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Mike had things pretty much his own way,his parents gave him just about
whatever he asked for.Of course they had little or no choice in the matter.
His dad had been fucking him since and early age and his mother had enjoyed
his young body just as much,getting off on watching his dad fuck him or him
suck his cock.
He wasn't angry with them,in fact her enjoyed the sex,even when he had no
idea what the feeling inside him was,only that it made him feel good.

Mike knew he was at least Bi-Sexual,if not gay from an early age and had
been having sex with Rob,a boy who was all most like a twin.
Both boys were into sports,worked out freqently,both were well built by the
age of sixteen.
The two boys had connected with several others in there age bracket who were
also Bi or gay.
This is what led up to his domination over his parents.

He had all ready informed them that they had better do as he said or there
ass was grass.
The first time he brought three of the boys home with him for a swim in
there pool,he entroduced them to his mom who by the way was only in her late
thirties and still very attractive with an ass that was made to kiss.

Mike had enjoyed Tim and Danny's cock's several time's,and loved fucking
Donny,the smaller of the three,his ass made him think of his moms,the other
two were real stud's,very well hung,his dad would envy both he was sure.
Although his dad was away at the time,Mike kept it in mind to entroduce his
ass to his friends at another time.
Of course his mom had to join them by the pool and show off her bikini,and
the boys were quite taken with her body.

"You guys like to have some of that?"Mike asked,smiling,knowing damm well
they would.
"Hell yes man,but she's your mom,she ain't going for that."Tim said.
"Like hell she won't,just sat back and watch."He said,then got out of the
pool and approched his mom where she lay reading.

She smiled up at him as he took her magazine and lay it aside,took a
handfull of that lovely hair,bent her head back,pressing his lip's to
her's.This was no motherly kiss,it was a hot kiss of passion.
When he let her up for air,she gasped and said.
"Don't MIke,your friends are watching."

"Sure they are,and each one is dying to crawl between you legs."He
"You can't be serious MIke!"His mom gasped.
"Oh but I am,deadlly serious,and you better go along with it mama,or else
you know what will come."he said,still smiling,as once again he kissed
her,placing his hand between her thighs,massaging her pussy as she grasped
his hand,trying to pull it away.

He found the little tie holding her suit on and pulled it,jerking it
away,exposting her well trimmed pussy,the one he had ate so many times.
As she continued to struggle,he undone her bra,throwing it aside also,baring
her firm,round tit's.
By now the boys were paying close attention,you could all most see them

Mike ,please,your humilating me."She said,still trying to cover
herself.Standing between her and the boys,Mike pinched a big nipple between
thumb and finger,tweaking it as he applied presser.
Her head flew back as her hands left her pussy,grasping his hand.
"Do as I say mother,no more ressiting,understand?"
"Oh Mike,please!"She moaned.
"Understand!"He said,as he pinched harder.
"Yessss,yesss."She hissed.licking her lips and he saw her other nipple
hardening fro her arousal.

"Hey guys,come over here", he called out.
It was plain to see all three boys had hard on's as they gazed down at Mikes
mom,her thighs agape now as she kept her eyes closed,hands at her side.
"You sure this is ok?"Tim asked.
"Sure.she loves it,don't ya mom?"Mike said,kissing her pretty mouth.
MIke slid off his trunks as his mom opened her eyes.
"At least let me do it inside MIke."She pleaded.
"Mo mother,this is fine."He insisted.

Tim could stand it no longer and got on his knees between her thighs,parting
her pussy lips with his thumbs,pressing his mouth over her wet hole.
"There was little doubt she was aroused as the boy dipped his tongue inside
her cunt.
Mike was to learn later that it was Tim's first time to taste pussy,you sure
couldn' tell it from the way he went after that pussy.

Danny was licking her feet and sucking her toes,of all things the boy had a
foot fetish.
Little Donny was sucking her tits as MIke stood watching,stroking his cock.
Hi mom was sqyuirming now,what with her body recieving so much attention.

Mike opened the pool first aid kit,removing a bottle of Ky,then stuck the
spout up Donny's ass,filling him before squirting more over his cock,Donny
was one tight piece of ass and he knew it.
Spreading the smaller boy's cheeks,he placed the head of his cock to his
ring hole and shoved,feeling the boy's sphincter pop open as his cock slid

MIke told his mom to raise up and let Tim lay in her place,then had her lay
on top of him,lowering her pussy over the boy's cock.
He looked up at Danny and saw him licking his lips.
"Eat her ass Danny,she likes that."Mike said,still pumping cock up Donny's
Danny quicking buried his mouth between the cheeks of Nora's ass,(Mike's
mom)his tongue going wild as Tim hunched up and down,feeling her cucnt clasp
tightly around his cock.

