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Our second encounter

I was having a bit of fun in the live webcam room here at XHamster when I noticed I had a PM.
“Hi there sexy I’ll be there about 9:15” Less than 10 minutes time. “Shit” I said to myself, I was wearing the same thing as I had on our first time together. Black suspender cami top matching stockings and black Knicks.There was no time to change. Ah well this will have to do. I stood at the kitchen window breathing a bit heavy in anticipation for what was about to happen next.
I live in the top floor of a block of flats and I was stood in the doorway waiting.
Hi there, how are you, the usual greetings then I closed the door behind us.
Alone together AT LAST!!!!!
He went into the bedroom to get changed.
He came out looking stunning in a tight mini dress ,
Lace top hold-ups and black lace knicks.
We went into the living room and I sat down and he walked over and stood beside me. I noticed a rather sexy bulge in his dress , there was no way of concealing what was underneath.I put my hands on his tight ass and pulled him towards me rubbing the side of my face along the now very big bulge.I’m in heaven again…and some. I slowly lifted up the dress (I wanted to rip it off him) to reveal a lace clad huge cock.i kissed along the full length several times before pulling his knicks down to his knees and revealed what I was yearning for.
I wrapped my hand around him and gently squeezed
It looked so sexy in my hand because I was wearing red nail varnish. Then I started to gently suck this wonderful thing cupping his balls with my other hand. Then I remembered a promise I made to him.
I said next time we meet you can cum in my mouth.
Then I remembered how much he cum the first time.
I went all rolley eyed. I am in for a treat today.
I stopped for a minute and he said “shall we do it on webcam?” my reply “lets have some fun” and we walked into my computer room and logged on.
I took my knicks off and threw them on the floor
And we got in position for the cam.
I though to myself “god he’s still hard and if anything it’s even harder”. I wrapped my lips around the head licking his cum spot as I did so then I took in as much as I could handle. Then I started long strokes with my mouth hands free. I just love this. Then I really went to town on it thrusting my head back and forth faster and faster. I paused for a bit to see if we had an audience and there were quite a few enjoying our show. One comment read ‘fucking great cocksucker”
I thought “fuckin’ great cock to be sucking” I licked my lips and opened my mouth just slightly so he had to push to get his cock in. We played some in – out in – out till I heard him moan with delight. I put the breaks on , he’s not erupting just yet. I stood up and pressed my body against his and looked at my pc.
We looked so sexy together and we had a big audience now. I said “next time we’ll make a video and take some photo’s” he agreed. I took him back in hand and slowly stroked him then sat back down…its feeding time and I am starving!
We played some more in-out in-out (I love it so much) then hands free time again getting faster and faster.
Working his cock up to fever pitch then I heard
“I’m ready “and he exploded in my mouth, hot sticky cum filling my mouth. I swallowed some but it kept coming some came running out of the side of my eager mouth onto the floor. Then finally it was over. The cum part was I was still sucking but a bit softer.
Then I stopped. I looked up at him and smiled.
I did not cum this time; my pleasure is giving him pleasure. He got changed, we chatted then he left.
I sat down lit a cigarette , wonderful thoughts on my mind and a wonderful taste in my mouth.
I have thought of nothing else all day.
He fucked my mouth
And he fucked my mind.
Sounds like a line from a Rolling Stones song.

This did happen to me and if you took the time to read it…Thank You.

Tony (tees69)

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