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Sexual experiments while camping in my youth...PAR

Fond and experimental remembrances of my youth...

Scouting had never been one of my things; my father had always taken me camping and fishing, so the short excursions with the scouts over summer weekends weren’t anything unusual. But it was a chance for me to spend time with my friends, and, being in our early teens, any time away from home was enough reason to go.

We were on a weekend backpacking trip to the coast, and had to find a “buddy” with whom we would share a tent. The scoutmaster gave us assignments at random, and I ended up with Brian – the “weird” guy who was also on our soccer team.

We were only in our early teens, but Brian had already set himself apart from the rest of our class. He was the first to show up after school smoking a cigarette, the first to have a girlfriend, and the first to steal liquor from his parents. But Brian and I were alike in many ways, too. He and I were both small for our age, and had a similar sense of humor – at adolescence, that basically meant fart jokes.

So Brian and I met up with the other scouts at the trailhead on an early Friday morning, stuffed our backpacks full of snacks, clothes, sl**ping bags, our canteens, and a simple 2-man dome tent. He hauled the tent, and I had the rainfly and stakes.

The hike out to the remote beach with the scouts – a group of about 25 – took several hours. By early afternoon, we had finally arrived and were in heaven. The sandy beach was isolated and a young boy’s dream. We were instructed by the scoutmaster to first pitch our tent. All us boys split off and found our own little spot on the beach to pitch our tent – our own little fort which we could defend. After putting our tent up and throwing our backpacks inside, we quickly ran down to the water and spent a couple of hours playing in the waves.

By late afternoon we began to get tired – the hiking, playing and exertion had taken it out of us. We dried off and went back to our tent, realizing that the sun had warmed up the tent inside. We got inside and zipped up the door. The sun shone through the tent sides and made it bright and cheerful inside.

Brian sat across from me in his swimsuit and lifted his arms. He had a some thin, brown hair under his arms. He played with the tufts of hair, admiring his manly armpit.

“Do you have hair under your arms yet, man?” Brian asked me.

I lifted my armpits, revealing my bare skin. “No,” I admitted, somewhat jealously eyeing his patch.

“Don’t worry, man, it’ll come,” he said. He shifted his backpack around and took out his sl**ping pad, stretching it out on the ground. “It feels good in here,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s warm. Feels good after swimming.”

“I’m taking my wet shorts off,” Brian said. “Why don’t you take yours off, too?”

I hesitated. I hadn’t really been naked around anyone before, but the idea of it seemed exciting. “Um…okay,” I answered.

Brian seemed nonchalant, and quickly pulled his shorts off. He threw them near the door and laid down on the sl**ping pad, freely showing off his privates. I tried not to look, and quickly turned my head away. I couldn’t believe he was just lying on his back, totally nude.

I pulled my own sl**ping pad underneath me, and then took off my swimsuit. I was a little embarrassed, but thought if Brian was okay with it, I would be too. I imitated Brian, and laid down on my back, staring up at the ceiling of the tent. The warmth of the air and excitement of being naked quickly stimulated my penis, and I felt a strange sense of pleasure lying nude next to someone else. My dick began to stiffen and I soon had a boner. My erections weren’t very big back then – perhaps only 4 inches or so.

“I have sand all over,” Brian said, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was brushing off the beach sand from his waist. “It’s all inside my butt crack,” he said.

I moved my hand down to my own butt and brushed some sand off that had wedged between my cheeks. “Yeah, it’s in mine, too,” I said, laughing.

“Man, will you see if I got it all?” Brian said. I glanced over and he had turned his back toward me. He had one hand pulling his butt cheek to the side so that I had a perfect view of his bare asshole. I could even see a little of the bottom of his ball sack between his legs. “Is there any sand left?” he repeated.

I felt a little awkward. “Yeah, there is a little still left,” I said.

Brian reached his other hand between his crack and brushed his fingers against his asshole, removing the left over sand. There was still a few grains left.

“You missed some,” I said.

He rubbed his crack again, but still missed the stray grains of beach sand. “Is it gone now?” he asked.

“No…still there.”

“Get it for me, dude,” he said.

I was slightly shocked. Did he mean I should touch him on his asshole?

“Go ahead, it’s all right. Just brush it off for me.”

I reached over and gently touched his asshole, brushing the sand away. His skin was tender and soft, and I felt him flinch as my finger touched him.

“Now it’s gone,” I said.

“Thanks, man.” Brian rolled back over onto his back. I quickly looked back up at the tent ceiling to avoid seeing his dick.

“Roll over, man,” he said. “Let me make sure you don’t have any sand left.”

I was now enjoying our experience, and I willingly rolled over to face my ass at him. I reached my hand back and spread my cheeks, giving Brian a view of my hole. “Is there any there?” I asked.

“Yeah, there is still some,” he told me.

I brushed my fingers alone my ass crack and got some of the grains of sand. “How bout now?”

“No, there is still some left,” Brian said.

I tried again, running my fingers across my asshole.

“No, let me get it,” he said. I suddenly felt his finger rubbing against my asshole. Then I felt his other hand grab my left butt cheek and spread it open farther. Again he rubbed his finger against my asshole and along my butt crack. It tingled and made me feel good in a way I had never experienced. My penis twitched with excitement.

“There,” he said. “It’s gone now.”

I rolled back over and stared up at the ceiling. My penis was super hard and pointed straight up along my stomach.

“You don’t have much hair around your dick yet,” Brian observed. It was true – I hadn’t yet grown much pubic hair, and the little dark hairs I did have were almost invisible.

“I have a little,” I said defensively, looking down at my crotch and admiring the sparse hairs around my penis. I glanced over and saw that Brian was blatantly staring at me. It made me think it was okay to look at him, too.

