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Computer Repairs

My wife is the youngest of two s****rs and no b*****rs. Her oldest s****r, Sheila, is eight years older and always trying to prove she's still young. She's 38 and about 5'2" tall and is about 125 lbs. with very nice c cup tits. She also has a very sexy voice and can be some what of a tease.

I knew that she and her husband had a very active sex life. They had no problem talking about it. But I never knew how active.

I was at work at the office one morning when the telephone rang, it was my b*****r in law, Sheila's husband. He wanted to know if I could talk him through a problem he was having with his computer. I guess I'm the computer expert of the f****y.

My boss was out of town on vacation and the office was very dead. So, I told him that I could come over and look at it. I left my assistant manager in charge and drove over. They don't live very for so it didn't take very long to get there.

It was about 9:00 a.m. when I got there and Gary, my b*****r in law, met me at the door. He showed me to his computer and the problem he was having. "No problem" I said as I went to work on his computer. As we were fixing the problem I asked him where Sheila was. He said she was still a sl**p in bed. The problem took longer than I thought it would.

It was now 9:45 and I was almost completed. I told him I needed to call a friend of mine and get a code number for a new program I had put on his computer. He handed me the phone and as I was dialing the number Sheila walked out of the bedroom and into where we were. She was wearing one of Gary's button on shirts with only two of the buttons buttoned and no bottoms. You could she her nice c cup boobs through the shirt and her thong panties.

I was getting a hard on right away.

I she walked over to us just as my friend picked up the phone. To keep my mind on the reason why I called and to keep Gary from seeing my dick, I wheeled around in the chair and was facing the computer. My dick was still throbbing as I was doing my best to carry on a conversation with my friend.

Sheila then walked up behind me and placed her arms on each shoulder with her hands droping down and her head just over mine and boobs brushing up against the back o my head. I never wanted hands on the back of my head so bad.

As my friend gave me the code I was looking for, I had to lean forward to get a pen to write it down. I hated to move, but I had to.

When I moved so did she, but not with me, instead, she moved to my side. I turned the chair a little to see where she had went. She was now squatting down beside me with her hand on my leg pretending to be interested in what I was doing.

I was so excited and was trying my best to sneak a peek between her legs and down her shirt without getting caught. I couldn't get a good look because of the phone cord, so I was doing my best to get off the phone when all of a sudden I felt her hand move up my leg to my dick. She squeezed and smiled. I smiled back but was very confused because of her husband sitting there watching everything.

She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and began to play with it.

I quickly told my friend I had to go, something had just come up. Actually it had been up for a while.

After I hung up I turned around to face her and as I did she took all my 7" into her mouth. Oh, it felt so good!!

Her husband looked over and said he knew something was going to happen when she walked out the way she did.

For some reason I never thought about Gary being there.

After she sucked me for a while, she stood up. I reached out and touched her pussy through her panties, those panties were so wet.

There was a pool table just behind us so I stood up and took the rest of my clothes off and she did the same. I grabbed her hips and pushed her up on the table and spread her legs. Her pussy looked so good. She had two k**s put had to have a c section, so her pussy had not been stretched out. It looked like an 18 year old virgins.

I dove right in and began to lap her up. She began to moan louder and louder and I began to lap her harder and harder. Her hips began to jerk as she started to cum. She pinched my head between her legs as she was now bucking like crazy. When she released me from her love grip, I looked over and saw Gary whacking away on his dick.

She got up off the table and grabbed my hand and lead me to their bed room. She laid down on the bed and motioned for me to come over and get between her legs.

Gary moved around to the other side and laid down beside her with his dick still in his hand and still hard.

I couldn't help but notice his dick was much smaller than mine, another reason her pussy still look so good and another reason why she was so horny.

I got between her legs and placed my dick at the entrance. I pushed it in just a little and then pulled it back out, just to tease her a little and make her want it more. After about the third time she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me all the way in. It felt so good and tight. I looked at her face and saw she was biting her bottom lip to keep from making any sounds. I think she was doing this to keep Gary from getting hurt.

I grabbed her luscious tits and began to squeeze them. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as if she was in complete ecstasy. My dick was going crazy, she was so tight and seem to move in rhythm with me as I continued to pump her harder and harder. I looked over at Gary as he kept telling me to fuck her, fuck her hard. He was pounding away on his prick. I knew he was about to cum the way his rhythm had picked up.

Sheila then reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to her lips. She launched her tongue into my mouth as we began to embrace in a very passionate kiss.

She was screaming into my mouth with each moan and I knew she was about to cum. I had done great not to already lose my load, but as she began to buck again I could hold it no more and I shot load after load of cum into her pussy.

After we had both collected our selves we looked over and saw Gary. He was limp with dick still in hand and cum all over his chest. Sheila looked back at me and gave be another big kiss. I laid there for a second as my dick started to seep out of her cum drenched pussy and then we got up and cleaned our selves up. She walked me to the door as I needed to get back to work, and kissed me again with a very long wet kiss.

I could only think she wanted to try and get me to stay and do it again. I wanted to bad but couldn't, I had to get back to work.

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