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First time BJ from another man(True Story)

As I turned off the shower and started to dry off, I'd never been more nervous/excited in my life! "When I got there, was he gonna beat me up for wanting a guy, or will he be gross?", I thought to myself as I dressed.

Finally, the urge to try something new overtook me and I got into my truck, headed for our secret tryst.

When I arrived, he was waiting at the door. Silver-haired and slim, this older man was about to take my bi-virginity! We exchanged the obligatory "Hello's" and he poured me a cup of coffee.

He was wearing a blue robe, and I could smell the fresh scent of soap and cologne on him as we enjoyed some small talk. Despite the friendly chat, my cock was swollen in my jeans and his occasional glances at it was driving me wild inside.

As our cups emptied and you can feel the sexual tension in the room, he reached over and caressed my leg, the tips of his fingers tracing my cock head. I moaned softly and I felt a lustful smile cross my lips. He stood up, looking me in the eyes and said, "I can't take anymore, I have to have you." as he leaned down and his lips started to touch mine.

I'd never kissed a man before, and when our tongues met, I almost shot in my pants! There was a pure lust between us, primal and instinctive. Breaking our embrace, he invited me to his bedroom. Wobbly legged I obliged, I was his for the taking.

He asked me to undress while he watched, and I did as I was told, without thinking. As I stood there naked, my cock pointing straight out and dripping, he undid his robe and his body presented itself to me. We laid on the bed, facing each other as he kissed me again, this time our hands grabbing eachother's cocks. He kissed down my neck, his stubble scratching, but only increasing my desire.

He took his time at each nipple; biting, licking and pulling. I was going CRAZY inside!! He breathed his hot breath against my cock, and opened my legs wider. His tongue found my tight ass and he licked and probed my hole. My cock was pulsing and felt like it would burst. I was more turned on than I had ever been, for this mature cock lover.

Finally, he engulfed me to the hilt. I learned then and there that no one can suck a man's cock like another man. Oh my God, his tongue swirled and he sucked like a man possessed. Up and down, slurping and moaning he took me to the heights of pleasure. He rolled me on my side and put his arm between my legs, squeezing my swollen sac and pushing my cock as deep in his mouth as he could get it.

He must of sensed I was close to exploding, as his slide a bony finger in my ass. That was all I could take. With a gasp, my cock exploded. I felt like I was floating on air as each blast he greedily gobbled down. His finger slowed it's circling in my ass and he slowly withdrew it. He let my softening cock drop from his mouth as he kissed the tip and licked the last drops of my cum from it.

He moaned and thanked me as he came up for one final kiss. I had tasted my cum before, but in that moment, it tasted like honey on his tongue. If he'd asked me to stay, I would have, and enjoyed the moment for hours more.

After that day, I knew that I was no longer a straight male. I had crossed the boundary and I was never going back.

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