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Uncle Frankie

I lived in a small rural town. That was famous for its Granite. All the men worked in the quarry. My Dad and all of my Uncles. We all lived in close proximity of each other. We were close enough and far enough to have our own privacy. There were 12 houses in a 4 acre area. My mother's Parents and her siblings were spread out amongst us. Living in the country we had plenty to do, but also found time to goof off and have fun.
My cousin Blake and I were headed to my Grandparents yard to get in their pool. Already my cousin and s****r were already swimming. My uncles had installed this for us k**s as we were so far away from town.
I wore a one piece bathing suit because mom said I was bigger than most girls and too shapely for a 2 piece bathing suit. Though I was only a sophmore in high school, I wore a 32D bra. I had a round butt that sat up pert and a small waist and I had big hips. My parents always made me cover up and stressed abstinence.
We swam and sat in the pool listening to music a few hours then we all headed home to change our clothes and get into something else.
As I walked back to my house in my wet bathing suit, with a towel around my waist, I passed Uncle Frankie's and he was on his porch, "Hey Uncle Frankie" I say, as I stop and talk with him. "Hey Lisa, I see you're all wet from the pool, I need a favor come inside and help me with something" he says.
Thinking nothing of it, as this was my Uncle, I went up the steps and headed inside with Uncle Frankie. Uncle Frankie lived with his wife Vivian. They had no c***dren, and she was out of town visiting her s****r. Uncle Frankie was a big man. He was 6'2 and weighed close to 220. He was solid muscle. His hands were like mitts.
"How much would you charge me to clean the house up and do the laundry? Your aunt is not here and I'm not good with house work" he says. "I'll do it don't worry . You dont have to pay me " I say. I tighten my towel around my waist and start clearing dishes from the front room and took them into the kitchen.
I had finished the kitchen, the front room and was headed to the bathroom when the chlorine from the pool began to itch me a bit. When I got in the bathroom, I cleaned the shower and took off ,my bathing suit and started to rinse mt body off.
The warm water felt good against my skin, I used the soap and lathered up my big breasts. They were firm and full and sat up pertly. I rinsed off well to get that chlorine smell off and used some of my Aunt's bath oil to moisturize my skin as I had to put back on my damp suit.
I dried off and tied the towel around my hair so it could dry. I cleaned the bathroom and prepared to leave when Uncle Frankie called me into his room. He tried to hand me some money and I told him it was okay. "You are becoming such a beautiful young lady" he says.
He was standing in front of his closet and he was wearing thermal long johns, that clung to his muscled body. " straighten up my room and change the bed , I m gonna give you $40 he says. Don't say no just take it. You did a great job on the house" he says.
Remembering that we were going to the mall this weekend , I quickly cleaned the room. As I cleaned, Uncle Frankie just watched me and walked around the room doing little things. I couldn't help but notice he had something big in his underwear and i wanted to look but didn't dare to.
I changed the bed and took out the old sheets. They had a king sized bed and two high back chairs that sat in front of the tv. UF sat on one of the chairs as he laid back on the chair I could get a clear look at the bulge in his pants.
It looked like a big curved snake was in his pants. I had seen most of my boy cousin's dicks but this one was the biggest I had ever saw. I must have been mesmerized by it and didn't realize I was staring at it. "Is this what you want to see" asks UF, as he pulled his monster snake out of his pants. I stood motionless as I looked at the head as it bobbed up and down like a snake.
"Come here " he says as he beckons to me. I obediently walk towards him and stand next to him in his chair. He pulled his top and bottom off and stood naked in front of me. He pulls me to him and kisses me on the mouth. His licked my tongue and lips and started to dart his tongue in and out of my mouth. I didn't try to stop him as the kiss was the sweetest I had ever had. My nipples were so hard they were hurting. Taut and erect they stood pressing up against my damp suit.
UF slid my bathing suit off my shoulders and down my body. I stepped out of it and stood before him naked and wanting to do whatever he wanted me to do.
I had lost my virginity to my cousin will when I was twelve and he was fifteen. He was my favorite boy cousin, but his dick was minor compared to UF's big dick. He pushed me down onto the bed and buried his face in my pussy. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed and started to lick my pussy. I had never experienced anything as awesome as this. He had to be an expert as he had me whimpering and moaning trying not to scream out. Though I had been fucking I never had an orgasm before. I just thought the guy was supposed to and that was what sex was about.
As UF licked and slurped my pussy he pushed two of his fingers inside of me. When he did this I had a feeling I couldn't explain happen in my pussy and stomach. I felt like I wanted to pee. I bucked and gyrated my hips underneath UF's mouth. The more he licked the more I wanted to explode.
When it happened. "Oh God Uncle Frankie It feels so good" I whimpered as he ate like he hadn't eaten in days. I started shivering and shaking and I shot a burst of water in UF's mouth and face. "Give me all that cum " he says, as he laps up all the juices in my pussy. He gets up from between my legs as I lay there on the bed shivering and wanting more.
He wipes his mouth and face with his shirt and positions himself between my legs. I can feel that big dick as it hits up against me with all its thickness. I am on the end of the bed with my legs in the air and wide open. He takes his big dick and slides it up and down my pussy against my clit. Not penetrating me just rubbing his dick against my clit.
As I am wet it slides across with ease. "Oh Lisa , your little pussy is so sweet and inviting. I want to put my dick inside you so bad " he moans into my ears. I find myself gyrating my pussy against his dick. I take his big dick in my hand and guide the big massive head into my pussy opening. I make my pussy grasp his dick head and I try to suck him into my pussy. The heat from the head of his dick against my pussy was driving me crazy.
"Fuck me Uncle Frankie. Please put that dick inside me and fuck me" i beg. With that being said he pushed that head through and we both gasped n pleasure. "Oh its so wet and tight" he says, as he slides in me slowly. Giving me all those inches . "Oh I love it, I cry as I open up and take all UF"s big dick. As he slides in he grabs one of my tits and starts sucking on it as he gives me short strokes.
He was Teasing me not giving it all to me. "Baby you can't handle all this 11' I can't put it all in " he says, as he gives me about 6' and pulls back out. "I can take it Uf. Give it all to me " I say. He starts deep stroking me going in balls deep. All you could hear was a "fwap fwap " sound as he beat my pussy up.
"I'm gonna cum all in this pussy, if I don't pull out " says UF. He turns me over and puts me on my knees and starts to fuck me doggy style. While he is fucking me hard he reaches under me with his long arms and starts playing with my clit as he fucks me. Giving me double pleasure at the same damn time. "Cum on my dick baby, let them juices flow . You got so much cream on my dick" he says.
I'm losing my mind. I'm gonna bust. When UF's strokes started getting faster I felt myself cumming. "Come on baby I can feel that pussy throbbing on my dick let it go" he says, and I cum all over his dick. after I came UF pulled out and shot his hot load of cum all over my ass. He pulled me onto my feet kissed me, and walked to his dresser and picked up some money. "This will be our little secret" he says, as he gives me the money and I put on my suit and head home to shower.
"Yes"i say as I smile and head out the door. I look in my hand and there is $80 there. I ball it up in my fist and skip all the way home.
Thinking of the wonderful fuck I just had....

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