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More 3some fun for Caroline

This is another story about my beautiful sexy wife Caroline as told from her perspective. As before we have written this together albeit in a bit of a rush, so forgive us if you find it a little raw. It’s about the build up and conclusion to Caroline having sex with two of my friends.

After I'd given David a morning blowjob and we were relaxing in bed he came out with the idea of making a porn style video with me being the 'star' of the piece. Not being surprised knowing David as I do I asked what exactly he had in mind. He said something along the lines of him filming me having sex with our friend Adam. Having already had sex with Adam and David on more than one occasion in our little 3some I agreed to his wish. Then David being David pushed a little further by asking if another one of his friends could join in making it a 3some leaving him free to capture the event. I asked if he had anybody in mind and he replied Simon, a long standing friend of his and Adam. I’ve known Simon for many years too and knowing that he's a nice 'clean' kinda guy I said ok but also added that I could back out at any time if I didn’t feel comfortable.

Of course babe said David, not a problem.

So what do you want me to do with Adam and Simon I asked.

Nothing out of the ordinary David replied. Suck their cocks, let them fuck you and cum over you, the sort of thing you see in a porno movie.

I could see the eagerness in David’s face so I said, ok that seems fine if you really want me to do that for you. Just give me some warning of when this is going to happen will you.

Well I was thinking about this coming Saturday David said.

Oh! got it all sorted out with Adam and Simon have you I said in a slightly grumpy tone.

Don’t be annoyed hun David said. When I was out the other night with them I made some stupid remark about them shagging you. We all joked at first as us guys do but the conversation got more serious and the three of us decided it was a really good idea.

Yeah I bet you all did I said. So does that mean Simon knows I’ve been having a 3some with you and Adam then I asked.

He does but we told him it was only the once and that he was sworn to secrecy about the whole thing replied David, that’s not a problem is it?

I guess not I said, Simon is like Adam and not the type to go around shouting his mouth off.

He’s not said David. That’s partly the reason for his inclusion into this little adventure and I thought the four of us could all go out for a few drinks this Saturday and if you’re still ok with everything we could head back here and have some fun. What do you think?

Yes ok then if that’s what you really want I’ll do it for you I said in a more caring tone.

Excellent David replied, I’ll let the guys know.

And with that David then slid under the covers and gave my neatly trimmed pussy a good tongue lashing.

Saturday came around quickly and I readied myself for the evening. Had a long soak in the bath, washed and dried my hair along with putting my makeup on. Dressed in black stockings and suspenders with a matching bra, a knee length skirt and silk blouse. Slipped on a pair of black stilettos and walked downstairs where I was greeted by David.

Wow you look fantastic David said, everything ok?

Thank you and yes I’m fine I replied even though secretly I did have a little bit of a knot in my stomach.

Let’s get going then if you’re ready David said.

We got in the car and set off for the pub with David talking about something that didn’t need my input. Just as well really as my mind was preoccupied with what the evening was going to hold for me. It’s one thing having a 3some with your husband but it’s another having a 3some with two guys and your husband looking on filming it.

On arriving David parked the car and we both got out. I straighten my skirt wanting to remove the creases that had formed from being seated. David walked around the car, took my hand and led me into the pub. The place was quite full and standing at the bar was Adam and Simon.

Walking up to them David said, hey guys.

Both Adam and Simon turned saying hi to both of us with Simon taking a longer than usual look at me. What can I get you Simon asked.

I’ll just have a Coke as I’m driving replied David and Caroline will have her usual glass of red.

As Simon ordered the drinks Adam explained that all the seats were taken but he had kept a bar stool for me. As ladylike as I could I carefully got up onto the stool and crossed my legs.

Thanks Adam that was thoughtful of you I said.

No worries Caroline you deserve to be on a pedestal he joked.

We all laughed and groaned at his small joke but it was enough to break any atmosphere or tension that could have been there.

Seated with my back to the bar the three guys stood around me acting like some sort of shield as they talked about the days football results. Every now and again I couldn’t help but notice Adam and or Simon looking at my stocking clad legs or my breasts.

The evening went on with all of us having a good time laughing and joking when David said that he could do with having a whizz as he calls it!!

