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Stories from wife's journal (cont 2)

**I am doing my best to put her diary (journal)entries into story form.and keep it all connected. She must be writing in parts of her experiences that were more important first then filling in. also her english is not great so i do my best here. Even now she does not know i copied the journal , i wish i could have witnessed her escapades as they happened. but now that i know her very sexy secret life , i am more turned on than ever.**

... i got a call from Artie.(this is her college friend) he wants to take me to a party. end of year. something special. more like a frat party he tells me. i tell him. Artie , im not a college girl. and too old for that. but he insist. its ok. cuz. its a special party. no gf.'s just special people invited.

the other two boys, are away since for summer, might be back in week or two. maybe one of them..

so i tell him. Artie i dont want to be a that. i dont want a bf. he understands he say. and thats why he want me to come. I dont want to go somewhere local. people might know me. he said, dont worry its out of town, He offer to give me some money, for my time, and ask me to wear some sexy outfit. or bring something to change to. Ok, now i get it.. i tell him , ok. what time.....

well, i meet him at thier house. and i want to put car somewhere else. so we park my car a ways . and he will drive. I bruoght a small bag and a clothes bag.

We stopped at an apartment, of his friend. we are picking up too.; he says. so we both go up. His friend is about same build and size as Artie. we talk and he flirt to me, right away. they both made some drinks, and gave to me. I wanted to know, if the party was for real , or what. ? they said yes, but first they like to have a few drink and let his friend get to know me. .

they sat me down on couch , in middle of them both. we talked. and put on some music, then they put on some videos. didnt take long, before, Artie friend, ask me "hey , artie tell me your a great lover, and his roomates love you alot. too., I was embarass, but i said , "maybe'. Well, he said "your here, right.? so i think your want more loving.?

Artie leaned over, on me, and began kissing me. I didnt have to answer his friend, his friend leaned on me, too, and they both kissed my mouth, neck and down. Theblouse i was wearing fit loose on purpose. I wanted something to happen, and i wanted my breasts to easy to open. right away. They both sucked onmy breasts together. That is all i need , to want more. i held thier head against my chest, they both suck my nipples so good. , rubbing thier hands over me, everywhere, while sucking. I leaned back. My legs wanted to open.

Arties friend, pulled my legs onto the couch. and Artie laid me long ways. His friend pushed up legs, and skirt, and open them. he tounged and kissed my thighs to my clits.. I was too hot too fast. , i was bucking the tongue on me. . They teased me so good, and he gave me more drink. and sat me up.

both men, pulled me off couch. and to my knees. they open fly and both offer their xx to my mouth. i didnt wait. Artie and his friend both have large xx. and that made me hotter. i jus wanted to imagine them both loving me.. i pulled my blouse off. They were so hard, i went from one to the other, tasting them. and dreaming of thier inside me soon.

Artie friend was very hot. and was leaking hard. i wished for him to cum in my mouth. . Then Artie pull away and told his friend , hey lets wait, we should go. ....

I was really confused. they sat down, and i sat on couch again. my dress was up, half naked. .. Well ? i ask.. Why stop.. . Artie said. We can finish at the party. ok. .. OK. Artie kissed me, and his frined too, and they put my blouse backk on. His friend promised .Babey , i will finish dont worry . . i tasted his xx one more time. wishing he would cum, jus to satisfy my mouth.

they gave me anothe drink. and brough a bag of something too. Gosh i was so excited, i didnt want to go outside. it was already getting dark. and i was anxious to enjoy them.

Well, arties friend Oh, his name is Jes.; he sat in back with me, and kept me comfortable and hott.

The party was at a Hotel. i was suspicious. but relief that a good hotel and public. We sat at the bar for a few minutes, then at a table, with some other yong men. some diff ages too. there were other girls, and older , maby near y age too. i guess they rented the hotel bar/restarant. i sat between my two young men, and they intro me to some other guys. there were alot more men, then women tho. The bar had some music and the guys, would dance alittle , and some girls too. the more they drank , the more free they act. Arties and Jes both danced with me at firest. , but then the other guys at table would ask me. i cant dance really, but they didnt care. they jus want to slow dance or hold me to them.

the drinks were getting to me , and the guys too. i guess. the more guys i hold and hold me, the horny i get. i culdnt stop thinking of Artie and Jes, playing me at the apartment, i wanted to finish that.

