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I Love Redbox...

Christmas Eve I stopped by a Redbox kiosk by my house to rent a movie. As I was standing there making my transaction I could feel some eyes on me. I turned around and it was a middle aged white Milf with blond hair in a hoodie and yoga pants. She had one of the prettiest cameltoes I had ever seen. I said "I wont be long" She replied "No worries, I'm in no hurry." I get my movie and she ask me what did I get. I replied Looper. She said I hope you didnt take the last one, that is what I wanted. I said check and maybe I will be nice enough to let you borrow it when I'm done. She checks and says there arent any more. I do not know if she was lying, but at this point the ball was in my court. I ask "so how do I get it touch with you when I'm done with the movie". She then blurts out her digits to me. I said I will give you a call later. She says I hope so and we leave.
I get home and start kicking myself because I should have invited her to watch the movie with me. So I call her and ask her if she would like to come over and watch the movie with me. She hesitated for a moment and I'm thinking, Damn wrong move. She says yeah sure soon as my daughter leaves I'll give you a call back. She calls back about an hour later and I give her the address and she states that she lives on the same street. Wow....
She comes over still in the yoga pants but now has on a tight fitting blouse showing off her huge DDs..She actually lives 4 houses down from me. She couldnt believe it and neither could I. I open a bottle of wine and put the movie in. She gets comfortable and we started talking about ourselves. I compliment her on her body and she starts to tell me about her breast and I ask could I feel them and she takes off her top and I start to massage them and then we start to kiss. This is probably the most sensual woman I have ever had. Her moans during kissing were the best. She starts to undress me and I am harder than Chinese Algebra. She says Damn that is really big and I bet you get that all the time. I said yeah occasionally. She takes my dick with both of her hands and start to place it in her mouth. She definitely had some skills. She starts to gag as she takes all of me down her throat but doesnt stop. I said let me fuck those lovely titties of yours. She said as long as you come all over them. Damn those tittes felt better than my memory foam pillows and yes I shot a load all over them and fed it to her with my fingers.
She said enough with foreplay, let me ride you. She then climbs on top of me and rides and moans. She cums in the first few seconds she is on me. Then I feel like someone had just poured a cup of warm water all over me. I have been with squirters before, but not like this. My sofa was soaked. She was even amazed, she said that she had not squirted in over 7 years. We continue to fuck for about another 45 minutes and she is gushing like a geyser. She gets a call on her phone and daughter needs her to pick her up. I over hear her saying why cant your father pick you up. When she hangs up, I ask her if she is married, she says yes happily. I ask is it an open or cuckold situation. She says no. She says you are the first man that I have ever slept with in the 7 years I have been married besides my husband, it was weird but she had a sexual attraction towards me and she is not usually attracted to black men. Now I am nervous about where she parked her car and other shit because I hate drama. She says that she will call me whenever she need more of me, because that was 7 years of juices that I released. It's been a couple of weeks and I haven't seen or heard from her, but when I do my Xhamster friends will be the first to know.
Also I never got to watch the movie. So I was wondering..Do women that are happily married have strong sexual desires that sometimes they cannot control?

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