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My best friends mom

It was a normal July afternoon when I ran into my best friends mom. I had told her about the f****y and what we did for the holidays. I asked her how her holidays were but, she gave me a rolled off stare. “What was that look for?”, I asked. “I don’t know if your “b*o” told you or not, but my husband and I split up.”, she claimed. I didn’t want to go into any further details about the issue so I tried to steer the conversation into another direction. But without fault, she kept pressing at the subject. After about another 35 minutes had passed by, I finally told her that I had to go. “You know you are more than welcome to come and visit anytime you want.”, she said. Thinking nothing of it, I ran on with the rest of my day. What would happen two days later would alter my course with what I thought sounded like a good idea.
The facts on my best friends mom, is that for a woman her age, she was dynamite. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice body, were all the components for a knock out woman. When I got home that night from a nice night out, she kept running through my mind like a washer machine on spin cycle. I didn’t know what to think about the situation. So to break myself from this chain, I decided to give her a call. We talked for about a half hour making my thoughts a little less deceiving. After I got off the phone with her, I packed my stuff up and just went to bed.
The next day I decided to take a trip out to her house to see how she was holding up from the events that had proceeded her. I called her about five minutes before I got there, just to make sure she was home. When she knew it was me calling to come over, she sounded like she had a little pep in her step. “Yeah, I’m here. Just come on over. I haven’t seen a friendly face in so long over here.”, she claimed. As I was traveling along the road, I found myself wondering what might happen.
As I pulled up to her house, I noticed her sunbathing and listening to her I-pod. My heart sank when I seen her doing that cause I never seen her in a bikini before. Not to mention she had a camel toe in her bikini bottoms. I wasn’t going to say anything, so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. “So what brings you over here?”, she asked. “Ehh, I didn’t have anything to do.”, I responded. She asked, “I want to ask you something. Do you find me attractive? I feel so low about myself sometimes.” “I always thought you were a hot mama.”, I said. I had such a raging hard-on that all I could stare at was her magnificent body.
The cool thing about her house, was that it was in the middle of nowhere. Her closest neighbor lived 2 miles down the road. While I was sitting there drinking a soda, I noticed her get up without her top on. She let her heavenly ladies just soak in the sun bare. I wanted to say something to her about it, but I figured not to because I was enjoying the view anyway. “So where is your daughter at?”, I asked. “She is a few hours away from home. She‘s done college for the year.”, she responded. “Your more than welcome to take your shirt off if you like.”, she said. “I don’t know, I feel sort of weird about it.”, I said. “Well if it makes you feel comfortable, I’ll get naked for you, ha ha.”, she laughed.
She had turned around, her ass facing me, and began to slowly strip down her bikini bottoms. Her face had a little sexy grin as she was doing so. “Why don’t you try it? It feels so nice against your skin.”, she moaned. She sat back in her lounge chair as I got up to start to take off her clothes. I first took off my shirt and then followed with my jeans. “woo-hoo, take it off baby!!”, she plastered. As I took off the rest of my clothes, I could see her getting antsy by rubbing around her nice wet pussy. I looked at her and said, “Is somebody wanting me to show the whole package?” “MMMM, do I ever. SO GET NAKED NOW!!” , she yelled. I pulled down my boxer shorts to reveal all my glory. Her eyes lit up like a fourth of July firecracker.
“Can you come over here for a second, I want to show you something.”, she said. “Do you like what you see? I may be getting up there in age, but I am all woman.”, she grinned. Without a moment’s notice, she spread her legs and started to rub her clit and jolt back in her chair. “ I wanna see you stroke your cock in front of me while I play.”, she moaned. I started to stroke it when I seen her close her eyes while she fingered her sweet snatch. I moved in closer to her face. And when she turned back around to my side, my cock was right near her nice big mouth. She looked and said, “that’s pretty big. I don’t know if I can gobble that all up.” “Why don’t you try then?”, I grinned.
She looked up at me and slowly began to suck on my shaft. Her mouth felt so warm as she sucked vigorously on it. I reached down and began caressing her sweet and very wet pussy. “I want you to stick a finger in my asshole while I suck on you.”, she said. I slowly put a finger into her pussy and then went straight for her tight glory hole. “You know I want you to fuck me there right?”, she said. I felt her asshole tighten up with every stroke of my finger. She continued sucking my cock like a popsicle. Gobbling it down, deep throating it each time.
After about ten minutes of her slobbering all over my member, it was my turn to give her the pleasure. I laid down on the chair and she straddled over me and spread her pussy and ass. I slowly stuck my tongue in and out of her extremely wet pussy. With each stroke of the tongue, she had a hard time gasping for air as it made her excited again and again. I moved my way back to her asshole and began to lick her tight little hole. “MMMMM, I want you to tongue fuck me in my ass!!!” , she yelled. I then took my tongue and slowly slid it in her extremely tight hole. Her ass tasted so good. I tongue fucked her ass for a good twenty minutes.
