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Amnesia cum fest.

I just turned 18 and she was 20 she is Indian and I white.

this was my first time spending the night at a girls house. She is and was a good friend I have known her many years. It was one day she asked if I could come over and hangout with her so she could talk about her boyfriend she had just been with. I guess it was her X cause he dumped her. Anyway I went over and we talked and watched movies for a few hours. Then she asked if I could spend the night because her mom had to work til tomorrow night. So i said sure but let me go home and grab afew of my things.

After i had grabbed my things we talked more and until she gave me a drink. i accepted and she was acting funny. she was all touchy feely way more than she usually was.
I asked what was up and she kissed me. I puled away and tried to be polite say and tel her ''i dont think this is a good idea''

well she didnt care and she kissed me again. so i kissed her back. I kept kissing her until I slipped my tounge in her mouth and she gently bit my tounge and sc****d her teeth. Since that was thee easiest way to turn me I moved myself closer and closer.

After a little bit i asked if she was ok. She said ''I need this. ok? I said ok.

we kissed more and more until we were oner her bed. I was frenching her still and then while doing that I slipped my hand in her shirt and twisted her tits. She reacted by grabbing my dick. At that time my dick as hard as it would ever be. I proceeded to take her bra and shirt off. She pulled my shirt off.

This was my first time in a long time i had done anything so hot and sexy so I came too early in my pants. She felt my cum and yanked out my dick and jerked me off really hard. I ripped her pants of too. before I knew it we were both naked and playing with eachother.

I came again after several moments and she got on her kneeze and licked my cum off my dick and keppt deepthroating my hard dick. i pulled it out and moved her on her back. and I f***ed my head down to her pussy and I ate her out. She came while I was eating her and she pulled my head up and madeout with me while I cum on my face. and she had my cum in her mouth still. i was freaked out.

I had a hard time breathing and she said '' here''
šhe sat on my dick and slowly went up and down until She quickly got off and I was out of her and I came againand she cmae too. before I had noticed it we were both covered in cum and we were still fucking eachother. it was amazing. We locked the door and we fucked and sucked and bit until we bothed passed out coverd in eachothers cum. I woke to her beautiful green eyes waiting for me to wake up. She kissed me and put on Oh b*****r where art thow. I dressed and she was dressed too.

she didnt mention anything about the night before. I was afraid to ask or say anything. She finally said, "thats our secret ok?"
I said ok. we cuddled and watched more movies until her mom got home. then we didn't cuddle I stayed for another movie or two. then I went home. I waited a few weeks and asked her "what started all that" and she said "started what" with a perky smile.

I still to this day can not what had made her do that. Since then She has had many boyfriends.

Everytime I think about that I still get winded and turned. I feel like it could of been My first one night stand. i don't know.

I want it to happend again haha

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