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Son win's Prize but He really wants his Mum (

My name is Luke and I’m your typical 21 year old guy living in the UK. I live with my girlfriend Becky who is the same age and we have been together for 3 years.

The story starts just after I won a university award in my field of maths (sounds boring I know!). Anyway, as the university advised me of my winning presentation they told me the prize I had won. A long weekend at a luxury hotel in Paris. They advised me that the trip was for 2 people as I would not know anyone there as it was for the other winners around Europe and other universities. I was ecstatic and accepted the trip there and then and gave my girlfriends name as the other guest.

It was only when the trip agenda arrived through the post I realised the problem. It was for a time when Becky was already away with her f****y on holiday. She was going on a sightseeing trip that was being paid for by her parents so I had not been invited – a good job now! However, I started to think about who could come with me to enjoy the free trip as the agenda looked pretty good. It was a posh hotel, a nice dinner and presentation ceremony on the Friday night and then you got the rest of the weekend to enjoy the hotel facilities and Paris which seemed pretty cool.

The next evening I was talking it through with my best mate but he said he was already booked up that week with his girlfriend that he couldn’t get out of. I was running out of options. Then Becky and I were invited round to my parents for dinner the following day as obviously my parents were very proud of my achievement and were celebrating with a decent meal and plenty of wine. That’s when dad mentioned that mum had always wanted to go to Paris but they had never been able to go. The conversation carried on for a while about how I thought it might be better for mum to experience Paris with him and that this wasn’t probably the right occasion for Mum to join me.
“aww, Luke, I’d love to go to Paris, plus I’d love to be there to see you collect your award, you know we’re both very proud” Mum challenged
“Plus, I’m not really that bothered about going to Paris son so you would be doing me a great favour if you help your mum see the sights” Dad continued
“But this will be the first time I’m meeting lots of new people in the field I want to work in, it won’t look very professional or grown up if I am there with my mum!” I complained “I would love to go with you mum but I would feel really embarrassed and awkward if they all knew you were my mum”.
“She doesn’t have to be your mum son, she could be a colleague or a friend, she’s not that old!” my dad joked
“Oi!,” mum said “what do you mean I’m not THAT old”
“Mike does have a point Luke” Becky butted in “your mum does look a lot younger than she is, they won’t think she is your mum at all” she said trying to get into my parents good books.
“But your name is down on the guest list Becky” I proclaimed, full well knowing it was in vain.
Anyway after a further few minutes I caved in and accepted the fact mum was joining me in Paris. But only the agreement the words Son and Mum were never used and she would pretend to be Becky when in public. Becky was also very pleased as felt it was safer than me going to Paris with a mate on the drink for a long weekend. So effectively that was that and we had set the plans in place for the trip in a few weeks time.

I had never really thought of my mum in any other way than ‘my mum’ up until that point but as I thought more and more about the trip my mind started to take a turn to the dark side. The thought of being in Paris for a few days with another woman other than my girlfriend was really getting me horny. The fact was I was spending 3 nights in a hotel with an attractive 45 year old who would have been drinking, the fact it was my mum was irrelevant, well to be honest that started to make it more of a turn on. However, the extra horniness was also the major problem. I’m sure my mum would not have been that forward about any advances or in fact very receptive, I’m sure she would think it was wrong and disgusting. So I had a few weeks to devise a fool proof plan to make this work, to make my long weekend into a dirty weekend and hopefully experience all the things Becky is either too young or too shy to try. The days counted down and the plot became clearer and more devious the closer the trip came. I was getting so horny the more I thought about it and so by now I was quite regularly sorting myself out numerous times a day.
The time arrived, I sent Becky off with her parents and told them all to have a good time, I packed my stuff and went to collect my target (I mean mum). She got into the car, ever before had I noticed every curve of her figure in her jeans and top as she got into the car.

“Hi mum, you all set” I asked
“It’s Becky to you young man this week remember” she replied “But, yes I’m doing great thanks, really looking forward to it”
“You look after her son! “ Dad said f***efully “She’s bought a new dress for the posh event this evening and she looks hot, you’ll have to guard her for me!” he said while winking at my mum.
“No problem dad, I’ll do my best, they’ll probably mostly be maths geeks anyway so don’t think you have too much to worry about” I reassured him. And with that we set off for the airport for the short flight to Paris.
The conversation on the trip was not too flowing to be honest, mainly as I was nervous about my plan and mum noticed.
“You ok Luke?” she asked “You’re really quiet”
“I’m ok mum just really nervous about tonight, I’ve never received an award before”
“it’s ok hon, you’ll be great, I’ll be there” as she put a reassuring hand on my leg “and you better keep calling me Becky from now on in case anyone else we meet is going to the event” she whispered.

Mum looked appalled at what I had said, as if a son could never talk to his mother that way, she lay there for a few seconds as if to try and fight the longing she had. Then with one smooth motion she climbed out of the bath got on her kneed, dripping wet and started to suck my cock like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She devoured it trying to fit as much in as possible while playing with my balls and wanking my cock. I leant over and gave her ass a good spank and said “you like that cock don’t you, you want that cock” I said shoving it down her throat
She removed her lips from my cock to nod and say “I’ve never had anything like it before I fucking love it! It’s so huge and I can’t stop wanting it”
“Well. It’s all yours you dirty little slut. You can have it whenever you like as long as you do what I want when I want it” I said f***efully
“Yes darling, anything you want, just don’t make me go without this again”
“Right, well as you came twice last night, I think you owe me one, so suck me til I come in your mouth”
She quickened her pace and was almost like a porn star going to work. “cum for me baby, give mommy that huge load of yours in her mouth” she carried on.
It wasn’t long before I shot another huge load inside her. This time all down her throat with a little bit dribbling down her chin. She looked up into my eyes as she swallowed every last drop as if to say ‘I’m yours now’.

Not true story I am not author of this story

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