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Camping first circle jerk

IT started on the bus ride home from school. I was 13 tall for my age, also a boy scout. Five of the boys on the bus were talking about a camping trip. I asked if I could join. They said it would be fine. " do you know any thing about tents?"S*b asked. 'Yah I know all about camping." They all said great,what do we need. I gave them a list, and said I'd bring the tent.
So I packed up end went to meet s*b. He said the guys would be here in an hour. How about checking the sight out. " ok" I said. It took about 15 minutes. I said" looks great, plenty of water, a flat place for the tent all we need is a fire pit." He asked how do we do that. I told him we have to get rocks from the river.
We gathered enough, but he said he wanted to get one more. Well s*b slipped into the river, I had to grab him. When we were safe we were holding each other soaking Wet. "lets get back to camp and dry off." At camp I set up the pit, s*b was shivering. " change your clothes and warm up." He said he didn't bring any more. I told him I had a towel in my pack. He stripped and wrapped in the towel. I started the fire and strung a line for our clothes. I stripped and started to set up the tent. S*b said do you go naked alot. I told him when needed. Then I asked for help with the tent. "My clothes aren't dry."he said "I'm naked you can be too. we are both guys."I replied. We started to stretch the tent out.Seeing him bent over with his cock and balls between his legs made me feel different. As we raised the tent we kept bumping into each other. The feeling I had grew stronger even though I didn't know what it was.
Tent up,needed a hand to tie the last knot. S*b came over to help, he had to get on his knees to tie it. His face so close to my cock gave me a hardon. I didn't know what to do. S*b didn't seem to notice. We got dressed S*b looking at me while I pulled my shorts up and stuffed my dick in. He turned around and I watched his ass as he slowly pulled his up. He looked back with a smile. We had to go get more fire wood. So off in the woods we went. We gathered enough for the night and went back for some for morning.
As we gathered the wood, I stumbled and dropped mine. S*b came over and started to pick it up. He looked at my crotch and then my eyes, he asked if I would like to touch dicks. That feeling came back, "Yes" was all I could say. We dropped our shorts. I stroked mine, he stroked his. then we got close and rubbed our cocks together. " this feels great." we both said . We started leakiing all over each other. The harder we stroked our cocks together the better it felt. S*b said I have to pee. I said me to but I don't thinks it's pee. Two more strokes and we shot loads of cum on each other. That was great, we both said. I grabbed up the stuff and tasted it. Umm that's nice. s*b did it and yes it is.
Just then we heard " nice camp where are you guys?"

Sorry I have to cum remembering this will continue. its great.

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