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Lonely Pleasures

I’ve waited all day for this. I’m in my bedroom, the curtains are closed. I strip naked: necktie, shirt, trousers, socks. I look at myself in the wall mirror. I’m just in black briefs. They bulge over my penis and balls, even though I’m not erect. I slip my briefs down my thighs and let them fall.

I look in the mirror again: hairy balls well-filled with semen, four inches of penis hanging limply down. But even as I watch my penis starts to rise in anticipation of what’s to come!I pick up the magazine I bought in that little news store this lunchtime, waiting till the place was empty, taking it quickly from the top shelf, giving the storekeeper the exact money so I didn’t need to wait for change, then hurrying out. Its cover is glossy and on it there’s a photograph of a woman.
Her hair is blonde and neat, sophisticated.
She’s seated on a table in black see through lingerie with black panties and black stockings. I imagine the feel of the flesh of her thighs against my hand as I unclip her stockings and peel them down her legs. The camera is pointed between her legs at the black satin covering her cunt mound. I wonder what it would feel like to touch a woman’s mound through thin tight black satin, then slide my hand down inside her panties and feel the cunt hair and lips that lie beneath. I feel that familiar stirring in my penis. My shaft is sticking out horizontal now, rising with excitement!I lay back on my bed and spread my legs. With one hand I open my magazine at random. I run the fingertips of my other hand lightly over my balls, ruffling my pubic hair.

My magazine opens at pictures of a dark haired woman, perhaps early thirties, naked except for red high heels: Alison. In one picture she’s squatting with her legs as wide as she can get them, with the camera pointed straight up between her legs. She’s got thick black hair round her pink vagina lips, and big brown nipples. On the opposite page she’s standing with one high heeled foot up on a chair, her back arched so her breasts stick out.
I study her for a long time. My eyes linger on her legs and her black pubic hair.
The picture quality’s so good I can see almost every strand: as if she were here with me ready to ruffle her cunt hair with my tongue. What would a woman’s cunt taste and smell like?
As my eyes explore her naked body my fingers lightly stroke my shaft, up and down its length, round the base of its head. My penis is stiff now. The pleasure is exquisite as I run my fingers over its taut skin. I turn the pages again.A blonde girl, looking barely eighteen and in a white blouse with grey pleated miniskirt and black nylons: Melissa.
She looks so innocent but she’s in her bedroom being undressed by her naked lover with his massive teenage erection up hard.
He removes her skirt first to show she’s in so innocent white knickers but naughty girl stockings. I glance in my mirror. My erection is arching over my belly as hard up as her lover’s, so stiff if feels like steel! Veins are standing up along its seven inch length.
Exquisite pleasure as I lightly stroke the ring of my thumb and forefinger along its length.
I hardly have the patience to flick through the pages: a pony-tailed brunette poses nude on a motorbike…. two smartly dressed businesswomen undress each other in an office and pleasure each other…. a blonde by a pool peels off a tiny red bikini and sprawls nude in a towel…. amateur pictures men have sent in of their wives and girls. Lucky men with women’s bottoms and breasts to run their hands over, women’s legs to wrap round them, tight vaginas to enter, to thrust in and fill.  But now it’s time! I’ve decided on my woman! I return to Melissa.
She’s on all fours on her bed, young breasts swing, the mirror behind her shows her bum and the backs of her honey-tanned thighs. Her boy’s standing in front of her, legs wide, ramming his hips forward. She’s hung her white knickers on his erect shaft, she’s got the head of his penis in her mouth and she’s fingering his balls. My eyes explore the length of her young legs, linger on her vagina lips, run up her body to her firm young breasts with pink nipples sticking out like bottle corks. Then back to her vagina lips as if drawn irresistibly by a magnet.I brace myself for pleasure. I spread my legs. I lay Melissa on the bed by my side. I run my finger tips over my balls and imagine Melissa’s fingers running through my pubic hair.
I finger the head of my penis and imagine its Melissa’s lips sliding over my soft, so sensitive flesh. “Melissa!” I grunt “Want you!”I wrap my fist round my shaft. My eyes lock on Melissa’s vagina lips.
I begin to stroke up and down: rhythmic, riding full length from my balls over my soft, so sensitive head, catching its base the way I like. The way I’ve done for so many years since that night I’ll never forget, aged thirteen when I discovered the secret, when with my erection up hard over my big s****r’s borrowed black lace panties, stroking franticly, worried my parents would hear my bed rattle, when I first felt the pleasure rise, felt my shaft strain stiffer than ever before then watched it jerk as my semen spurted and that indescribable pleasure exploded, and I knew I was now one of the “big boys”.Minutes of pleasure as I stroke…..
I turn the page: Melissa bending over her bed, young legs strained wide, bare thigh above sheer black seamed stockings, swinging breasts visible in the mirror, her boy’s hand on her bottom, her vagina visible from behind below those round tanned legs bum cheeks….Rising!For an instant I take my eyes off Melissa. I glance down my body. Legs wide, muscles tensed.
The nozzle of my penis peeping out from my fist. Then back to Melissa – those long, long legs! Stroking firmly and squeezing as it rises! “Nnghhh!..... Nnghhh!.....” I grunt incoherently, then yell “Melissa!”I want to stroke franticly but I ease off to hold back as the pleasure swells.
Just the ring of my thumb and forefinger catching the base of my knob, riding over my soft red-purple head. My penis hardens in my hand. Involuntarily my hips thrust up.Coming! Coming! “Melissa!.....Nnghhh!.....Nnghhh!” My bed creaks as my whole body jerks.
White cream spurts from my nozzle up above my belly button. Another spurt! Another!
Then a final pulse of pleasure as my fingers ease out one last spurt of semen.
I lay back on my bed, panting, feeling the semen trickle down my side onto the sheets beneath me.
I know it will make a stain but I don’t care. I’ve got no woman to complain.
A last look at Melissa, then at Alison with her black pubic hair.
I read a story written by a lucky guy who meets a girl and has sex with her with him on top, her on top then from behind, all described in exquisite detail, things I’ve never done.
Something to fantasise over if I masturbate again tonight, or tomorrow morning.
I want a woman!
Perhaps, I tell myself, one day I’ll be lucky and feel a naked woman’s body against mine. But till then I have my ever faithful friends: Melissa, Alison and the others in my cupboard: long legged Brenda, housewife Sylvia, lesbians Jane and Margaret, and all the rest.I turn out the light and in the stillness of my lonely bed I wait for sl**p.     

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