She moved herself down to my cock and she filled her warm pussy with my cock. She felt so nice as she slid up and down on my cock, watching her ass bounce with each and every stroke. As I was fucking her, she slid her hand down to my cock and began to stroke it. Her pussy was so tight, I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to hold on for. So I did the next best thing. I flipped her over in doggy style and began to pound her pussy that way. She yelled for excitement for me to fuck her harder.
We continued to bump uglies so to speak for a good fifteen minutes. Then she gasped with a breath of air, “Fuck me in my ass right now!!!” I slid my cock out of her soaked crotch and pushed up to her very tight and lubed asshole. When it first entered her tight passageway, she yelped a little cause of the tightness. Then after a few strokes it soon turned to nothing but pleasure. With each pass in and out, she spread her ass apart and begged for more.
We were about thirty minutes into our ordeal as we moved into her bedroom, when her daughter had just finished up college for the day. I was sort of in a panic when I heard her come through the front door. But she calmed me down and told me that she knew who was coming over and what was going down. She begged and pleated for me to fuck her some more. With each insert, she yelled out for more. I could see out into the living room where her daughter was and seen that she was getting excited by what was ensuing between her and her mom.
She slowly sat down on their couch and laid back. She propped her feet onto the edge of the couch and spread her legs. Her soaked wet panties told the whole story from the get go. She wanted sex as much as her mom did. She looked and seen I was watching her get comfortable while I was doing her mom very hard. She smirked and grinned as she slowly took off her already soaked panties to reveal her freshly shaved haven. With each stroke of her clit, she rolled her eyes back in amazement and pleasure. I looked in amazement considering that I would have never expected that from her.
I kept pounding away on mamma’s wet pussy, when she looked up at me and asked, “Would you like my daughter to join us?” I stood there flabbergasted when she asked me that question. I said to her, “Don’t you think that sort of wrong? I mean, that’s your daughter.” “Oh, don’t worry about me and her doing anything to one another. We just like to share the man.”, she grinned. Before I knew it, her daughter stripped down until there was nothing left on her sweet, tight, fair skinned body. I laid down on the king size bed and what happened next blew my mind. While her mama was riding me cowboy style, she slowly licked my cock with her mama’s pussy juices flowed from her.
She kept asking me what I wanted to be done. I guided her up to straddle over my face so I could lick the glorious crotch. Slowly I took my tongue, and slid it in and out of her tight area. I tossed her back a little so I could reach her cute little asshole. She looked surprised when I first started to lick her ass. But then she soon moaned and groaned with delight. Her mom started to pounce as hard she could on my swollen cock, while I licked so viciously at her daughter’s tight back hole. “ MMMMM…I guess we really love our assholes to be played with don’t we mom??”, she grinned. “ U fucking know it!”, she replied. “I think its my turn to ride.” the daughter moaned. They both stood up and switched places, with one riding me and the other straddling over my face. “Did my girl’s asshole taste good? I’m sure you will like mine better!”, she smiled.
I couldn’t even describe in words, how tight her daughter’s ass was. She slid it into her beautiful backside with little f***e. Even though she let out a slight yell of pleasure. “MMMMM….Fuck my ass! Fuck my juicy, tight, little ass!”, she yelled as it slid in and out of her. She spread her ass cheeks to really give it that little extra. With each stroke of my cock sliding in and out, you could tell she wanted more and more. Her mom on the other hand was orgasmic with every lick of her already cum soaked pussy and ass.
After pounding away for like 10 minutes on that sweet little asshole, the mama of the duo decided to do something so kinky, I nearly busted a nut right there. She slid my cock up her daughter’s sweet snatch, and slowly began to rub gently on my balls. Then the part that made me nearly orgasm is when I heard, “OOOO, mom!! You accidentally licked my clit!”, she yelped. “I know. What, you never had a girl lick your crotch before?”, the mom asked. “No, but it just took me by surprise, that’s all.”, the daughter said. I wanted this to get hotter so I turned the daughter around towards me, laid her down on me with my hard cock still inside her, with the ass sticking up in the air, and gave the mom a little hint to make it even more kinkier. While I slowly pushed in and out of her tight area, her mom slid her tongue right into her daughter’s ass. “Oh my gosh!! That feels so good, IM GONNA CUM!!”, the daughter yelled.
As I slid my throbbing cock in her pretty tight little asshole, the mom came up and asked if I would cum in her daughter’s ass. “I want you to cum in my ass so bad!” the daughter yelled. As I kept fucking her tight little ass, I felt her tighten up her muscles. And with one final thrust I felt my wad shoot up her backdoor. After I slid my cock back out, the mom came over and sucked the rest of the cum off. That is definitely one day I will never, ever forget!!

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