As David left Adam said he’d get another round in. That left Simon standing to my right and as Adam was preoccupied with the barman Simon leant forward and whispered into my ear – is this a wind-up he said.
Is what a wind-up I said quietly knowing full well what he was talking about.

You know... you, me and Adam later on back at your place he said.

Oh that I said playing the dumb brunette, no it’s not a wind-up.

Christ Caroline you’re not giving me some bull are you Simon said, his eyes now wide open.

No Simon I whispered, no bull, no wind-up, no joke, nothing. David wants to video me having sex with two guys and you happen to be one of the two, there’s nothing more to it than that. But if you don’t want to do it then that’s fine but best you tell David sooner rather than later.

Simon knocked back the last of his beer and said, don’t want to!! Are you nuts, there’s no way I’m backing out.

Adam then appeared and handed me my drink and Simon his, here you go you two he said. Why so quiet, are you talking about me he grinned.

Don’t be silly I said, Simon was just asking about later on that’s all.

Adam just smiled a little and said, it’ll be a boat load of fun for sure.

David then returned as Adam handed his Coke to him. I slid a Bacardi in that Coke Dave Adam said. Just the one, sorry I couldn’t help myself he laughed.

Cheers mate David said, best we have these and then push off if that’s ok with everyone, David looking directly at me.

Fine by me I said as the two other guys agreed enthusiastically.

It couldn’t have been more than five minutes later when David said, right we all done. He was obviously keen to get the party started.

I slid off my stool and with the three guys we headed for the door. Once outside the cool night air hit me which was very welcome after being in that stuffy bar.

All going in my car then are we David asked.

Yeah better had Dave as we have had a few after all replied Adam.

Simon and Adam got into the back of the car and as we set off there was more chat about everything and nothing. I never joined in as I started to wonder about how things were going to unfold when we got home.

David pulled up on our driveway and as soon as the car stopped Simon and Adam got out. David put his hand on my knee and said still ok about this are you?

Yes I’m ok if you are I replied. Just one thing though, I know the guys are going to cum over me but could you have a quiet word with them as I’d rather they didn’t shoot cum in hair if it can be helped. It’s just that I don’t want to have to wash my hair again tonight that’s all.

Don’t worry babe I’ll have a word with them David replied.

Thanks I said adding, you can talk to them as soon as we get in because I need to go to the bathroom.

Sure thing hun, come on let’s get inside shall we David said and with that we both got out of the car and headed to the front door.

When inside I went straight upstairs to the bathroom. I had a quick pee, washed my hands and then checked over my hair and makeup. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I thought about what waited for me downstairs. Adam and Simon, their stiff cocks needing my attention knowing my mouth and pussy would be the focus of appeal. Not to mention my pervert husband directing proceedings along with filming it all on his camera. I took a deep breath and with a tinge of excitement along with a slight anxious feeling I headed off downstairs.

I could hear the guys were in the lounge and so walked into the room. The first thing I spotted was David’s camcorder on the side and that the guys were sitting drinking beer.

Come and sit down babe David said, I’ve poured you a glass of red.

Thanks I said as I took my place next to David on the sofa, both Simon and Adam were seated in the armchairs. As I sat perched on the edge of the sofa I took a large mouthful of wine as the guys continued their conversation of what I wasn’t sure. After about ten minutes or so David said right I think it’s about time we got this party started don’t you and with that he picked up the TV remote and switched it on. He then pressed the play button of the DVD and instantly the screen was filled with porn. The scene that was playing just happened to be a young girl on her knees holding two rather large cocks whilst taking turns sucking on them.

David put his hand on my knee and said Caroline are you going to do that to Adam and Simon?

Yes I said quietly whilst taking another mouthful of wine.

Good girl said David. And are you going to let them fuck you and also let them shoot their cum over you too.

Again I said quietly, yes.

Well in that case you had better stand over there David said pointing to the middle of the room.

As I slowly got up and walked to the centre of the room David reached over and grabbed his camcorder. Turning the camcorder on he pointed it directly at me and said, slowly remove your blouse and skirt.

I did as requested with Adam and Simon looking on intently, slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse and then pulling it out from being tucked in my skirt I slipped it from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then I put my hands behind my back undoing the clasp on my skirt and slowly I pulled down the zipper. As my skirt fell to the floor and I stepped out of it then bent down to pick up both my blouse and skirt throwing them onto the sofa. I stood there in my heels, stockings, bra and panties just looking at the camcorder whilst Adam and Simon kept their eyes focused on my body.

