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Arranging mum a date

After searching around for a while I managed to find a guy called dave who was up for no strings fun. I was doing this for mum as she was getting pretty bored, father worked away a lot of the time and it was if they wasn't married anymore. Mum didn't no how I was going about doing this as she probably thought it wouldn't happen. I was talking to this dave guy for about 2 weeks and we set a date the following Saturday, still not knowing what to do. During the week was talking to mum and said if your up for it a guy I no is interested to meet you. She seemed shocked a was a little nervous, I explained ill come with to introduce you and then leave. Funny thing was I had no intensions to do that.

When I was talking to dave online we arranged to meet in a hotel that he was checking into as he lived 2 or 3 hours away. Mum was none the wiser it what was going on she assumed they would be going out for something to eat. I think dave had other ideas.

So Saturday morning came round and I was having breakfast when mum came in. So were going through with this she said. Only if you want to I replied. So mum said sure were we off to, I explained that we was meeting him in his hotel room as he didn't no his way round. She seemed ok with that. We was meeting about an hour away from us. Id had a text from dave saying he was there. The night before he had a phone converstation with mum so I think that put her at ease, dave was a married guy after.

So me and mum set off in the car, I was driving, couldn't help notice that she was looking nice, casual but nice, she was wearing denim jeans and a patterned top that was pretty low cut so you could see about of cleavage. Was quite a quite journey when I said are you looking forward to this. To my surpise she came back with saying that she was, and found it rather horny that she was meeting a stranger.

So we pulled up to the hotel, parked up and I rung dave, he came down to meet us. Dave was 51, about 6ft2 slimish grey hair and brown eyes, he wasn't the best looking guy about. He came over and shook my hand then shook mums and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was quite a awkard start, no one really knew what to say or do. Dave came out with that we go for a drink at the hotel bar, but first he wanted to drop his phone back to the room. Would you like us to come I said, if only you want he replied. We might aswell so we did.

Walking back to his room felt like for ever and it was small talk, mum explaining shes never done this etc and so was dave. When we got back to his room we walked in, take a seat dave said to us. I sat on the bed mum sat on the chair. We carried on talking must of been for about 30 mins when mum got up to use the toilet.

That's when dave was saying how hot she was and do you think sex will happen, after all that's what I think dave thought this was about. So did I really mum was the only one that didn't no. She came back out and sat next to dave on the bed. So how is this going to happen she said to him, dave looked confused, what do you mean. Well were not here to find a soul mate are we, she said giggling. Oh I see, she was meaning sex. Well if you don't mind dave said to her. And just then dave learnt in for a kiss on the cheeks. I sat back as they started kissing for about a minute. I felt so horny that I could well be watching this.

They were still kissing when hands were now going all over the place, touching each others faces, hair, shoulders when I saw dave lower his hands and started creasing mums nice big 34dd tits. She didn't even flinch. And to my surpise she lifted her top of her head and removed in so she was in her bra only. Wow dave stop and stared. he now had both hands rubbing them. Then as I sat there I saw her nipple dave was getting her tits out infront of me. God im horny she said looking at dave. I don't no if they forgot I was there but I was sitting there with a huge hard on.

Dave then pushed her on the bed so she was laying on her back, he undone her jeans and pulled them off, she was laying on her back only in a black bra and thong, which she then unclipped her bra to let sag back her nice big 34 dd boobs. Still sitting there and they seemed to not even remember I was there. I carried on watching and dave was sucking her tits rubbing her pussy on her panties. Someones wet dave said, and just then he turned to me and winked. He pulled mums thong off slowly revealing her wet shaved pussy, still laid on her back I watch as dave started rubbing her pussy.

He leant over and whispered something to mum, and just the she sat up quickly handing her tits, im so sorry chris she said, I got lost in the moment. I didn't no what to reply and luckly dave step in and said his ok watching I know he wants to. Mum looked nervous oh really. she hesitated for abit and didn't answer. Dave went in and started kissing her again. She soon went back to laying on her back naked, so I took that as a yes. I watached on as dave they were kissing when mums hand reached down and she started rubbing daves cock. Dave still fully clothed he then removed his top and she was trying to unzip his jeans. It feels big she said. Dave then un buttoned him self and pulled down his jeans and pants. Out popped his shaved hard cock. Oh nice she looked down and started wanking it whilst kissing.

Dave then pushed her back and lifted her legs up, he moved himself down the bed and started to lick her wet pussy. She started moaning. Still setting there as hard as anything I decided to pull my jeans down and started wanking. They didn't even noticed. He was licking her pussy for about 5 minutes when he stopped and she sat up, oh wow she said looking at me shocked now noticing me wanking. Sorry do you mind I said, and dave stepped in and said no course not. Just then mum reached out and took his cock in her hands wanking his hard 7" cock. Mum then stood up and turned her and dave round, I watched as he laid on his back now and bent over and took his cock in her mouth. I watched on as her bum was raised in the air head going up and down sucking on his cock.

I then got up and sat on the bed next to them to get a better look at her in action. dave was moaning saying how nice it was. I contuied to wank next to her slowly. I was so close to cumming I didn't want to cum yet. I carried on watching her suck his cock for another 10 mins when she stopped and asked if they could have sex now. Dave didn't even reply, I watched on as she stood up and lowered her self onto his hard cock. I watched closely and it entered her. MMMMMM she moaned as she bounced on his dick. Only having her back to me I went round the front and watched on as her moaning face and tits bouncing and daving grabing her hips as they started fucking. They stayed in this position for about 5 mins when he turned her over and he got on top and really went for it, fucking her hard as she was trying to hold her screams in. I sat upright on the back board of the bed and wanked level to her face watching down and her tits bouncing. Dave then asked her to get up on all fours, he then entered her from behind. He head right near my cock, he started fucking her as she kept looking up and me wanking and me looking down at her and her big tits bouncing all over the place, oh good im going to cum she moaned, faster faster faster, as dave worked up a sweat she screamed out a loud, im cumming and I watched her loving every minute of it. She put her head on the bed as she cummed, dave lokoing tired she turned to him and said wow that was great, let me finish u off she said. Dave stood up off the bed and she walked round still naked and get on her knees and started sucking his cock again.

I went over and started wanking by her face to, where are you coming chris, dave said. Well I don't no, mum looked up at me holding her tits with his hard cock in her mouth, were do you want to she said. With that I told dave to lay in the bed her to bed over and let me wank off over her ass. So she done exactly that I watched on as she was sucking dave ass in the air. I then began to shout mu load over her ass and back, at the same time I watched dave shout his over her tits.

Just then they rolled over both laying on there back saying wow that was fun. Both worn out from it all.

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