“No way, man,” Brian said. “It’ll get thick and long pretty soon, like mine, see?”

I took Brian’s cue and looked at his crotch. He didn’t even have a boner yet, despite our both laying there naked. But his penis was surrounded by long, sandy-blond pubic hair. He still didn’t have much compared to most grown-ups, but he definitely had more than me. It formed a nice tangled patch of hair, and his fleshy, circumcised penis hung limply from just under the small area of hair. I stared at his penis – it was almost as big soft as mine was hard.

Brian rolled over slightly so that he was facing me. He looked down at his own dick and grabbed it between his fingers.

“See, it grows mostly above your dick. But I have some on my balls, too.”

I admired Brian’s manly patch of hair with envy. I looked at my own hard penis with its sparse, thin hair and wished I had more. I did the same as him and rolled over slightly to face him, so that we were just a couple of feet from each other, totally naked.

“Don’t worry,” Brian said. “The hair will grow in pretty soon. And your dick will get bigger, too.”

Brian pinched his penis between his fingers and started to move his hand back and forth. I had never seen anyone masturbate before, and didn’t even know how to do it myself. I had only started experimenting, and didn’t know how to do anything other than rub my penis against the soft part of my forearm. I had had some amazing feelings which I guess were orgasms, but I hadn’t yet cum – I didn’t even know that something was SUPPOSED to come out. Watching Brian move his hand expertly on his dick was a new lesson for me.

“I’m used to having sex with my girlfriend, Vanessa,” he said. “We have sex almost every day, so my dick starts to get hard because it’s used to it.”

As he moved his hand on his penis, it started to grow and become harder. Soon he had a full erection, which was at least 5 inches long.

“Why do you move your hand like that?” I asked.

“That’s how I beat off, dude,” Brian replied. “Why, how do you beat off?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. I guess I don’t.”

“Don’t deny it – everyone does it. It’s okay to say you do.”

“I guess sometimes I rub against my arm,” I admitted.

“How?” Brian asked, still holding his penis in his hand. “Show me.”

I put the inside of my forearm up against my erection and moved it back and forth, feeling the soft skin rub against the front of my boner.

“That’s funny,” Brian said. “Do it like this – it’s easier and feels better. Watch.”

Brian gripped his boner with his fist like you would the handlebars on a bicycle, and then began to jerk up and down on his skin. Only the tip of his penis stuck out above his hand, and his testicles jiggled as he moved. “See, like this – you’ll shoot your jizz quicker that way.” Brian stopped playing with himself.

“What’s jizz?” I asked innocently.

“It’s the white stuff that comes out when you feel good,” Brian explained. “You’ve never done it before?”

“I guess not,” I said.

“You’re missing out,” he said. “See, when you have sex with a girl, you put your dick in her pussy, in and out, until you shoot your jizz. But don’t get your jizz inside her, or she’ll get pregnant.”

I was dumbstruck. “You’ve done that before?” I asked. “You’ve had sex and put your dick inside a girl’s pussy?”

“Lots of times,” Brian said. “It feels so good, man.”

“What does it feel like?” I asked curiously.

“It’s hard to explain,” he said. “You really wanna know how it feels?”


Brian sighed. “Well, I can show you if you want.” He rolled over onto his stomach so that his butt was sticking up in the air. “Here,” he said, motioning me over, “Lay on top of me with your dick in my butt crack. You can just rub against me a little, and it will kind of feel like when you have sex with a girl.”

I was a little apprehensive – but exhilarated by the idea of touching my privates to someone else. I scooched over the tent to Brian’s side and straddled over him, with a leg on each side and stared down at his small white butt.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Lay on top of me.” Brian reached behind him and spread his cheeks slightly so that I could see his puckered hole.

I gingerly lowered myself down and positioned my hard dick right between his cheeks, resting it in the slit and feeling his cheeks push against my groin. I released my weight and laid on top of him, my chest against his back, feeling his warm body against mine.

It felt wonderful. My penis quivered with pleasure and instinctively I began to grind my hips slightly toward Brian, pushing my erection against his crack.

Brian began to grind back against me, lifting his hips so that his butt pushed harder against my erection. “Does it feel good?” he asked.

I could barely answer I was so lost in ecstasy. I had never known such a feeling in my young life. “Yeah…” I mumbled. “It feels good.”

“Keep going,” Brian said. “You can rub harder and maybe you’ll shoot your jizz.”

I took Brian’s queue and began to move more, now rubbing hard enough so that the skin on my penis moved forward and back against his soft skin. I began to breath harder and and hard. Suddenly I felt a rush of tingling in my groin and an unknown sensation as pulses of pleasure shot through my penis. After a few seconds the sensation eased and the contractions stopped, and I could feel something wet and sticky between my penis and Brian’s butt.

“You shot your jizz, man! Doesn’t that feel good?”

I rolled off of Brian and back onto my sl**ping mat. “Yeah, that felt weird, but good,” I said, breathing hard although I hadn’t exerted myself.

Brian reached back and cleaned some of the semen off his butt and wiped his hand on his swim trunks. Then he rolled onto his back and looked at me.

I was inspecting my now-shrinking erection. There was a semi-clear, white sticky substance leaking out of the tip, and was spread all over my stomach. I touched it and it stuck to my finger like cheese from a pizza, stretching out to my fingertip.

“Roll over,” Brian ordered me. “I wanna do it to you, now and shoot my jizz too.”

I obeyed and rolled onto my stomach, imitating Brian and spreading my butt cheeks slightly as he straddled over me in the tent and lowered himself onto me…


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