What do you think guys David said, do you want her sucking on your dicks or what?

Adam said hell yeah and Simon said damn straight I do and with that they both started to undo their trousers. Adam pushed his underpants down to just below his balls which had the effect of pushing his balls up whilst Simon pulled his underwear off to one side revealing his cock and balls. Both guys then started to slowly wank themselves whilst still looking at me.

With the camcorder still pointing at me David said, Caroline, what are Adam and Simon doing?

Quietly I said, playing with their dicks.

Wouldn’t you rather be playing with their dicks instead David asked.
Yes I said as I slightly nodded my head.

Ok guys you heard the lady David said.

Both Simon and Adam lifted themselves from their respective chairs and moved toward me, there trousers still pulled up but with their cocks and balls exposed. They stood quite close either side of me, I moved my hands towards there erections and slowly curled my fingers around there ever stiffening shafts. With a slow rhythmic motion I then started to stroke their cocks up and down pulling right back on both of them to full expose the head of their cocks.

David then said good girl. Do you feel better now that you have a couple of dicks to play with?

I nodded my head all the time looking at the camera.

You like playing with men’s cocks don’t you Caroline David asked.

Yes I said softly.

I’m sorry my love I didn’t hear you David said.

Yes, I like playing with men’s cocks I said in a slightly louder tone.

David smiled, his eyes fixed on the camera making sure he was capturing the action in front of him. All the time this was going on Simon and Adam each had a hold of one of my breasts, fondling and squeezing them through my bra.

On your knees little lady David said, it’s about time you started your cock sucking duties.

I carefully sank to my knees not letting go of the guys erections then turning my head to the right I came face to face with Simons hard on. Pulling back on his shaft I fully exposed his cock head where I then opened my mouth and took in his stiffness.
I moved my head backwards and forwards, my lips sliding over Simon’s cock head whilst all the time making sure I was still wanking off Adam. David with his camera had moved closer at this point getting a good shot of me sucking one cock and wanking another.

Enjoying sucking Simon’s cock are you David asked.

Without stopping my gentle sucking of the cock in my mouth I just moaned a little.

After about a minute or so David said, don’t forget about Adam’s cock honey.

I removed Simon’s now very stiff dick from my mouth and turned to Adam’s erection. I performed the same act on Adam’s cock as I had done on Simon’s.

After a few minutes of sucking Adam’s cock David asked me to take my bra off. I removed Adam’s erection from my mouth and released the grip I had on Simon’s dick. Putting my hands behind my back I undid the clasp of my bra letting it fall forward down my arms, I then tossed it onto the sofa with my skirt and blouse. David then gestured me back to my cock pleasing duties whilst all the time staring at the small LCD screen of his camera.

Simon leant forward a little taking hold of my right breast and started to massage it in his hand. You have lovely firm tits Caroline he said in a deep tone.

Don’t forget the guys balls honey David said.

Knowing what David meant by this I stopped sucking Adam’s cock and held it off to one side which allowed me to lick his balls. I couldn’t do much more then that as his balls were all pushed up by his underpants. After a short while David said, now Simon’s honey. Simon removed his hand from my breast and stood upright pushing his hips forward in anticipation of me licking his balls. Simon’s balls were not that big and were quite tight so again all I could really do was lick them for the camera.

Again after a short period of ball licking David said, I think it’s about time that one of you fuck her pussy. Come here Caroline David said and lay down on the coffee table.

I got to my feet and took a couple of paces to the table, sitting myself down on the edge of the low sturdy oak table I then laid myself down. Simon was very keen judging by the fact that he had removed his trousers and underwear and was quickly over to me kneeling down in front of my legs. His hands reached out and I could feel him slowly pulling down my panties. I lifted my rear to make things easier for him whilst he took great delight in slowly removing my under garment and then throwing them to one side. He then placed his hands on my knees moving them apart to fully reveal my neatly trimmed pussy. Whilst Simon was doing this Adam had knelt beside me, putting his hand on my head he turned my face towards his erection. I simply opened my mouth and Adam slid his smooth heavy cock in and then he started to pinch and play with my nipples making them stiffen up as he motioned in and out of my mouth.