Finally Danny needed more then eating that sexy ass and stood up,straddling
the lounge chair and Tim's legs as he placed his cock bwteen her
mounds,shoving forward as his cock disappeared up her shit chute.
Mike turned Donny and held him up right,his cock still buried in the boy's
ass,he then grabbed his mom by the hair of her head,forcing it down to
Donny's cock,she got the idea and began sucking him.
She now had three cocks in her holes and it was really turning Mike on to
see his mom impaled in such a mannor.

All three boys came pretty close together,then stood back panting as the
watched Mike remove his cock from Donny's ass.
Tim was the first to speak up,"Damm Mike,your mom sure knows how to fuck."
"Yeah,"Danny joined in,"That was awesome."
"She can suck a mean dick to,"Donny said.
"She sure can,but just wait till you sample my dads ass and mouth,you'll
love him."Mike said,laughing.

Nora lay on the lounge,her arms over her eyes,wet pussy shining and those
round tits up in the air.
"We better go guys,thank's Mrs Dudley,you were great."Tim said,
"Yeah,sure hope you will let us come back again."Danny offered.
"Ask MIke,he's the boss around here now."She said,winking at her son.

"Keep Saturday afternoon open guys,I want you to meet my dad,see you
later."Mike said,watching as Donny closed the gate.
"Mike!How could you!Humilate your own mother like that."Nora scolded.
"Aw hell Nora,you loved every minute of it."Mike said.
She started to set up,but he pushed her back,raising her legs and pressing
his mouth over her pussy,sucking for Tom's cum.
After eating her pussy out,he switched to her ass sucking till he had
retrieved Danny's cream.

Droping her legs,one on either side,he mounted her,ramming his cock deep
innside her still swollen pussy.
Her legs w****d around his waist as she hugged him tight around the neck,
her ass began hunching up and down,this is what really done it for her,being
fucked by her son.
The two of them were so worked up,it was no time before Nora cried
out,having an orgasm and Mike was soon to follow, his cock spurting spern up
her pussy.
The two then jumped in the pool as though nothing had ever happened.

The following saturday after lunch,Mikes dad was out vacuming the pool as
Mike approached him.
"Hi MIke,all most done here."he said.
"No hurry Dad."
"Something on your mind?"
"Could you come in the pool house a minute?"Mike said.
"In a minute son."
"I said come in the pool house dad!"Mike sanped.

"Sure son,sure,no problem."His dad said,following him like a trained puppy.
Mike shut the door,then removed his shorts,standing before his dad with a
raging hard on.
Get those damm things off."He tod his dad and he instantly removed his
shorts also.
His dad was no slouch when it came to dick size.

Mike held out his cock,shaking it at his dad,knowing it would shake him
up,the man was hooked on a boy's dick or ass.
His dad kneeled,taking his dick in hand,then slid his mouth down over the
shaft,allowing the head to enter his throat,doing this time and again like
the pro he was.
Mike withdrew his dick and stepped back.His dad reach for it again but Mike
slapped his hand.
He walked to the wall,pressed on one side and it opened.
There were all kinds of restraints inside.

There was a lounge shaped as an "S" which he told hid dad to lay over,Mike
had been placed there several times as a youngster.Hi mind drifetd back just
for an instant,he could see himslf as a boy,strapped to that table,still
feel that nine inch cock of his dad;s envading his tight boy pussy.He was
unable to yell out fore he had a band around his head with a rubber ball
stuffed in his mouth,then his mind cleared and he snapped back.

He thin cuffed his dad's wrists,spread his legs and shackled his ankles,then
stepped in front of him, once again allowing him to take his cock in his
"Like that don't you Dave,yeah,you like any cock don't you baby."He cooed to
his dad.
The man was excited now,as his hard cock hung through the hole beheath the
table and his nipples through two holes at the top.
MIke had just finished puttin clamps on his dad's nipples,lowering the
wieghts attached to the ends when he heard his name called and knew it was
the guys.

