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Voyeur Step Daughter 4

I walked around in a semi-dazed state for a few days after the hot tub incident with Ashley. Even my wife asked me if I was ok.

Contributing to Ashley's penchant for spying on her mother and me while we were having sex was one thing. Copping a feel of my cock -- practically right in front of her mother -- and jerking me off underwater was completely different!

Moral issues notwithstanding, I walked around in a constant semi-erect state for the next week. Ever ready to engage my wife in whatever intimacy she was in the mood for, whenever she was in the mood for it -- which was often!

As it happened, two weeks later my wife and some of her girlfriends were going to take a 'girls weekend getaway' trip to Atlantic City.

They were driving up Friday afternoon and returning either late Sunday evening or mid-day Monday.

My mind was overwhelmed with the possibilities.

I decided that the best plan was no plan -- I was just going to let the weekend play itself out. Of course, I did convince my younger stepdaughter to arrange to have a sl**pover at one of her classmates' homes on Saturday night. I'm no fool.

Saturday was pretty uneventful -- Ashley was out shopping with her girlfriends all day and I had kept my mind occupied with the business of completing several of the smaller, nuisance items on my honey-do list. For the most part, thoughts of my stepdaughter were pushed to the back of my mind.

My heart sank (and my cock deflated) when Ashley called from the mall to ask if she could have a sl**pover at her girlfriends house. I said, "Yes" but I didn't want to...

My wife called soon there-after to say, "Hi" and see how things were going. I told her that the girls were both on sl**p-overs and that I had the place to myself and was going to take advantage by pouring myself a glass of bourbon, lighting up one of my 2-hour cigars and melting away all of my cares in the hot tub. We both had a good laugh.

I finished dinner and cleaned up, then gathered the afore-mentioned indulgences, stripped my clothes off and headed for the hot tub. I was looking forward to finally getting to watch some sports on the outdoor TV as I relaxed in the hot tub.

It was a slow sports night on TV, but I didn't care; the noise was comforting and I was enjoying my bourbon and cigar.

After about 20 minutes in the hot tub, I stepped out and kicked the temperature back up so the water could re-heat while I took a cooling off break and watched TV from the adjacent lounge chair.

I was thoroughly relaxed and dozing on and off, when a noise brought me back to my senses.

It was Ashley! Shouting in the house -- "Dad! Are you here?" SHIT!

I tossed my towel aside, scrambled to my feet and practically dove into the hot tub. It was only after I settled into one of the seats that I realized that the jets weren't on, but before I could get to the control panel on the other side of the hot tub and turn them on, Ashley came out onto the deck.

I decided to play it cool -- as cool as one can play it when it was obvious that I had been startled and jumped into the hot tub -- my glass of bourbon was sitting on the table next to the lounge chair and my cigar was soaked from my near head-first dive into the hot tub!

"There you are!" Ashley said, as she surveyed the situation. "Are you naked? You are!" Followed by a hearty laugh.

I stammered something about not expecting her home since she was staying over at her girlfriends' house.

"Her mom and dad said she couldn't have a sl**p-over, so I just came on home. Can I get in?"

She was acting just a little more 'giddy' than normal and I guessed she'd had some alcohol. She said that they kept taking breaks while they were shopping and going out to the car for a glass of wine.

"So, can I get in with you?" she asked again. The battle in my mind was raging -- Yes, No, Yes, No... and so on... but more and more of my bl**d was rushing to my cock and my little brain said, "Sure" as I moved over and turned on the jets.

I assumed she would go upstairs and change into one of her bikinis, so I was surprised when I looked up and she had started to strip.

"What're you doing?!" I asked. "Taking my clothes off" she said, as if it was something she did in front of me every day. "Sweetheart," I said, "I think you need to put on one of your swimsuits." "Why?" she asked. "Mom isn't here, and we've both seen each other naked," referring to her spying on me fucking her mother. "I know, but I don't think this is a good idea, Sweetheart." I said, with less conviction than I was hoping.