I could feel Simon’s hands sliding down the inside of my thighs, over my stocking tops then onto my skin and back again. Two or three times he did this before lowering his head and burying his face into my pussy. I had no idea where or what David was doing as I now had my eyes closed and was moaning slightly due to the expert pussy licking treatment I was getting from Simon.

It wasn’t long before Simon pulled his face away from my pussy, spreading my legs as wide apart as he could. Moving himself forward he then slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy and started to pump away at a good rate. Once again I was in the situation of having two stiff cocks inside me but this time neither of them were my husbands. A feeling of being a slutty sex toy for these guys washed over me and I’ll freely admit I was loving every minute of it.

As Simon fucked away at my pussy Adam continued to pull and tweak my nipples. I knew they would be sore in the morning but I didn’t care. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and with his free hand he slapped his heavy dick against my cheek a few times before inserting it back into my mouth. This girl sure does love a bit of cock doesn’t she Adam said to nobody in particular. Then I heard David say, is that right Caroline do you like cock? Not being able to talk what with Adam’s dick in my mouth I just gave out a moan. Come on Adam, let the poor girl speak David said.

Adam duly pulled his cock from my mouth and I uttered the words slightly breathlessly, yes I love cock.

As soon as I had said it Adam reinserted his erection into my mouth and he started to fuck my face with great vigour.

Simon then said, fuck!! I’m going to cum and with that he pulled his cock out of my soaking wet pussy and cum shot out of his cock landing all over my lower body. Meanwhile Adam was still pumping hard into my mouth and I could sense he was nearing his climax too. A few seconds later Adam pulled out of my mouth and started to wank himself off, cum shooting out of his dick splashing onto my face and into my mouth. Both guys seemed to really empty their balls of all their spunk over me.

Jesus Simon cried that was awesome, let’s do it again in an hour or so hey!

Yeah why the hell not David replied it was all over with rather soon.

Go and get cleaned up honey, stay dressed as you are but just put your bathrobe on or something similar David ordered.

I slowly got myself up of the table my face and lower body covered in cum and made my way upstairs. Once in the bathroom I cleaned myself up thinking I was lucky not to get any of Adam’s spunk in my hair. I put on some lipstick and pulled a brush through my hair all the time thinking that my pervert husband was more than happy if not keen to let these guys fuck me and use me some more tonight. I nevertheless followed David’s instructions and stayed dressed as I was just in heels, stockings and suspenders. I lifted my fluffy cream bathrobe off its hook from behind the bathroom door and put it on wrapping it around me and tying the belt. I walked back down the stairs and into the lounge where everyone was seated as they were, David on the sofa and Simon and Adam in respective armchairs.

Come sit here babe David said patting the seat next to him. I made my way over and sat down leaning back and crossing my legs. David handed me a glass of wine saying, I thought you could do with this he said and he wasn’t wrong. The guys were drinking beer from bottles and as they did so they continued to watch the porn film that was still playing.

David looked at me and smiled.

I said very quietly, you’re deadly serious about doing it again aren’t you.

I noticed Simon glancing over at David as he spoke. Simon was just saying how he would love to cum over your tits.

Simon then looked at me as he gave a little smile raising his eyebrows and then turned back to watch the TV.

We sat drinking our drinks whilst the porn on the TV continued with the guys making comments about what was being shown.

Undo your robe and open it up so we can all get a better look at you if we want David said.

David took my drink and I dutifully did as he requested, untying the belt around my waist and then opening up the robe to show off my legs and tits.

In fact David said it might be better if you slip your arms out of the sleeves as well. This I did a little reluctantly because it effectively left me sitting there in just my heels, stockings and suspenders.

David then handed me my drink, placed his hand on my thigh and turned his attention to the TV joining in with the conversation about the pretty girl being screwed by two guys.

It was no coincidence that the DVD was all about MMF 3somes as I later found out. As the scene on the TV changed Adam said, hell Caroline we should do that with you. The scene showed a young girl standing but bent over at the waist with a guy in her pussy from behind whilst she was sucking guy number two.

David looked at me and just said, well....

I’m happy to try that if you like I said.

Anybody in need of a refill David asked. Simon and Adam both said yes and with that David turned to me and said get our guests another beer and I’ll have one too.