Well. artie and Jes, were flirting and teasing me, right there. , the lights were turned low in the bar. and wehn Artie or Jes would get up from table, thier friends would start to tease me too. I notice the other women, were busy too. men were teasing them. They would kiss on my neck and rub my thighs. and kiss my lips. Then two of them, sat around me, and squeeze me between them . kiss on me, and feel my breasts. i didnt realize, but they had lower my blouse , and open to my breasts. one kiss down and fuond my breast to suck . I was shy and nervous. but with so many hands, even rubbing my thighs now. . they lean me back and continue to kiss and tongue my neck and shoulders. and rub my open breasts. one guy was holding me against his chest. as i lean against him. the others were enjoying me. i tried to push away , but the were heavy . and i was laying almost down .

But i was determined that i would not be embarass in a club. i wanted to resist them if they try to go too far. .they were kissing me everywhere. A mouth was on each breast , sucking so good. and i felt a hand inside my thighs. maybe two hands. a mouth on my mouth too.

in my mind, i think they would try to make love to me, right there, in the bar. fingers were probing my pussy. i couldnt stand it.

The lights seem to have gone lower, and music louder. i was getting so much attention from so many kisses, and hands. it was hard for me to resist, i admit. but i really did want to stay proper ; since it was public place. But then i feel a mouth and tongue on my clits. licking and playing on my pussy. Some guy also had been rubbing his cock against my lips, since i was laid back in the lap of the guy i had my back and head against his chest.. the cock rubbing against my lips, smelled so strong and good, he. kept trying to make me open my mouth, by pressing against my lips. but i would not. i did lick my lips , and i could taste his sweet precum.

Really, now, a tongue was probing inside my pussy and sucking and biting gently my clits. it was too much. i did want so much to go to a bedroom; i wanted the cock that was teasing my mouth, i was losing control, with so much teasing. .

The guys were pressing more cocks againgst my face, and my legs, were being pushed up, while my pussy was being tongued. i was able to look over at another table, i saw a girl there. She was sitting in someones lap, and a beautiful cock was going in and out of her mouth..

When i see that, i guess i gave myself permission to let go. The cock pressing so long on my lips, i wanted. i turned my head to him, and open my mouth. i pulled it in with my sucking and my tongue. my hand went to it and my other hand held around his backside.. i could hear and feel the other men excitement now, what they were waiting for. Me. i saw thier cocks come out and feel them press against my face.. Their voices were saying , Yes, Yes, Babey, alright.

The mans lap i had been laying against. He was moving , kissing on my neck hard now, my legs and hips were lifted and i felt the man move me up and onto his waiting cock. my pussy was so wet , he slid into me, nice. he deserve me, he had waiting and held me so long.

Then i see Artie and Jes. Artie said. out loud. C'mon guys . we have to go to the room.. bring her please. They release me, slowly , and help me to sit up. I could barely sit. i was dizzy and out of breath . i was delireous from the teasing and foreplay. They help me to my feet. I was nervous. about waht Artie said. "Take her to the room".. i guess i hadnt expected this. but i was alittle tipsy ,adn so horney now. Jes, leaned to my ear and remind me. babey i told you we would finish.

The men, crowded around me, and we all walk , or they almost carry me, to elevator, then down hallway , to a room. i dont even know how many men theere were. jus feeling so weak and excited. i jus wanted to to be someplace private. .We went through a door. and with only few lights on, but i could see it was a very large hotel room. two beds, alot of space. maybe a two room suite.

theyi all open more drinks and give me smoething too. seems the more i drink the thirstier i am. and i feel myself, getting excited, but not d***k.. Then i hear a video on , a sex one, on the tv.and the lights are on low. i prefer no light.. alot of hands on me, and feeling every part of me, kissing on my face at the bar. and down my neck. they open my blouse and my breasts. mouths and lips, tongues are all over me. someone pulls the blouse off, and my camosil too. two mouth on my breasts. but i feel so many hands. . they llft me off the ground.,while my dress is pulled down around me. and my slip is lifted up. I feel like i am falling as they lean me so far back , and mouths and tongues are on my clits and pussy. i cant believe. it.

i have no idea how many hands and men are here. and enjoying me. i go to my knees. as they let me down. thier teasing has me so ready for more, i am nervous, but i trust they just want to enjoy me. and make love. alot...Then i feel the cocks, pressing against me, my face, shoulders, they take my hands and put xx inside. i am pulling on them and others are pushing for my mouth. i look up sometimes and hope to see someone familiar. like Artie or Jes. but No, i see so many others. maybe like five men, i dont know.

