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Conclusion of Lottery winner

As I arrived at Carmens I was as horny as hell even tho I had, had sex earlier, I went in and saw that Carmen had been drinking heavy she dragged me into the bedroom, and knelt down unzipping me and sucking my cock like a hungry whore, begging for the fucking of her life,she said I could do what ever I wanted, i suggested that she ring my daughter for a all night 3 way, she grabbed her phone and got her to come over, whilst we waited she sucked my cock making me cum in her mouth.

Pam arrived and was surprised to see me but pleased as she knew what was gonna happen, we all got in bed and explored each other pam slid down the bed and licked Carmens pussy whilst I moved behind pam and slid my hard cock into her wet slit,Iheard her moan as I moved slowly back and forth as she begged for me to fuck her hard, my cock was coated in her jucies as I slammed into her pussy time and time again until I twitched and unloaded my cum into her pussy triggering a string of orgasms in both of them, I collapsed on the bed as Carmen sucked my limp cock dry.

I sucked Pam's nipple making it hard rolling my tounge around her nipple she groaned pressing my head into her tit I sucked her nipples like a starving baby as I slipped my fingers into Carmens pussy rubbing her clit slowly, I pushed my finger in further, probing for her G spot as I touched it i felt her cum all over my hand as she arched her back moaning like mad, Pam shook as she cum again, we fell asl**p for a few hours, when I woke I feasted my eyes on Carmen and pam having sex Carmen had a strap on making her the man as she thrust in and out of Pams pussy.

I lay watching them as I slowly rubbed my cock, Carmen begged saying give me anal, as I moved into position and slowly pushed my cock into her hole, she groaned saying it felt tight I pushed in further as it went in full length I moved slowly as I watched Carmen fuck Pam with a fake cock, if Carmen was a bloke she would totaly satisfy a women as she slammed into her pussy, Pam moaned begging for more as she screamed a ear piercing orgasm, fainting with the intence pleasure she had.

I groaned pumping cum into Carmens arse as she orgasmed again, the following morning I decided to leave the girls having sex whilst I went to work, Sandy was in saying my wife was in the office and had covered for me on all sides, I patted her ass and said she will be rewarded later, I confronted my wife asking why she had warned Carmen off me as the agreement was made, she burst into tears, saying she was affraid I would leave her for a younger pussy, we made up and got her ok to try it on with Carmen, I returned that evenin to Carmens and fucked her all night videoing us fucking so I could show the wife.

It made me more horny as I pounded carmens pussy her begging for the full load as she cried out multiple orgasms fainting at the end, I went home the following day and we watched the video whilst the wife and I fucked and sucked. I still see Carmen and fuck Sandy atleast once a week until I left.

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