I looked at him for a second thinking he was joking considering I was as good as naked but I could tell he was serious. I took a deep breath, uncrossed my legs and stood up. Both Simon and Adam’s attention was drawn away from the TV as they watched me walk out the room. I was a bit annoyed with David for getting me to act as a waitress as I did feel a bit self conscious being scantily dressed. I grabbed three beers from the fridge, opened them and headed back in to the lounge, my tits swaying slightly as I walked. Again Simon and Adam looked intently at me as I handed each of them there drink and then seating myself back on the sofa handing David his.

David sent me out a further two more times to get drinks for the guys and not long after my last trip to the fridge David said, Caroline why don’t you go over and kneel down in front of Adam and suck his cock a little whilst he enjoys his beer.

Presuming I didn’t have much choice I got up and knelt down between Adam’s legs. I undid his trouser button and pulled down his zipper. Grabbing the top of his underpants, I pulled them down to reveal his now familiar dick. It wasn’t particularly stiff but even so I took a hold of it and guided it into my mouth.

How’s that working for you Adam David asked.

Real good mate Adam replied, you know I love it when your wife sucks my dick.

When you’ve got him hard again babe go and do the same for Simon David added.

I didn’t respond to David’s order as I was too busy sucking life back into Adam’s cock.

Whether it was Adam watching porn, me sucking him or a combination of both I could start to feel his rod stiffening up.

I bobbed my head up and down his shaft with a bit more intent until his dick was back to being hard and firm again. I sat back still holding onto Adam’s cock whilst slowly stroking its shaft and taking a big breath.

Laughing a little David said, looks like your work there is done.

I stood up and walked over to Simon who was in the process of getting his dick out. Once again I knelt down on the floor just as Simon exposed his cock to me. He was already well on his way to getting a full hard on. Simon pushed his cock forward from the base of its shaft with his fingers as I leant in to take his semi erection. I could taste my pussy juice that was still on his cock but this didn’t bother me as David often likes to have his cock sucked when we would be changing sexual positions.

Simon’s dick soon regained its full stiffness and after about a minute more of sucking I stopped and sat back and looked over at David for his approval.

I wouldn’t mind sucking on your nipples Caroline said Simon.

David just nodded his head in an upward direction which presumably meant I should comply. I stood up and sat myself on the arm of the chair turning my upper body towards Simon and in doing so I presented my breasts to him. David had picked up his camera and was busily filming the scene of his friend eagerly sucking on his wife’s nipples. I arched my back which had the effect of pushing my tits forward and as I did so I took hold of Simon’s dick and started to play with the head of his cock.

Adam too was looking on and was playing with his own hard on. I think your wife is ready for a good fucking Dave he said.

Looks that way mate David replied.

Caroline stand over here David said pointing to the middle of the room again. I pulled away from Simon’s sucking of my nipple and took my place as asked. Adam got up straight away and stood behind me placing one hand on my back and the other on my right hip. The pressure Adam exerted in his hands told me that I was to bend over and therefore I did. He then started to rub the cheeks of my ass and also probe for my pussy with a finger or two. The next thing I felt was his cock searching for the opening to my pussy. I opened my legs slightly and in doing so Adam found his target shoving his erection deep inside me whilst grabbing my hips with his hands. By this time Simon was now standing in front of me having removed his clothes from the waist down. Thrusting his hips forward he presented me with his curved hard on that I closed my mouth around whilst placing my hands on his hips so I could steady myself. Adam started to thrust deep into me pushing me forward onto Simons cock.

That’s it guys David said, really give it to her now.

It wasn’t like they needed any encouragement as they really did start to ‘give it to me’.

I don’t know how long I was in that position for but I was relieved when David said about changing positions again.

One of you guys sit on the sofa and Caroline you sit on him David said.
Simon sat himself down on the sofa holding his cock upright waiting for me to impale myself on his rod.

David directed me by saying, Caroline you straddle Simon’s legs but with your back to him.

