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Sweet hairy pussy

If there is a such a thing as a man that don't like a hairy pussy, he must be Gay (and who cares), or he is young, silly, and looking at too many talk shows. There is nothing like the aroma of a hot sweet three days old wet and hairy pussy. The pleasure and the taste is like nothing else on this planet.

I called my beautiful White girlfriend one day and told her to please do me a favor. I asked her to please don't wash her pussy for at least three days, because I needed to be as freaky with her as she would let me get away with. She's got one of the hairiest pussies I ever had the pleasure of fucking. She thought that I was nasty and she refused at first. I told her that I was nasty and that I wanted to see how far it goes. It took a while to convince her to try it once, but eventually she gave in. I had one more request for her. I asked her to please not play with her pussy and if she gets wet, not to wipe it away. I wanted this like a pig wants slop.

I wanted her to suffer with a need that couldn't be satisfied by nothing or no one but me. I called her daily to tell her stories of nasty sex. She was moaning and begging me to let her touch and finger her smelly pussy. I demanded that she didn't. She hated me, but she kept her promise.

On day three, I went to work, but no matter how I tried, I could not concentrate on anything. My dick was getting hard just at the thought of the smell of her hot, sticky, smelly, wet pussy. Time to get off work. I called her up and she was in pain from pure lust. I knocked on her door and she opened it with nothing on but panties. Her white skin was red and her eyes were opened wide, ready to devour me.

The first thing I did was to bury my tongue in her mouth drinking her. I laid her on the bed and immediately opened her legs and pulled down her panties. I asked her if she was sure she didn't play with her pussy or wipe away her hot juice at anytime? She said that she was a good girl and needed to be eaten. I put her panties to my nose and smell the best thing ever, three days old juicy pussy. After licking the cotton padding of her panties, I inspected the hair on her pussy to be sure there was plenty wet and dry juice to see if she kept her promise. There was dry juice in her hair and dripping out of her pussy and by that time, I didn't know where the fuck I was, I only knew pussy. The aroma made me moan as I took as much of it in as I could.

I used my finger to open her pussy and I couldn't believe how wet she was. I soaked my fingers and placed them in my mouth and tasted her aroma and the pungent taste of her three days old pussy. My dick was aching and my brain was under pressure to keep calm and not rush anything. I licked her white pussy slowly and she was mentally overcome by the pleasure. I realized that some of her pussy juice was dripping down to her asshole. Being the save the planet type of guy I am, I hate wasting food, money, water, energy, and pussy juice. So I licked her asshole and made it my meal for the day. My baby's body was so stressed and it was my aim to relax her sweet ass right to sl**p, but not before she gets the fucking of her life.

My dick was dripping tons of pre cum, and she was sweet enough to clean it up with her lips. The cum was stringing from my dick to her lips and the sight was too much to take. I laid on the bed and asked her to slowly lay her pussy on my face. Before it reached my mouth, her pussy was dripping from her hair and I caught it with my tongue. I licked her hair and swallowed the old juice as the aroma went into my nose. Her cunt was begging for some dick. Her ass was facing me as I saw my black dick go deep inside her sweet white cunt. I was never known for being a two minute b*****r, but that day I broke all records in cumming in minutes. She cried out as we were fucking like monsters. We both came as I loaded her cunt with pure Black male cum.

I grabbed her and laid her on my face again so my cum would leak into my mouth. I then turned her around and we shared a meal of pussy juice and my cum, and we swallowed it all. We looked at each other and fell in love all over again. She is my White angel, and I'm her Black love. I love her so much and we will do anything for each other.

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