He pulled his cock free and went to the door,calling them in,there were six
of them this time.
"Hey man,whats up?"Tim said.then he saw Mikes dad all laid out,his smooth
ass sticking out,just waiting for cock.
"Holy shit man,what a sight!Ben,one of the guys MIke loved to be fucked by
"You got this dude all ready for dick man."
Donny came around behind Mike as the others looked his dad over while they
"Where's your mom MIke,she gonna be here?"

"She's up at the house,why don't you run up and say hi."
Donny was all smiles when he headed for the door but just as he opened
it,Nora walked in.
"What you up yo Mi.......?Then her eyes bugged out and she turned to go but
Donny had shute the door.
Mike truned his mom around and kissed her as he smiled.
"Come on in mom,your just in time,the guys are horny,ole Donny here wants to
get closer to you,don't you Donny."
"Hell yes man,I didn't get any of that last time."He said.

"I guess it would do no good to say I didn't want to would it?"She said.
"Not a bit mom,get those clothes off."Mike said.
She stood still as the boys undressed her,Pedin whistled at the sight of her
body,his eyes resting on the dark patch between her thighs.
"Damm Mike,ain't no way you could have came out of that sexy hole."he
"Yeah,know what you mean man,I've licked every inch of it."He laughed.

Donny was all ready behind her,working to get his cock up her ass,Pedin had
kneeled and was going after her pusy as she opened her legsmgiving him more
room,hell,she was craving these boys dicks.
Donny was beside himself as he hunched her ass,squeezing her tits as he
The whole room was full of naked boys as they ravaged his parents.
Tim had his cock up MIkes dad's ass,fucking his brains out as Danny was
feedin him cock from the other end.
Each time Tim rammed home,the wieghts on Daves nipples would jerk,sendin
pains of pleasure surging through the man.

The boys had Nora strapped over another table and Pedin was in front of
Donny,sliding his cock up her ass along with his.
There was a six inch rubber dildo attached to the table which was now buried
up Nora's pussy.
Each time The boys rammed there dicks in her ass,the dildo ****d her
pussy.The onlt thin free was her mouth and tits and Mike was taking care of

"Aw shit man,I'm gonna cum!"Danny said,gasping.
"You get done Danny,feed him your piss,dad loves that."Mike said,then
watched as Danny pissed in his dads mouth,forcing the man to swallow.MIke
had pissed gallons down in his dad's mouth several times and drink just as
much in return.He wasn't complaing,he loved to drink piss.

He had placed nipple clamps on his mom's nipples and would jerk the chain
now and them,feeling her clamp down on his dick as she tried to yell out.
When he felt he was all most there,he f***ed his cock down her throat and
fucked her in short strokes,knowing she was able to hold her breath that
Both the other boys had shot there loads up her ass and pulled out as Pedin
ate her sore ass out,licking and sucking out everything she had,who knows
what the boy was swalloing.

Mike gripped the back of her head,holding her tightly to his belly as his
cock throbbed,releasing it's treaure down her throat.
He was used to pissing with a hard on so with little effort,his piss
followed his cum.
After pulling out,he let her catch her breath,then friench kissed
her,sucking her tongue as he tasted his piss.
Pedin had his cock buried up her ass again and there was no doubt what he
was doing from the contented look on his face,he was pissing up her sweet

Tim had a huge dildo he had found and was ramming it up Mikes dad's ass,from
the look on the mans face,he was loving every inch of it.
Miked went to the cooler and opend beers for all the guys,leaveing his mom
and dad strapped down.
Later,as Donny said he had to piss,Mike took his hand,leading him to where
his mom lay,
"Like this ."He said,and proceeded to piss over his moms head and down her
back.Donny followed suit and the other boys stepped up,covering his dad with
warm piss,his dad trying to gulp down as much as he could.

After the boys had gone,Mike took turns fucking first his mom's pussy,then
his dad's ass before releasing them.
His mom smiled and hugged his neck,"Thanks son,that was great."
"Yeah",his dad said,smiling as he licked his lips,they were really wild,"
"I though they would get more worked up if they thought we were forcing
you."Mike said,smiling.
"I'll tell you,that Tim has one hell of a cock,and he knows how to use it
to."His dad said.
"Donny's dick isn't to big,but the boy has a wonderful mouth and tounge."His
mom laughed.
Come on guys,let's go clean up",she kissed them both as she said,"I sure do
love my men".

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