Adam released his grip of my hips and pulled his erection out of my pussy, I then went over to take my place as requested. With my back to Simon who had shifted down towards the front of the sofa seat I lifted my left leg over both of his. I grabbed Simon’s cock and whilst holding it upright I slowly lowered myself onto its stiffness. It slid in very easily as my pussy was very wet and Simon’s cock was covered in my saliva. I then placed my hands on Simon’s knees as he took hold of my hips then he lifted me up down repeatedly on his dick. Adam took his place just to one side offering his cock to me so I leant over and started to suck again. David in the meantime was just standing quietly with his camera filming events.

Fuck her mouth Adam David said in an aggressive tone.

Adam placed his hands on either side of my head and started to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth relentlessly.

Yeah that’s good I heard David say. Really fuck her mouth hard.

Adam worked away on my mouth with his cock for what seemed like ages but it was in reality only a minute or so. He pulled his dick away from me and I gulped down some air to get my breath back and

Adam then said, let’s get this girl on all fours shall we. It was like these guys couldn’t make up their minds as to the best position to have me in.
Grabbing hold of the tops of my arms Adam pulled me off Simon’s cock and f***ed me down. I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter as he was quite rough with me but to be honest I didn’t mind. Adam made sure I was facing him and Simon was soon behind me grabbing hold of my ass cheeks as he guided his cock back into me. Adam resumed his face fucking of me and Simon also continued to pump away at my pussy.

Oh yeah that’s it guys, really fuck her hard David said.

Again, little or no encouragement was need as they were both fucking me as hard as they could. I could sense Adam was reaching his peak and this was confirmed when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to wank himself off feverishly. A couple of shots of cum hit my face as he then moved forward and let the remainder of his ejaculation run into my hair. Fucking bastard I thought, he did that on purpose. Adam sat back on his heels and as I looked at him he just smiled at me.

Simon was nearing his end as he continued to fuck me slapping up against the cheeks of my ass. It wasn’t long before he pulled out of me and also started to wank himself off. I could feel his cum hitting the cheeks of my ass and as he finished he slapped my ass with his cock a few times.

Fucking hell that was excellent Simon said breathlessly.

I’ll agree with that responded Adam.

She’s a good girl isn’t she David said.

Can I go and clean up I asked.

Yeah sure thing babe replied David.

Getting to my feet I left the room and went upstairs to the bathroom. Turning the light on in the bathroom I looked at myself in the big mirror on the wall. I had cum over my face, in my hair, over my ass and some of it had run down my legs too. My only thought was that my husband had really turned me into being a slut or a sex toy for him and his friends to use, the odd thing was though I didn’t mind at all.
I took a shower and washed my hair AGAIN (that really did piss me off), grabbed my spare robe from the bedroom and went downstairs. Popping my head round the corner I said, I’m going to go up I’m really tired.
Ok hun David said, I’ll be up soon.

I said goodnight to everyone and climbed back up the stairs.

It wasn’t long before David came up turning his bedside light on he said are you ok babe?

Yes I’m fine I said, a little tired that’s all.

I’m not surprised replied David, what with all that drinking and fucking.
The guys are staying over and I’ll drop them back at the pub to collect their cars in the morning just so you know.

I guessed as much I said. Will they be fucking me again in the morning I asked.

Well Simon did say something along the lines of getting a blow job from you and cumming over your face.

What did you say I asked.

I said that if he wanted to he could, you don’t mind do you replied David?

I guess not as long as you’re happy for me to do that I said.

By this time David had got undressed and unsurprisingly he had a massive hard on.

There’s one more cock you need to look after before that though he said.

David knelt on the bed and gently pulled me over to his very stiff dick. I opened my mouth and he slipped it in then started a slow fucking motion. I started to rub his tight balls knowing he liked that and no sooner than I did he started to shoot a big load of cum into my mouth. After swallowing all his spunk I moved back saying christ you really were turned on weren’t you!

Damn right I was he said, what you did tonight was so fucking hot. You know you’re going to have to do a lot more of that don’t you and next time I’ll be joining in too.

I thought that might be the case I replied, I’ll try to do my best taking care of 3 cocks if that makes you happy.

You know it makes me happy he said as he got under the covers, besides I don’t know how good my camera work was so I need to practise he joked.

With that he rolled over and turned off the light saying night babe.

I woke up to the sound of the shower being used, David was still fast asl**p. My mouth felt dry and I needed a drink so I slipped out of bed and went downstairs. I poured myself some orange juice and put the kettle on. Morning Caroline said the person behind me. It was Simon standing in the kitchen doorway. Morning I said slightly embarrassed after the nights events, sl**p well did you I asked.

