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Wifes s****rs Titties

I guess I should start off by telling you how all this got started. One night I was walking my s****r-in-law home at the insistence of my wife. We had held a "porch party" as we call it and they can get a pretty wild at times. All involved had gotten hammered on this night. My wife's s****r, Melissa, lives 4 houses down from us.

As I was walking her home I could not help but notice how her 38D breasts were bouncing under the tight shirt she had on. She is proud of those tits. They and five years of age are about all that physically separates her and my wife. They are always being mistaken for twins. Melissa is about 5'6" tall with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She weighs 140 pounds. I am 6' tall and weigh 225 pounds, athletic build, brown hair and eyes.

Through the conversations earlier in the night I had learned some pretty graphic details about her sexual interests. Such as the fact that she can cum just from nipple play. After hearing that I could not get it out of my mind and a devious plan hatched when my wife, Jenny, insisted I walk Melissa home. As we were walking home I started flirting and patted her ass. When I did she just moaned a little and pushed back against my hand. So, naturally I grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed.

About this time we got to her house. I thought this had all been good natured flirting. When she stepped up into the door I told her how much I would love to see her tits and placed my hand on her chest. She laughed and told me I needed to stop while leaning forward. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out one of her tits and let me tell you she has every reason to be proud. She has those dark brown areola's and when they get hard they stand up about two inches. She let me rub her nipples for a couple minutes and then laughingly pushed me out the door and told me to go home. I walked back home happy to just have seen her tits and I let it go at that. It was just over a year later when the next episode took place. We had been out to a bar with my wife, Melissa, and a couple of their friends. I was the DD that night. When we started home my wife promptly passed out in the back seat. Upon arriving at Mel's house I had to help her inside as she was too d***k to make it up the two steps into the house. I offered to help get her ready for bed but she laughed and said she could handle it but if I didn't mind I could set her alarm clock because she had to work the next day.

While I did this she went into the bathroom to change. About the time I finished with the clock she came out of the bathroom completely naked and laid down on the bed. I thought she had passed out so I stood there admiring the view for a few minutes and then went to make sure Jenny was still out in the car. After that I went back into the bedroom and started rubbing her tits taking extra time to massage those big nipples. As I played more and more with them they got really hard and she started to moan. Her legs parted after about two minutes of play and I could see a glistening on her pussy lips. She was shaved clean so I got a very clear view of her cunt.

About this time she reached down and pulled her pussy open and started rubbing her clit in time with my nipple attentions. I couldn't hold back any longer so I took my clothes off while keeping one hand on her nipple. When I stepped up to her mouth and placed the head of my dick at her lips she opened up like she had been waiting on it and swallowed my cock whole in one swipe.

Now, I measure 7 ½ inches long and 3 inches around. It was an incredible feeling to have my balls resting on my s****r-in-laws face. Then while she was deep throating me I could feel her lick my sack and I almost lost it. I knew I was pressed for time lest my wife should wake up and catch us like this so I pulled out after a few minutes of the best blow job of my life and rolled her over onto her stomach. I remembered from the porch party that she said she liked to do it doggie style so I pulled her up onto her knees.

I can't begin to tell you what a beautiful sight it is to see a woman like that, head down- ass up with that shaved cunt peeking out between her legs and just dripping. Getting up behind her I ran the head of my dick up and down her wet slit and then slid into her with a long smooth stroke. I started out slow and got a steady pace. When she was really getting into it I decided this might be my only chance so I would try something else she had talked about liking. I pulled out of her pussy and lined up my cock to go into her tight ass. As I pressed against her she started playing with her clit and pushed back against me to get my dick all the way inside.

Just when I got buried up to the hilt she plunged three fingers into her snatch, squeezed her nipple and her ass clamped down as she began to orgasm. I started pounding as hard as I could to maximize the effect. She came over and over from all the sensory overload of my dick in her ass and the attentions she was giving herself. After another 15 minutes of pounding her ass I could feel my climax coming and I could not decide where to put it. I decided to ask her if she wanted it in her ass or pussy. She shocked me when she said she wanted to taste it. I almost came right then and there. When I couldn't hold out any longer I moved around so I could come in her mouth.

Just as I started coming in her mouth she looks up at me with my dick pushing against her cheek from the inside and pulls out to let some get on her face. After I finished she proceeded to wipe up all my jizz and lick her fingers clean. I realized we had been going at it for a while so I hurriedly dressed and got back out to the car and drove home leaving her asl**p on the bed. For a few months I thought she had been too d***k to remember because nothing was ever said. Boy, was I wrong!.

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