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Future Fuckin' - Fiction

January 5, 2113
Today was better than yesterday, at least. I was only f***ed to ejaculate seven times, compared with the 12 times I had to endure yesterday. I'm not sure what they think they're doing to me, but I know that if they keep it up, my balls will run permanently dry. They already feel like a couple of dust bunnies and I'm only halway through the week!

January 6, 2113
I was talking to a new "recruit" today about what's been going on outside these walls since I got here a year ago. Apparently, not much has changed. The Worldwide Overpopulation Mitigation And Neutralization program (or WOMAN, for short) still rules the planet with a silk-wrapped iron fist. Apparently, it wasn't enough to plant tiny electronic devices in the brains of every citizen on the planet to make them spontaneously orgasm whenever they have a sexual, now they've decided that in addition to that extreme measure to halt overpopulation, there will now be random fertility tests to ensure that all males on the planet have empty testicles at all times. The new guy went on to say that, right after he was captured and sentence to "recruitment" here, WOMAN issued a new decree that, if at any point a male is found to be in possession of more than a minute amount of semen in their balls, the punishment is either castration or death. Now, I know overpopulation is a problem, but despite the threat to our planet, cutting off a man's balls just because he's got a little sperm in them seems extreme. I think I'd rather just be killed, honestly. My new prisoner friend said that WOMAN only created this new policy because of the high numbers of men who were attempting to sell their sperm on the black market to women who feel the biological need to have a baby, regardless of population. I don't understand why a woman would even want to have a c***d in these hard times, but then, women have never made much sense to me anyway.

January 8, 2113
Today was a busy day....after spending the first few hours of this morning having my cock repeatedly milked to ejaculation (those morning jizzloads are the biggest) by a merciless machine that bears only a passing resemblance to a human female, I was taken down to the on-site broadcasting studio here in the prison to record a Public Service Announcement about the dangers of having sex. It was somewhat traumatic for me, because I had to relive all those moments of fucking any woman I could, and to be truthful, I can barely look at a woman now without feeling a little nauseous because of the horrible things that have been done to me since the last woman I was with turned me in for having too much cum in my nutsack. How was I supposed to know that she would report me and I'd end up here? We were already breaking the law just by having sex, and then she reports me to the cum-cops because the facial I gave her was too big? Fuckin' women...I guess the old saying is true: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

March 3, 2113
My ex-wife came to visit me today....apparently she heard that I wasn't doing too well in here, what with all the constant cock-milking and machine-assisted sex I've been f***ed into. Y'know, I never really was into much other stuff besides the standard fuck-fare before all this, but something tells me that if I ever get out of here I'm going to need to do some pretty freaky shit just to get off. I pity the first woman I have sex with on the outside after getting released, I'll probably end up fucking her to death. Seriously. I'm going fucking crazy in here with the constant lights, simulated sexual stimuli (those robot moans are horrific) and the fact that all the guards are gorgeous women who always smell good. How do they expect me to cum in a cold sterile cylinder when I'm being supervised by 3 gorgeous REAL women with undoubtedly hot and wet pussies? I mean, it's enough to drive a guy like me absolutely fuckin' bonkers.

March 12, 2113
I ran into that new guy (I think his name is Richard) that I met a couple of months ago....he didn't look so good. Apparently, because he was brought in during a time of a "recruitment shortage" (i.e. low arrest numbers), they put him on a program known as "Retrieval Acceleration, Protocol Exception" or ****. In order to boost his output, the warden here had him being visited once every 30 minutes by an incredibly hot female prisoner, who would suck him and fuck him until he drains his load in a sterile cumbucket. Every two hours, one of the automated prison robots would come by and pick up the cumbucket, replacing it with another one. The poor fucker only gets 4 hours of sl**p on this program, which is barely enough to function on, let alone refill his nuts enough to enjoy the following day's sex regimen. I've got to say, though, that even with all that nut-busting the poor bastard's being f***ed into, at least HE gets to fuck real pussy. I'm being milked like a cow for my cum!

April 20, 2113
Today was a lucky day for me.....turns out that as a result of the extreme measures that WOMAN has been taking for the last 25 years or so to reduce the number of c***dren born all over the world, the world's population has dipped greatly. It seems some of the reduction is also due to a higher than normal number of suicides by people with those implants in them. I guess if you think too much about sex, and the implant sends a signal to make you cum immediately, relieving you of any urge to have actual sex, eventually that fucks your endorphins and seratonin levels up enough that it can cause severe mood swings. Whoever thought people would suffer depression from having too many orgasms? I know I never thought I'd see the day! Too much of a good thing CAN be a bad thing after all...who knew?!

Anyway, WOMAN has banked all the sperm they need for any future population shortages, and resolved the population overages that caused this whole mess to start with, so at the end of this month, I'm going home! Thank holy hell....I was beginning to think I might never get to stick my cock in a real pussy again, let alone bust a fat nut inside a nice, hot, wet one like the one that's waiting for me outside. Oh, that's right, I don't think I mentioned this in any of my previous journal entries, but I met a woman in here who's an absolute freak. She was one of the guards assigned to Richard, but when he finally went batshit crazy, she ended up being assigned to my retrieval detail. The first day she came to oversee one of the many retrievals for that day, she took one look at my cock and decided that hand-expression was probably the safest way to get the nut she needed. I agreed, and she was up to the task for sure. I could tell she'd had a lot of experience doing it, because she made me cum so much faster than any of those stupid fucking machines they had me hooked up to. Anyway, I soon grew to look forward to her visits, and she grew to look forward to my cock in her hand. Eventually, she broke the rules and just shoved my cock in her mouth when I came...I didn't mind, but she got written up and eventually fired....but she's been writing me and telling me how much she can't wait for us to have the mother of all fuck sessions when I get out on the 30th. Am I a lucky guy or what?!

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