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My summer of teen love

Me and Martin continued to meet and became real lovers of blow jobs.One of us would choose to be the slave and kneel before the others cock. On this occasion it was my turn, we had come home after college after a game of badminton. After throwing off sweaty shirts and shorts, Martin was lying before me on the bed waring only his white gym socks, his skin a golden sun kissed brown, his hair blonder with the summer sun. I parted his smooth muscular thighs and went down. Nuzzlng my nose into his pubes, sniffing his fantastic musk while cupping his balls in my hand. His cock grew hard and he slapped it off the side of my face. I moved my mouth down and licked at his sweaty ball sack, the taste of boy in my mouth turning me on, sucking at each ball, taking it in my mouth, pleasuring my boyfreind. He moaned with pleasure and i grabbed his hard cock with my hand. I teased him by placing gentle kisses on his shiny bellend, then placing kisses up and down his hard shaft. I moved away from his cock to kissing down his smooth muscular thighs, down to his calves. I took his white gym sock up to my nose and inhaled the warm damp sweat. As i took his sock off Martin had grabbed his cock and was pumping it hard, I suckued at his toes, flicking my toungue in and tasting my boy. Martins moanes pf pleasure increased so i moved back between his legs and took his hot red cock in my mouth. I loved to suck Martin off, it was my fave thing. I liked to feel his hard cock in my mouth, sucking and licking and sucking. I liked to be on my knees looking up at him as he held my head in his hands. His moans got louder and i could feel the throbbing starting from the base of his cock. I gave one last hard suck and pulled his cock out of my mouth just as he squirted a hot stream of cum all over my face, i opened my mouth to recieve my boyfreinds hot juice and licked my lips with the pleasure of the taste. Martin lay back panting and told me i was due a sock cuddle. I handed him his sweaty gym socks and he wiped my face and his cock with them, soaking up all the cum. I then joined him in the bed cuddled up in the spoon position as he hooked his legs over me and cradled me. He took his sweaty sock soaked with cum and while cuddling me close, shoved it in my face. I lied there in the arms of my boyfreind feeling safe and loved as he held me close sniffing his sweaty cum soaked sock. I was in heaven with my lovley boyfreind.

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