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Exposing at beach

We went to the Caribbean an upscale resort. Not one of those cheap ones with the all inclusive packages for losers from New Jersey or Texas full of frat boys . Or the mindless d***ks who act like they just got out of prison.They had a very beautiful beach , no cruise ship losers even close to it. The beach was relatively Uncrowded so we went down to a cove near the end. Many of the ladies were topless but laying on stomach or not walking Round much, maybe to the water and back. Very discrete. We put down our stuff and I took off top because no one was too close. The warm sun felt great and the sound of the gentle lapping on the white sand relaxing, I walked to the warm gentle water and relaxed. We even snapped a few pictures you can see on my profile. A few people noticed I was posing but no one was too close or interfered. I laid down on my towels still topless. So people now were walking up and down the beach but just a few. A few chatted but no one galked. Three guys in speedos, walked by close enough on the narrow beach to us at the end to nod hello. They were going up a path back to the resort. I recognized them from the hotel. One had been our server the night before in the elegant dining room , a French guy about 30' the other also French was the busboy. The third was from the front desk, a local black man about mid 30s. All nice looking as this resort had the best for this clientele. They all had great bodies and the French had a great tan. I didn't notice any tan marks on their legs near their suits.

They said hello with a nod and said something like enjoy your day, I spoke back to them and said oh yes I will. That was the closest any guys had been to me all day topless and I felt a little tingle that they lingered even a few seconds and obviously checked out my breasts , exposed like that for the first time to others in a public place. We took a few more pictures and since it was a French island a we saw a couple of others nude I decided if I laid down to tan it would be okay. You can see the shot of me in my pictures laying on the towel. The gentle breeze even tickled my pussy hairs a little, as I only shaved for the bikini line, not totally smooth. Too prickly shaved completely off. I even got brave and walked into the water when I needed to cool off.

I noticed the three guys had returned to the beach by the other entrance sometime whiled I was on the beach. It felt relaxing to be nude, as some were and daring as most of the girls were just topless. I felt okay sinceI was near the cove and most did not walk down that far. I few couples walked by and even though I was nude I did not roll over but did keep my legs together . Not wanting to expose my pussy. It made my heart race even though they could really not see my lips or vulva. Maybe they came within 30 feet but no one lingered or galked.

As the day went on I relaxed more thanks to a Mai tai and as some better looking couples passed I let my legs open just a little and peaked out under my hat and glasses. Some of the guys took a double look but walked on. Their girls were topless and I enjoyed seeing tier breasts bounce a little and comparing them to mine. I thought mine were nicer for the most part, at least all natural.

I closed my eyes and dozed on and off and my legs open more but I was now relaxed. As I was dozing I heard a , bonjour and looked up to see the 3 young men standing a way away from us. I said bonjour and they said we just wanted to let you know since you asked last night that tonight they had the fresh fish I had asked for the night before. I thanked them and realized I had bent my knees up and my pussy was easier to see as I had set up to answer them forgetting I was bottomless too. I felt moisture on my leg but the realized as I felt a flush that my pussy juice had dripped slowly down the inside if my thigh . I had been day dreaming about the guys as I dozed and their they were. The turned to leave and I asked them a question just to let them stay. The drew close and even knelt down to answer me. I was now sitting up with my arms around my knees but the thrill of exposing myself for the first time in public to the 3 handsome men overcame my shyness. That they were wearing European cut speedos and had great bodies encouraged me. I could see the outlines of their cocks as the must have grown as they observed me too, I even dropped one knee and kept one up and I knew it opened up up my pussy and behind my sun glasses I followed their eyes to my vulva. The juice started to flow now and I am sure it glistened in the sun. They now set down close by seemingly to answer my inquiries about the resort, but really to keep them there and thrill me more. They were polite but obviously aware I was a guest and did nothing improper. After about 15 minutes they said sorry they had to leave and really meant it I could tell from their glances but we did say we hoped to see each other on the beach.

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