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Cheating Girlfriend with fitness instructor

I am a 19 year old girl who is pretty lazy, i have a good boyfriend that loves me but i always feel that he has other things on his mind. I decided i wanted to get a bit more of his attention was to join a gym and get fit.
I went to my local health club which is a really nice place, a decent sized gym and an amazing pool. When i went in i was taken around by one of the fitness instructors. He wore a tight tshirt with the gym logo on it and his muscles on his arms bulged out his top and his pecks poked through as well.
On the tour i tried to cop a feel of these muscles now and then, casual flirting yet i felt it was all part of his sales pitch. Loving the place and the guy that done the tour i decided i wanted to sign up.
We booked my induction and i said id see him the week after.

I arrived in my tight yoga pants, a sports top which barely held in my 34DD tits. The fitness insturctor that showed me around took my induction and then for a program. During when he was teaching me the machines id have my ass on show so he would cop a look. I knew it was all playful as i had a boy friend therefore didnt think it harm anyone. In my yoga pants i done squats, lunges and the instructor would stretch me off after.

After a while i got a friend add on facebook. IT WAS THE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR. we had a few friends in common but not that we knew, therefore it felt like he tried to find me.

We eventually got chatting and one night i was d***k i started to talk to him on chat and gave him my number.

A casual chat seemed to get flirty, then we started to talk about sex, i then got a bit more into it.

We would always talk about how we would have sex and how we would spend that one night together whilst i was with my boyfriend yet i still couldnt do it.

He stepped it up more..

He send me a photo of his rippling stomach. I instantly got wet. i took a photo of myself and sent him on. He immediatly replied saying how he would seduce me and tease me with his cock. This got me very horny and i wanted to meet him. So i suggested he comes on a night out with my friends.

It was a busy summer night in the club and we had been drinking from 8pm and it was now midnight. I had met him up earlier in a bar and it was awkward at first, but as the drink started to flow, it got more flirty but i couldnt do anything around my friends as they were friends with my boy friend but they knew i had an attraction to the guy. My boyfriend decided not to come and stay in and play his computer instead. This angered me so i was already frustrated.

Once we got into the club we were stuck in a booth. The table covered all our legs and in the group , as d***k as i was i began to put my hand on his stomach on top of his tshirt. As soon as i touched it i got wet and he got a bit excited as i could see it through his jeans. I then moved my hands under his tshirt and felt my hand over his washboard stomach
He then replied by moving his hand up my skirt and fondled with my clit, he could feel i was wet and proceeded to play with it as i reached down and grabbed his cock, it was around 10', i knew i had to have him tonight.

I whispered in his ear that i was going to leave and told him to follow

We left the table to the middle of the dance floor, he came up behind me and pressed his groin against my backside. His cock was pushing through his jeans and between my cheeks. I turned round and passionelty kissed him. Moving my hands all over his body and his all over mines we decided to leave

We got a hotel room nearby. As soon as i walked in i removed my dress revealing my tits in a bra, my suspenders that were hidden by my skirt. this seemed to drive him craze as he picked me up, kissed me and pressed me against the wall. i removed his t-shirt revealing his 6 pack and the v lines with the vains leading down into his jeans and white boxers riming the top.

He then threw me onto the bed and removed my pants and started to lick me out, the sensation was unreal and already felt like i was about to cum. He then stopped and move up sliding his 2 middle fingers into my slit and began to pound my g-spot, he done it so hard that i squirted for the first time. The ejaculation covered him and the lights gleamed against his chest showing the mounds of his body. He stopped and went into the shower room..

I thought this creepy him out so i apologised sincerely and walked in to the room hearing the shower ran and him standing in it with only his white boxers on.. the water had turned the boxers see through and i could see his cock shining through the white pair of shorts. on top of this his body was all wet and the water dripped down his neck and slowly down his chest to his perfectly formed stomach. My jaw dropped and i immediatly joined him. He turned me round so i was facing the other way. He pressed his groin against my ass and i could feel his semi hard cock between my cheeks, this turned me on so much and all i wanted to to was rip off his shorts and suck his cock... i proceeded to do this.

I removed his shorts to reveal his 10' cock and i grabbed it and put it in my mouth. I struggled to fit it in half erect and it slowly began to grow in my throat, as i got faster he told me to stand up and turn around. I was wet from all the sucking and he began to place his cock between my legs and teased me he said

'i want you to beg for it'

i screamed out 'ohh god yes please fuck me!'

He inserted it into my slit and it just seemed to go deeper and deeper till it reached my stomach.

I let out a big moan as he proceeded to move in and out me. He seemed to speed up and i began to moan louder and louder.

The euphoria was building till it reached a climax and i began to shake and squeel out..
he continued to try and fuck me but i couldn't take it and completely collapsed to the shower floor, my legs shaking he picked me up out the shower and placed me on the bed.

As i lay there legs open, he stuck his 2 fingers in again and began to pound my g spot to try and make me squirt again.. when i reached the climax again i squirted out a massive load again all over the bed and he jumped on the bed and threw me on top. Slid his cock into me and grabbed my torso and went for it. The speed he was going at caused me to orgasm another 2 times.. i had to stop as my boyfriend was phoning, im sure that was about the 5th missed call from him but i eventually answered.

'Where are you?!' he asked

i thought up an excuse about being at a friends but while i was replying he began to slide his cock in me, mid speech i groaned, thinking i was caught i paniced but tried to keep my cool and finished the story.

Once i done, i got on all fours and he slid his cock in, he build up the speed, and grabbed my hips and pulled me in, faster and faster, i screamed louder and louder and moaned more and more.
He began to moan and told me he was about to cum. he didnt have a condom on so i didnt want him cumming in my pussy and plus i wanted it in my mouth. i flipped round and sucked his cock. Suddenly a spurt was sent down the back of my throat. Still shaking from the pleasure and his sweating made it all the hotter, i reached my hand up to his stomach, swallowed and smiled

i think i better head home now, he nodded and smiled back...

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