"Come on dad," she pleaded, as she continued to strip. She was down to her bra and panties. "I don't want to go all the way upstairs. Besides, my suit's in the laundry. Can't I just get in like this?" pointing to her lingerie clad body. "Ok." I relented, my cock now at full mast between my legs as I watched her shed her clothes.

With that, she hopped in, sinking all the way up to her neck, then, looking over at the chaise lounge and seeing my glass of bourbon and three-finger leather cigar case, she hopped out and retrieved them both, saying, "I think you forgot these," and smiled as she handed them to me.

Her matching yellow lace bra and panties were now nearly transparent, thanks to being immersed in water. Her nipples were hard and straining against the sheer material of her bra and her lace French cut panties were clinging to her pussy lips -- droplets of water falling from the center of the gusset.

My cock was in severe distress. I took the items from her and she got back into the hot tub.

We exchanged meaningless conversation for a few minutes, and then Ashley asked me if she could open a bottle of wine. I said, "Yes," and she moved to get out of the hot tub, but this time she turned her back to me and, putting both hands on the side of the hot tub, she lifted herself up out of the water, bending at her hips and raising one leg over the side of the hot tub -- giving me the most incredible view of her wet, lace panty covered perfect ass.

Could my cock get any harder?

I looked up and saw that she was looking back over her shoulder, watching me stare at her ass. "You Perv!" she said as she laughed and finished getting out and went inside to get a bottle of wine.

Trying to maintain some level of composure, I grabbed a dry cigar and lit it, taking a long, satisfying drag, followed by a large gulp of bourbon. My cock was so hard it ached.

Ashley returned with a bottle of red wine, a glass and my bottle of Woodford bourbon. "I thought you might need a refill," she said, and set everything down on the beverage shelf and hopped back into the hot tub. I reached over and poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her, then topped off my bourbon. "Cheers! Dad!" she said as she leaned across the hot tub so we could touch our plastic glasses together. "Cheers!" I said.

We settled into some light banter about nothing in particular and I had begin to think I might survive the situation, when, after shifting around uncomfortably, Ashley said, "This lace is really uncomfortable in the water dad. Can't I please take it off? I won't tell mom -- promise!"

"I guess we have pretty much seen everything there is to see about each other, haven't we?" I replied.

Taking my reply as a "Yes," she set her glass of wine down and plunged both of her hands into the water and slipped her panties off, bringing them to the surface and tossing them over onto a chair. She then reached around behind her back and unhooked her bra letting it fall from her breasts and tossed it over onto the same chair.

She was still standing, the water only reaching to her midriff when she turned back around to face me.

Her tits were beautiful. Just the right amount of fullness; her nipples sloping gently up in youthful defiance of gravity. Drops of water s**ttered about her chest, reflecting the light and making it impossible for me to lift my eyes.

"Dad!" she said, "You're staring at my titties!" making no move to cover them. "Honey, those aren't 'titties,' they're the breasts of a beautiful young woman." I said.

"Do you want to touch them?" she asked.

There was an explosion in the head on my shoulders!

What did she just say? 'Did I want to touch them?'

No she didn't.

Oh fuck -- yes she did, as was evidenced by her moving in my direction and repeating the question,

"Do you?"

I took the cigar out of my mouth and set it in the ashtray. "Come here baby," I said, "and let daddy look at you."

I reached for her tits with both hands. This was much better than just looking at them while she slept. I had jerked off and fucked her mother while fantasizing about how they would feel in my hands... in my mouth.

She stepped between my legs, standing in front of me while I caressed her soft mounds. I pinched her nipple between my index finger and thumb on my right hand and she moaned and tilted her head back, pushing her breasts further into my hands.

I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth, its firmness burning my lips and tongue. Her skin was absolutely perfect, soft, warm, a subtle saltiness to its taste, mixing with the aroma of her sweet perfume drifting into my nostrils.

I had never felt so much electricity in my body in my life.

