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First time gay

This is my best mates first time with another guy.

His name is David. He is 23 living in Dublin and he was talking to me and all and asked me what was it like for me to say I was gay. So I told him it was hard but when I said If you dont like me for been gay you dont have to be my friend you dont have too. I asked him why he is adked ? and he said I want to know if Im gay or bi.
He was down with his best mate having a few drink and his best mate is gay. So a few words and my mate David ask his best mate a few questions like.

Whats it like to give a blowjob?
Does anal hurt?
Whats it like to swallow cum?
this is their conversation.

Best mate said " Drop your pants and I'll will suck you off"
David said "you sure?"
Best mate said "Yeah I'm gay and I want to suck you off"
David said "only if I can suck you off too?"
Best mate "deal, now drop your pants"
David said "hmmmm this feels good"
Best mate "now its your turn we're going to have loads of fun tonight"
David said "interesting, your so big !!!!!!!!!!!"
Best mate " i know get down and suck it"
David said " ok "
Best mate " your very good, use more tongue I like loads of tongue on my cock"
David said " ok I will "
Best mate " Now what do you think of getting and giving a bj"
David " I enjoyed it very interesting, whats it like getting anal?"
Best mate " Bend over now and I will show you, Lube or no Lube?"
David " Lube please, Ohhhhhhhh this hurts but keep going "
Best mate "I'm almost in, now I'm in you ready"
David " Yessssss fuck me"
Best mate " Ok your my little slutty slave haha"
David " this is good few more trust and then more blowjobs"
Best mate "ok no problem"
David " that was interest very sore doh"
Best mate " yeah not everyone likes it, sit down "
David " oh this is so nice, I'm going to cum"
Best mate " yum cum haha my turn ?"
David " yes it is and dont warn me I want a surprise"
Best mate " niceeeeee, oh this is so good like a prefessional cock suck you should get jobs for your blowjob skills haha"
David " Interesting loads of cum "
Best mate " what you think of your first gay experience"
David " I enjoyed the blowjobs but not anal"
Best mate " thats good anytime mate now I'm tired"
David " hold on one more thing another blowjob for you for been a good mate"

so thats my mates first gay experience let me know what you think send me a mail.

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