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Tight black teen drools over white cock

I was away helping a f****y member out when I met Shira. She was a 18 year old black girl with beautiful brown eyes, nice full lips, perfect round breasts and wide thighs that bloomed into her nice big ass.

We ran into each other while we were roaming the empty streets of this small town. We walked and talked for hours before she had me walk her home. We agreed to meet again before i left.

I went to meet her around were we first met. She arrived and gave me a big hug as she ran up to me. i felt her tits firmly against my chest and let her down noticing that she was alot more open this time. I asked if she had a man. and she told me shes never had a boyfriend and alot of boys wanted her.

I told her that i found her attractive as she ran in front of me playfully jiggling her round ass. My cock was telling me to destroy her pussy at all costs! I grabbed her and pulled her into me. I made sure she felt my thick white cock on her ass.She turned and licked her lips as she looked at me. She grabbed my white hand and pulled me into a doorway. I grabbed her by her round ass cheeks and picked her up while kissing her neck. She moaned as she got free and croutched down.

She unzipped my denims and reached in to pull my member out. She laid her hand on my cock and gasped. She looked up and pulled it out. She licked my cock from base to tip all while looking me in the eyes. I let her lick,suck,and stroke it until I
was ready to enter her sweet black pussy.
She came to her feet and kissed me. I unzipped and pulled her denims down. Her black pussy glimmering in the light and her ass filling her thong in excess making me want her even more. She licked my ear then whispered,"I've never had a cock in me baby, be gentle."
I lifted her and smirked as i reached under her to guide my thick white member to her pussy lips. She moaned as i rubbed my cock up and down her virgin pussy. I slowly let my cock enter her as she let her back arch and eyes roll in pleasure. I gently made her passage accept my 9 inch member. I felt her grind on me until my cock was in her belly. She moaned and begged god as her pussy let go and came on me. I began to thrust into her until she yelled in pain. I then felt her ejaculate again. As she screamed i felt my load cumming. I yelled like a b**st And exploded inside her thick thighs. She yelled,"No!!" as i pumped my seed inside her. I pulled out of her as she yelled at me and put her clothes on. I gave her a quick kiss and left.

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