someone lift me up, and sit me on the bed. it was easier now, to suck the men. one after the other. as others are on the bed, and kissing me all over, and sucking my breasts. One man, pumped my mouth. and wouldnt stop . he was large. and i know he was to cum. i wanted him to cum in my mouth. he exploded. and i was ready for more. i drank him so good.and held him till he pull away. Normally , i never drink or swallor.but i wanted to taste another one. right away.. and another cock replace him.

but now, i was pull to the bed. a mouth on my clits, several on my legs, and stomach, and cocks to my mouth. and breasts. i was cuming in small orgasms. i was so hott now, and wanted someone to make love to me quick.

another man, cum in my mouth. and i drank him deep too. it was great. i was more hott then before, and suddenly. someone pick me up. two men carry me to a big chair.
Jes was sitting inthe Chair. Arties friend. they lower me on him.. he has a very nice xx. and large. i was so tight from hour of teasing. i had to go soo sloww. with lowering on him. but i was dripping wet. i came, not hard, but enough, from my pent up want of being f__.. i knelt on the chari and lean into Jes. we both pumped againtst each other, i rocked up and down on him, i wanted to reelase so bad. i was aching inside.

i had to go slow tho. cuz, i had to find room inside myself fo Jes long cock. But we werent alone. some other men, were there i realize. still kissing on me, bringing their cocks to my mouth .. and as i rode up and down on Jes. i felt hands on my bottom. and Jes. remind me. to : slow down babey. we have company. I was sweating and wet all over, i mean everywhere, and my bottom hole was wet from my cum. leaking. i felt a warm cock pressing into me there. Jes pull me to his chest, as the cock behind me. pressed inside . almost like an a****l, i became so crazy with passion. rocking and bucking on the two men.

other guys were surrounding us. they would cheer and laugh and tell me, how much they wanted me too. kissing my neck , back, even my legs. as i rode my lovers. I was in some pain, yet overwhelm with desire. When i sceamed, i would explode, i felt cocks touching even my arms. then the man in my bottom , leaned into my neck and squeeze my bbreasts. He kissed my neck and into my mouth, and said ..Ok babey, lets cum together, it was Artie. in my bottom. I felt so good about that. Artie and his friend. the first two to make love to me.. Jes cried out .. Now Babey. now. Both men, both large cocks. pulsing inside me, and squeezing my body.pulling me to each other and kissing ono me. ..TToooo much...i screamed and came and came. the both pumped inside me. and i could feel the heat of thier cumming. They both tried to press me , between them. leaning into me.

then Jes stood up. with Arties help, they stayed inside my body. holding me aginst themselves. i held onto jes, my arms around his neck and Artie had his hand under my ass and thighs. dp ing me. standing. pumping me. Some other men, brought small chairs.and put my feet on them , so i could relax my legs. the room was noisy , but it excitedmoe more. My lovers had cum so hard and filled me wiwth thier juices. i didnt want to let them go. i was so out of breath from cuming so hard.

Artie said in my ear. Ok Babey. we love you , really. catch your breath, cuz its not over. We made love to your first. cuz we brought you. now its thier turn. meaning the other men. But you can tell them how you want , it. or where to make love. Jes pulled out , as another man, moved into his place, and they continue to hold me up. the new man, enter my pussy.and continue to pump me. I held oonto his neck too. then i realize another man , had replace Artie in my bottom. a smaller cock. good. cuz i am sore.

so they keep dp me, standing like that for short while. but then lift me to the bed. where we make love more. but on the bed. its three men at time. me riding one, another in my bottom, another my mouth.. We used the chair again. that time, i sat with my back to one lover, he was in my bottom, and i open to my front. another. ; stil another in my mouth so , three or more. till they all had me.

finally, back to the bed, and i am on hands and knees for a few more times. and then i am so tired. i roll to my back, and one and another, makes love to me, that way , one at a time, i guess the others had thier fill. and i had cum so hard so much.

During all this lovemaking, they had taken me to the bath several times . and had me to soak, clean up the sweat and more, and some guys, even bathed me, i mean everywhere.. private. to clean out the juices. When i would return to the bedroom, Clean and refreshed. smelling good. They were excited again. and woudl want me more. There was one guy, a sweet guy, his cock was so thick and long, i could not make love to him, i had tried to suck him, and didnt see his face. so thought it was just me, maybe i was tired. but then later, i realize the same cock, really big one, was trying to enter me, and i pulled away. Some of the guys were cheering , for him to 'open her up'', but when i cried out in pain, his face came to mine, and he apologized, he kissed me, and said. 'its alright baby'. so i promised him. i will -make it up to him, we will meet and i will find a way to make love with him. I was excited by his huge cock, but really i needed to just have him, and slowly, So i ask him to leave his number at my purse.
Artie finally was the one, who announced Party is over, guys. ok. time to go home.".. i was greatful, eveen tho, i was in a dream like state. being f___ so many times, and so hott. near d***k or tipsy . i had cum so hard, so many times, unlike anything i ever had. A few of the guys, i wanted. and i let them know, they left phonehumbers or cards at my purse.