My left hand continued caressing her right tit as my right hand begin to slide down her hip, into the water, leaving my mouth to continue nursing on her left nipple.

Her moans only encouraged me, and my right hand moved across her left hip to her smooth, clean-shaven pussy lips.

Even underwater her pussy juice was abundant and my index and middle fingers slid easily into the folds of her warm treasure.

Her moan turned into a throaty groan as my fingers breeched the opening of her pussy and pushed deeply into her. I bit down gently, on her nipple.

"Oh yes!.... Finger fuck my pussy daddy!"

"I wanna be your naughty girl!"

"Oh yes.... Oh yess... Oh yesssssss!" as her first orgasm gripped her and she spasmed and jerked in response to the pleasure that washed over her.

It was more than I could stand and my cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of cum into the water.

I fell back into my seat and Ashley collapsed, sitting on my left thigh. I could feel her pussy convulsing with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Ashley tucked her head into the nape of my neck and said, softly, "I love you dad."

"I love you too baby," I replied, knowing that the love we felt went beyond that of a parent/c***d.

We just sat there for a few minutes, letting the reality of what had just happened set in.

I finally broke the silence, "Sweetheart, you know we can't do this when your mom or s****r are around."

"I know. But it was really nice."

"Yes it was. Really nice." I replied.

Ashley's hand had fallen from her thigh, down into my crotch and was now gently rubbing my flaccid cock underwater, and to my surprise, I was beginning to get hard.

"Can I see it?" she asked.

"What?" I replied, not connecting her gentle touch with her question.

"Can I see it?" she repeated. "Sit up on the edge so I can see it. Please Dad?"

"I'm not one of your college boyfriends, Sweetheart." I joked, "The stiffest thing in this hot tub is my bourbon."

But she insisted, "I just want to see it up close," and she stood, taking my hands and pulling me to my feet, then pushing me up on to the edge of the hot tub and taking up a position between my legs.

She looked into my eyes as she let her hand drift towards my now semi-erect cock.

Her eyes never left mine as she slowly encircled my cock with her hand and began stroking, slowly.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, not caring about anything but the incredible feeling of my stepdaughter's hand stroking my cock.

"It's big."

"That's right baby. Just the way your mom likes it." I said, laughing to myself.

I was enjoying her gentle rhythm. "A little tighter baby." I encouraged, looking forward to her tightening her grip.

What I didn't expect was that the next sensation my cock would feel would be the warmth and wetness of her mouth as she drew my cock across her lips.

My head shot up and I reached for her head to pull her off of my cock, but she put her hand in the middle of my chest and increased her pace on my cock.

"We shouldn't be...." I stuttered... "You shouldn't be... Oh FUCK that feels good!"

I looked down and watched as my cock slid in and out of Ashley's mouth. My stepdaughter was giving me a blowjob! And it wasn't her first... She was good -- almost as good as her mother!

My hips arched forward as Ashley pulled her mouth away from my cock. Her tongue teased the tip, and then licked the sensitive underside all the way down to the base. Then she repeated her tongue bath.

My balls were churning. I knew it wouldn't be long before a fresh load of my cum surged from my balls and erupted. "I'm gonna cum baby," I said, warning her.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock and wrapped her hand around the shaft stroking me with determination.

"I want to see it shoot out," she moaned.

That was all I needed and my hips bucked as cum flew from my cock and landed on her chest, just above her tits. She gripped my cock tight, then let it go and more of my cum flew at her, this time landing on her neck and tits.

Just as my orgasm subsided, I heard her groan loudly as her own orgasm rippled through her body.

It was only then that I realized she had been rubbing her pussy underwater while she sucked my cock.

Once again I slid back down into the hot tub; Ashley's body pressed against mine as she collapsed into my arms.

My eyes closed and I fell asl**p to the thoughts of my stepdaughters' lips on my cock.

When I awoke, she was gone.

And I finally remembered that the yellow lingerie she had been wearing when she stripped her clothes off actually belonged to her mother.

I was going to have to talk to her about that...

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