Yeah, like a log but who could blame me he said.

That’s good, want a cuppa I asked.

I’d love one Simon replied, I’d also love a blow job as well, Dave said it would be ok.

Yes David did mention it to me but I think he would prefer it if he was around and to be honest I wouldn’t be comfortable with you on my own so to speak.

Oh right Simon said, well in that case I’ll just settle for a coffee then I guess.

It’s best all round really, no misunderstanding on any part then is there I replied.

Yep, I fully understand said Simon.

I made Simon his coffee and one for me and David. I took David’s coffee upstairs and as I walked into the bedroom David rolled over and said morning babe, is that for me.

Yes I said and get this, Simon just asked for a BJ downstairs the cheeky sod!

You not going to suck him off then David replied.

No I replied, on account of you not being their.

Oh there’s no need to worry about that, go and suck his cock David said.

But I thought you liked to watch me I said.

I do but I also like the thought of you going downstairs sucking some cock and then coming back up here so you can tell me about it David replied.

I’m not sure I’m happy with that though I said.

Don’t be daft said David, go on off you go.

With a little bit of concern I said ok and left to go downstairs.

Straight back here when the deed is done ordered David.

On reaching the bottom of the stairs I found Simon sitting in the kitchen reading what was yesterdays paper.

I spoke a little quietly saying, err David said it was ok.

Looking up Simon said, sorry Caroline, ok for what?

For me to give you a blow job I replied.

Really, and you’re ok with that are you Simon asked.

Yes it’s fine by me I said although I did feel a little weird about it. Where do you want me I asked.

How about right here said Simon as he stood up from the kitchen table offering me his seat.

Err ok I said as I placed myself on the chair.

Simon as keen as ever undid his trousers and pushed them down revealing his dick that was far from erect.

Would you mind getting your tits out Caroline so I can look at them whilst you blow me Simon asked.

Without questioning it I opened my robe to expose my tits for Simon’s pleasure.

David said you wanted to cum over my face is that right I asked.

I’d really love to do that if that's alright with you replied Simon.

Yeah that’s ok I said and with that I took a hold of Simon’s cock in one hand and his balls in the other and started to play with them. It wasn’t long before Simon started to get aroused, his cock started to stiffen and his balls tighten. Now that there was a bit of firmness to his cock I opened my mouth and took in his semi erection. Using my mouth and tongue I worked on Simons cock making it harder all the time.

That’s really good Caroline Simon said, don’t stop stroking my balls.

I kept up my blow job routine and continued handling his balls as he asked. His cock was now fully erect and I was paying most of my attention to its head, sucking and slurping on it as I moved my mouth back and forth over it.

I’m going to cum soon Simon said, will you wank me off.

Without answering I carried on sucking the cock in my mouth waiting for the inevitable.

Simon started to breathe heavier and I knew he was about to cum. His cock quivered and cum shot into my mouth, I pulled my mouth away and started to stroke his cock as quickly as I could. Two more squirts of cum shot from his cock hitting my lips and cheek and then Simon pressed his cock forward pushing it onto my face so that the last of his spunk would reach its goal.
Once Simon had finished cumming I released my grip on his cock.

Fucking hell Caroline, Simon said that was absolutely fantastic.

You’re welcome I replied as I stood up, I’d better go get cleaned up and made my way to the bathroom.

After washing Simon’s spunk from my face I went back into the bedroom.

Did you do it David asked.

Yes I replied.

Good girl, come here and tell me what you did David said throwing back the covers.

I laid on my side next to David and started to give details of the event that just took place. As I spoke I took hold of David’s very stiff dick and played with it, he in turn started to finger my pussy. Once I had finished telling David the story he pushed me over on my back and mounted me. He started to fuck me very hard whilst telling me that I was a dirty slut and that he knew I liked to be used by men or something like that at least. He soon shot his load into my pussy and then rolled over to his side of the bed. We talked for about ten minutes or so then he said he’d better get up and get rid of Simon and Adam. I snuggled down under the duvet with thoughts of what a naughty girl I had been and how much I had actually enjoyed it.

Well done for getting to the!!!!

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