth. He keeps his cock buried deep in Deb's throat as he slides a hand down Britney's back. His middle finger parts her ass cheeks and presses against her sphincter. He buries it to the knuckle, then breaks the kiss.


"Of course you can baby," he tells her.

"Thank you sweetie," Britney purrs. "You're so good to me."

Ryan lies on the floor. Britney quickly mounts him and lowers her cunt down the length of his cock. Justin squats behind her and guides his throbbing meat between her creamy cheeks. She gasps when he buries his member deep in her asshole. Taylor steps in front of her face, grabs her head and shoves his cock between Britney's lips. She eagerly sucks him into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," Jason groans as he watches Britney. "You look so sexy with three cocks in you, baby. Oh god... I'm going to cum... oh shit... UUUNNNGGHHH..."

Jason pulls his cock from Deb's mouth and wraps a hand around the dripping shaft. He yanks Deb's head up by the hair and aims his cock at her face. Deb coughs and gags releasing another torrent of spit. She is gasping for air when hot cum erupts from the tiny slit in Jason's knob. It splashes off her forehead. He continues to spew spurt after spurt until it is running down her face mixing with the spit drooling from her chin.

"Who wants to be next?" Jason asks. "The whore needs another cock."

Justin quickly pulls out of Britney's ass and moves in front of Deb. He rolls her onto her back until her head is hanging over the arm rest. Justin rams his cock into Deb's mouth and pounds into it like it was a cunt. Spit streams from her lips and runs up her nose. Streaks of mascara flow across her forehead and into her hair. Deb chokes and gags on his cock when she feels it punch into her throat.

"Uunngghh... gggghhh... ggghhhh... aaagggghhh..."

While Justin is punishing Deb's throat, Taylor moves behind Britney and slams his cock into her now empty asshole. He and Ryan find their rhythm and soon have Britney shaking and screaming as one orgasm after another explodes through her pussy.

"UUUNNNGGGHHHH... AAARRRGGGHHH... fuck me... fuck my pussy and asshole... deeper... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH..."

On the couch Deb coughs and gasps for air when Justin finally pulls his cock from her mouth. Spit pours from her lips and down her face soaking into her already matted hair. Deb has never felt so completely out of control in her life. She knows that she is everything they are calling her and more. She wants to be their whore. There is nothing that she won't let them do to her. That scares her a little but excites her even more.

Justin shoves his cock back into her mouth and down her throat until his balls are pressed tightly to Deb's nose. He fucks her face hard driving the knob of his cock into her throat on each thrust. Deb gags loudly spilling more spit down her face and into her hair. Justin pulls his swollen member from her mouth and slaps it across her face. Then he slams it back down her throat.

On the floor Britney's screams and gasps are loud and out of control as Ryan and Taylor pound her pussy and ass. Pussy juice streams from her cunt drenching Ryan's cock and balls. Her throbbing clit rubs against his drenched pubes making her continuous stream of orgasms even more intense.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum," Ryan groans as Britney's cunt clenches tightly against his cock.

"No... not in my pussy," Britney yells. "Cum on my tits."

Britney scrambles onto her knees and cups her pear shaped beauties in her hands. Ryan gets to his feet holding his dripping cock in his hand. Britney looks up at him with hungry eyes. His cock pulses. A jet of hot cream splashes across her milky white globes. Another blast splatters her shapely tits and then another. Britney can feel his cum dripping from her nipples and running down between her breasts and across her stomach.

"Oh fuck," Justin moans as he watches Ryan drench Britney's tits with cum. "Oh shit... oooohhhh... AAARRRGGGHHHH..."

Justin slams his cock deep into Deb's mouth. She can feel hot cum squirting from his knob directly into her throat. She gags. Some of his cum shoots out her nose. Deb is desperate for air when he finally pulls out. She coughs up spit and cum that flows out from her lips, up her nose and into her hair. Justin shoves his cock back down her throat to drain the last few drops before pulling away.

Britney moves over to Deb who is still lying on the couch with her head over the arm rest trying to catch her breath. She lifts Deb's head and slides a nipple across her lips. Deb eagerly sucks it into her mouth licking cum from the swollen cap. Britney dangles the other nipple in Deb's face. Deb sucks it into her mouth rolling her tongue across the tiny bumps.

While Deb is licking cum from her tits Taylor steps behind Britney and slides his cock between her two creamy ass cheeks. She feels his bulging knob press against her well-fucked sphincter and gasps when he slams it deep into her bowels. She continues to dangle her tits in Deb's face as Taylor fucks her ass.

Deb can feel Britney's body jerk forward on each thrust of Taylor's cock. She buries her face in Britney's dangling tits and loses herself between the soft globes. She can hear Britney's moans as Taylor continues to pummel her asshole.

"Oh fuck," Taylor grunts, "I'm going to cum."

"On the whore's face," Britney commands as she pulls his cock from her asshole and guides it between her legs until it is pointed directly at Deb.


The first blast splatters across Deb's nose and cheek. The second hits her eye and streams across her forehead. More cum splashes onto her chin and mouth drooling down into her hair. When he finally pulls away Deb can see Britney's pink pussy only inches from her face through her one open eye. The lips are folded back and her swollen clit is throbbing just above her opening. Deb wishes she could climb up inside and lose herself forever.

"Jason, look at the mess all over the whore's face. We can't just leave her like that."

"No baby," he agrees. "It just wouldn't be right. I believe she needs a shower."

"What a nice idea, sweetie. As always, you are right. She does need a shower."

Britney tilts her pussy forward. A spurt of golden pee shoots from her gash and splashes onto Deb's cheek. Another spurt hits Deb in the nose. Then Britney lets go. A steady stream of hot pee sprays onto Deb's face. She opens her mouth. It quickly fills until yellow piss is running up her nose and into her hair. Britney aims at Deb's tits and drenches them, then back to her face and up to her tits again. She moves her pussy closer to Deb's mouth and pees right in it.

Deb swallows and opens her mouth for more. She knows that what Britney is doing to her is both disgusting and humiliating but it doesn't matter. Her whole body is on fire. Deb clamps her mouth over Britney's swollen pussy and sucks the final drops from her pee hole. Then Deb reaches between her legs and rubs her clit. Seconds later her pussy explodes. A geyser of girl-cum squirts from her cunt and splatters her thighs.

"Jason and I are going back to the bedroom now," Britney says stepping away from Deb and picking up her robe. "You guys can have the slut for the rest of the night. When you're finished security will take her back to where she came from."

Taylor made a phone call. Ten minutes later a group of ten friends showed up at the suite. Four hours later Deb staggered from the hotel and headed towards her car exhausted and sore but thoroughly satisfied. It was the best day of her life.

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