I lay in the bed. exhausted, as the men leave. each one, kissed me. and thank me. sweetly. Artie told me that is the tradition. I didnt realize, but Artie told me, that each man, would try to come at least three times, in me. in each opening i would offer. he told me, i had seven men, that night. five others plus Artie and Jes.

My body was sore, like i had worked out, which i had, since i had been in every postiion possible . rocking or leaning , on legs and arms.t But funny, i still felt sexy and horny alittle. but very satsfy..

Artie and Jes, told me , the room is paid for, and i could stay and sl**p all night i f i wanted.. but i said. I dont want to stay here alone.!.. Artie and Jes, both offer to stay with me, and take home in morning. Ok. we agreed. "Can you both sl**p with me, in the Big bed" i asked. Yes, they agree.

I took one more shower, really clean inside myself, and soak. put on new perfume, I told my lovers. Let me sl**p a while . ok. and please. if you want , both of yu take me and love me again. , but make it gentle..

i must have slept hours. cuz when i felt warm hands and mouths on my body, i woke feeling refeshed, and excited. jus knowoing who is along side me and what they wil do with me. My body repsonded to thier moves and needs. automatically, not a sound, nor a word was spoken. i sucked them both to hardness. in the dark. they kissed and caressed my every part to pleasure. , someone, sucked my clits and lips so good, they were swollen llike my natural lips. and so ready for thier cocks.

Quietly i was pulled to one side. and my men, kissedd me fron and back. they had sucked both breasts to firmness, lifted my one leg, as both thier cocks , each found a home inside me. they lifted and moved my small body, as they filled my openings. slowly and wonderfully pumped me, probed my insides.lovingly. then rolled me onto a stomach and chest as the other lover, thrust inside me, from behind. as i grew hotter and began to buck against them. both men, quicken the pace. biting on my neck and baack. squeezing my body. i cud feel that each cock wanted to dominate my hips, and rythym. . like they were competing for the tight space inside my hips. it was wonderful to feel.

deep and intnse pressure and warmth build up inside me, i wanted to cum, and cum. Then they roll me over agian. now i am on my back. with my back to one lover . his ock deep inside me. my legs are lifted up, and my other lover presses inside me. REally filling me, tighter and tigher, they press inside me. kisses and mough on my neck and now on my mouth. they both struggle to push deeper inside me. and i know, the pulsingg and throbbing, they are cumming about to cum
I wa
Now, i said. please Artie, Jes, cum now. cum inside me. deep as you can. long as you can. i was squeezed between them both so tight. thier bodies pressed together. so as if, it were only one of them making love. The exploded. unbellivebly. togeterh.,.at the same time, nearly... i felt every thrust. every pusle , and warm squirt of their juices. i came so hard ,and so deeply, my insides and my stomach shook. my hips wiggled on them and bucked. I pulled one arm around each of them. kissing them both , back and forth.

both men, continue to pump inside me, and stay there, they lay on their side, carrying me with them. and stay inside me, tilll they soften. i was in some kind of new love,

when i caught my breath. i sat up, leaned over to each on of them and sucked and licked the cum from thier beautiful soft cocks. .Then as i lay back , each one, lean over to me, and brought a cock to my mouth, as i pulled and sucked on it, llike a baby nipple. i told them ..boys i wish you culd cum once more time, for my muoth, so i culd drink your juices. Artie said.... we will babey,in the morning, you can do that.

a great way to start our day. and finish a great nite.

we talked for a while. they both apologize for not having told me of thier plans for me. but i told them , it was scary at first and nerve racking. even some painful.. I admit the surprise of the whole thing, was turning me on. especiall in the bar, when your friends, just took me over. but that last lovemaking we just had, made it all worthwhile.

Artie asked. "do you still keep your rule" no dating. alone? Hmmm. you mean wuold i go with jus one of yu at a time ? Yeah , they both ask. yah know what. if having one of you at a time, is nearly as goood, as what yu have done for me tonight. YES. you can have me, one at a time, or both, whenever .. ok..

Oh, and another thing.. it we ever do this this has to be the same guys. ok? so i can trust them and know what im getting into..also . will be more like f****y.

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