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I love Ashley

One day I decided to venture outside of my normal realm of comfort and try Ashley My friend told me that I was crazy and that sites like that are fake and are trying to scam people. He said that there is never any real woman on there, just like Craigslist. I thought he was full of it and was just trying to cock block me in someway or another, which he tends to do all of the time because he is a total asshole. Late one night I was online and searched for the site on Google.

To my surprise, the asshole might have been telling the truth, because beside the site coming up in the search the entire rest of the page was full of warning sites saying that Ashley Madison is fake, fraudulent and misleading. Against my better judgment, I decided to pay for access to the site and explore the world of married people looking for discrete no strings attached sex. It seemed silly, especially seems how I was getting plenty of no strings attached sex whenever I really wanted it, or I should say I stumble into as much no strings attached sex whenever I want.

I was getting frustrated after a week of no success with the webpage. After several talks with Ashley Madison customer service, they finally informed me that if I did not buy the premiere package I was not guaranteed an affair. I wondered how they could guarantee that, I envisioned the customer service lady I was talking to giving me a hand job, or maybe she could give good phone sex, as she sounded sexy enough. However, she was probably in her mid-50’s about 310lbs and looked like she was dragged through ten miles of Death Valley Dessert.

Later the next week I received an email from an Ashley Madison user like I had from so many other the week before but this one seemed different. Surprisingly the email sounded like something that a person would actually say and instead of deleting it as I was getting use to doing, I responded. After a short period, I got another response that included a picture and a cell phone number. She asked for my picture, because I left my profile picture blank, and I gave her several non-nude photos of me. She responded telling me that I was super hot and she wanted to fuck. I was very surprised.

I did think much of it and rolled with the conversation for another two days. On the third night while in school, I received an email from her saying that she was alone and she wanted it now. I though for a minute about what “it” was but gave in and told her I was on my way, and I left class early. After arriving at her place, I pulled in her driveway, sat there for a second, and though about what might happen. I hesitated when I went to dial her number but my dick pressed send button and within a flash, she answered.

My voice was broken but firm as I started the quick conversation. “I am outside”.

“Good!” Her voice was full of excitement. “I am just getting out of the shower, I will be down in a minute to let you in”.

There was a moment of pause before I responded, “okay”.
It was no more than two minutes before her dirty blond haired head popped through the front door and her arm stretched out to beckon me. At the point of no return, I leaped from my truck and hurried into her place hoping none of the neighbors noticed me at the house. By the time I got into the house she had moved across the foyer, through the open living room and into the kitchen where she stood in a skimpy midnight black and hot rod red lace lingerie. She screamed fuck me; I am a dirty little whore, without saying a word. She looked am me and I at her. I took of my coat and through it on the floor. She approached me slowly examining me as I examined her.

Younger than me by seven years her few extra pounds did not bother me because she wore it well. She was tall and her exposed legs drove me crazy. Her long curly hair bounced as she walked and her smile was a warm as hot cocoa on a cold winter night.

I stood my ground as I spoke, “Hi”.

“Hi”, she said, as she got closer removing the lace shawl that that was around her shoulders. She moved upon me with the eagerness of a virgin in heat and kissed my lips. They were soft, warm and tasted like strawberries, which made my heart race.

I pulled away and looked her in the eyes. “Hi”, I said again.

She smiled and said, “Hi”, this time with a slight giggle as she locked her lips on mine once again. Our close mouth pecks quickly turned to aggressive sexually driven open mouth and tongue kisses. The heat of the aggression between up started building as I ripped the lace top off her body exposing her perky breasts.

I pulled my mouth from hers and stated kissing her neck. I moved rather quickly to her breasts placing each nipple in my mouth in turn. The nipples hardened as my tongue flicked past them, tickling her and driving her sexual senses crazy. My erect dick pressed hard against my jeans and begged for me to release it. However, no matter how much I wanted sexual satisfaction I knew that this moment had to be about her and I continued to tease her nipples one at a time with my tongue while she ran her fingers through my hair pulling each time I hit the right spot.

It did not take her long to find the bulge in my pants as her hand grasped my penis as if she was about to fall off a high-rise. She pulled away, still with my dick locked in her hand and pulled me into the living room. She quickly laid herself down on the couch and looked like a buffet of sexual desire spread out before me.

“I want to see it, I have waited so long to see”! She demanded without hesitation as she continued to caress her nipples already missing the presence of my tongue on them.

I unbuttoned my jeans and let the fall down around my ankles. The only thing between her and my penis was my underwear. Hoping up she scooted out to the edge of the couch and grabbed my ass pulling me closer to her. With both hand she pulled my underwear down slowly allowing my penis of flop out and smack her on the face. She allowed it to slide all over her face trying to catch it in her mouth each time it passed by. I knew that making her wait was driving her crazy and I love it. Her eyes shot up toward mine.

“Stick it in my mouth now”! Aggressive sexual frustration was clear as every consonant and syllable that formed each word of that sentence vibrated from her lips.

I did not just let her take my dick, that would have been to easy, to gentle, to much like I loved this silly little cock hungry whore. Instead, an uncontrollable a****l instant took over me. The untamed b**st that resides in us all tore through my skin to sexually destroy this girl.

I grabbed the back of her head and slammed her open mouth down on my throbbing cock without hesitation. Past her strawberry coated lips, along her warm moist tongue, to the back of her throat I pounded my dick in and out of her mouth. The sound saliva sucking past my dick and her frequent gags excited me even more and I fucked her face as if I was laying into her pussy.

She managed to lie down somehow and I started to play with her moist pussy. It did not take long for her younger body to succumb to sexual stimulation as her cum coated my fingers and ran down her pussy onto the couch. My dick pulsated and throbbed and only seconds after her satisfaction I exploded in her mouth. She grabbed my ass and pushed my cock in as far as she could handle it swallowing every bit of what I had to offer her.

I pulled back and placed my underwear and pants back on as she licked the little drops of cum on her lips pulling it into her mouth.

“We understand each other here that this is what it is, right”, I said I started looking for my coat.

“Of course”, she said with a smile, as she stood next to me placing the black and red lace nothing, or what was left of it, back over her exposed chest.

Leaning forward kissed me. This time it was nothing more than a simple casual kiss. “Now go before my husband gets home”! She smiled again at that statement, almost as if she was hoping to be caught. My heart was unable to get excited about such craziness as I walked out the front door, hoping I would not run into her husband. Once in my truck and several blocks from her place I was able to breath once again.

I told my asshole friend the next day about what had happen but like a typical asshole, he said I was making it up. The joke was on him however, because the nasty whore of a cocksucker was his wife. Lucky for me Ashley Madison wasn’t a fraud.

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