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Adult theater II

I had been going to sex shop since i was 18. I have had bjs in booths and i have gave them. I was young trying out my sexuality. I didnt know if i was gay or not. Well come to find out i wasn't. I didnt go many times over the years .I was married and we have had a wonderful sexual and friendly relationship for over 20 years. We were riding one night past a strip of clubs and bars in our town( a bad part Yes) and she saw the adult bookstore. She asked about it and what happens so i told her. I didn't tell her of course about what i did lol. She became curious and asked many questions over the next few weeks. One night i asked did she want to see what it was like and she said yes. So we went. We went into booths. She gave me a bj through one of them. She wanted to go in the theater. We went in. we watched the movie a bit. There were 2 other men in there sitting far apart. We started kissing and touching. It had been yrs since i seen her this turned on. Se started sucking me again and one of the men saw and walked back to where we were. She saw him but did not stop. He sat where he could see and i started to move her so he could get a better look. The other man saw and came over also. He was a little bolder and starte d to rub her ass. He pulled his penis out and started to rub on her. I whispered what he was doing. I asked would she like to blow him. She smiled turned around and began. This time she was on her knees the other man pulled his out and she began blowing them both. one sat down and she stood and pulled her pants off and rode him. he came and as soon as he did she started on the other man. It wasnt long before he came also. After that we straightened up and went home. We were quiet on our way home. I think she was worried i was upset. She went in our home and went to the shower. I drank a beer quickly and joined her and we had the greatest sex of our entire lives.

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